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    Magento 2 Multi Vendor Delivery Boy

    Updated 29 December 2023

    Now marketplace sellers can also manage delivery boys for their orders and products. With Magento 2 Marketplace Delivery Boy, each seller can create multiple delivery boys, assign orders, and manage the fulfillment process from the mobile app as well.

    Moreover, the admin can also manage the delivery boys for its products and orders with complete backend configuration and express delivery shipping options.

    Please Note – For Marketplace Delivery Boy, you need Webkul’s Magento 2 Multi Vendor Module.

    Check the video overview of the plugin –

    Features List

    • Fully Native Android and iOS Application, built on Java and Swift Respectively.
    • The seller will manage their delivery boys.
    • Express delivery shipping method added for customers.
    • The seller can add, upload profile information, and edit accounts of delivery boys.
    • Seller can assign a delivery boy for his order.
    • The seller can manage the delivery boy review.
    • The marketplace admin can monitor the complete delivery boy management.
    • Dashboard to view sales graph, orders, location.
    • The delivery Boy can change the status between Offline and Online.
    • The seller can assign the orders to the Online delivery boys only.
    • Online chat with the delivery boy from the app.
    • The delivery boy will do proper customer authentication before delivering the product.
    • A delivery boy can accept or reject any order from the app.
    • OTP verification code for order confirmation.

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    Delivery Boy Configuration

    After the module installation, the admin needs to configure and set up the Adobe Commerce Cloud Marketplace Delivery Boy system. The admin needs to go to Store > Configuration > Webkul > Delivery boy.

    Basic Configuration

    On this page, the following option will be available to the Adobe Commerce store admin:

    • Warehouse Address – Here, the admin will mention its store warehouse address, from where the orders will be picked up by the delivery boys.
    • Latitude & Longitude – Here, the admin can mention the coordinates of its warehouse location.
    • Google Maps API Key – Here, the admin needs to mention the Google Maps application credential.
    • Delivery Range in km – Here, the admin will mention the deliverable area covered by the delivery boys.
    • Admin Email Address – Here, the admin email ID will come who manages the delivery boys. Note – The delivery boys admin will be different from the Magento store admin.
    • Allowed Shipping Methods – Here, the admin needs to select the shipping methods which will be applicable for the delivery boys.

    Express Few Hour Delivery

    Now, the admin needs to configure the Express Few Hour Delivery settings. To do that, the admin will go to Stores > Configuration > Sales > Shipping Methods > Express Few Hour Delivery. Following options will be available:

    • Enabled – Select Yes to use express shipping method on the marketplace, else select No.
    • Title – Set the name which will appear on the frontend.
    • Method Name – Set a custom shipping method name.
    • Type – Define how the shipping cost will be calculated – Per Order or Per Item.
    • Price – Set the cost of using this delivery method.
    • Calculate Handling Fee – Set how the handling fee will be calculated – Fixed or Percent.
    • Handling Fee – Enter the handling fee amount or a percentage value.
    • Displayed Error Message – Enter a custom message to show on checkout, when this delivery method is not available.
    • Ship to Applicable Countries – Two options available – All Allowed Countries and Specific Countries.
    • Ship to Specific Countries – Select the countries where this delivery method will be applicable.
    • Show Method if Not Applicable – Select Yes, to show this delivery method even if it is not applicable. Else select No, to hide it at the checkout, when not applicable.

    Manage Marketplace Delivery Boys

    Now, every marketplace seller can manage their delivery boys from the Marketplace Seller Account section. To do that, navigate to My Account > Manage Delivery Boy. The Seller Delivery Boys List will show.


    Manage Marketplace Delivery Boy Using Mobile App

    The seller can also manage the delivery boys directly from their mobile devices. After logging in to the application, the seller will view the left navigation bar and click on the Delivery



    As shown above, there is a Plus (+) button available, by clicking on that the seller will be able to add the new delivery boy.

    Add Delivery Boy – by Seller

    After clicking, the Add Delivery Boy button, a form will come up, where the following information needs to be filled.

    • Profile Image – The seller needs to upload a picture of the delivery boy.
    • Name – Enter the name of the delivery boy.
    • Email – Enter the delivery boy email, this will be used to login into the app.
    • Mobile Number – Enter the contact number of the delivery boy.
    • Vehicle Type – Select Bike or Cycle as the mode of transport.
    • Vehicle Number – Optional to provide the vehicle identification number.
    • Full Address – Optional to provide delivery boy address.
    • Password – Here, the seller needs to create a password for the delivery boy to login to the app.
    • Status – Select Enabled to make this delivery boy account active.

    Once the delivery boys are added, the seller can view the grid and check the details, search, delete or use filters to find them.


    Add New Delivery Boy Using Mobile Application

    Meanwhile, the seller can add the new delivery boy using by click on Plus (+) button present in the delivery boy list screen as shown in the mobile screenshots below:



    After adding the delivery boys the same will appear under the delivery boy list section in the mobile application.

    Manage Delivery Boy – Admin End

    The admin can manage all delivery boys from the backend by navigating to the Delivery Boy > Mange Delivery Boy. From here, the admin can Enable, Disable or Delete the delivery boys in a single click. The admin can also Add or Edit the delivery boys.


    Customer Checkout Process

    After that, let’s see the customer checkout process from the web end. For this, the customer will simply select the desired product and add it to the cart as shown in the image below:


    The customer checkout process will proceed in two different ways for the guest and registered customers. The guest customer will add their address whereas the registered customer can select among the existing address.

    Shipping Address For Guest Customers

    The guest customer will provide the Shipping Address and other details like email, name, etc. The shipping page is visible in the image below:


    Meanwhile, the customer will select the shipping method as Express 5 hour Delivery.

    After that, the customer will select the payment method and place the order by clicking on the Place Order button.


    Eventually, the order is places and the customer will receive the thank you message. Below page will be visible to the guest customers. In case of registered customers the information and button for creating the account will not be visible.


    Assign Delivery Boy

    Once the order is placed from the customer end, the respective seller will receive the order and proceed further by assigning the delivery boy for that order. The seller can do this from the web end as well as a mobile application.

    Using Web End

    If the seller is a regular desktop or laptop user then the work will be done from the web end for sure. For this, the seller will navigate to My Account > My Order History. Thereafter, the seller will select the order and view it.

    Then the seller will assign the order by selecting the delivery boy from the dropdown of online delivery boys under the Assign Delivery Boy section.


    Further, the order assignment, the order will be processed by the delivery boy.

    Note: The seller can not cancel any order from their end. It can only be done by the admin.

    Using Mobile Application

    Most times it happens that the sellers wish to access their orders and process them using their mobile phones. So, the Adobe Commerce marketplace delivery boy mobile application also avails this for their sellers.

    After logging in to the application, the seller will view the order by navigating to the Left Navigation Bar > Orders. Thereby, clicking on the desired order id will take the seller to the order details page.



    Under the order details page the seller will click on the Choose Delivery Boy field and the list of online delivery boy will appear delivery boy, the seller can select any one among them.

    And, then the order details page will be visible as shown in the image below:



    Once the order is assigned successfully, the order will be managed by the delivery boy from the mobile application.

    Delivery Boy Dashboard Management

    The admin will be able to manage the dashboard that will appear in the mobile application. For this, the admin will navigate to the Delivery Boy > Manage Delivery Boy. Further, the admin will be able to manage the following details:

    • Order Graph
    • Sales Graph
    • Today’s Orders
    • Delivery Boy Location

    Under the delivery boy location the admin will be able to see the delivery boy’s location in the map as shown in the image below:


    The delivery boy will be able to see the details in the Dashboard which will be visible as shown in the image below:



    All the details will be mentioned in the dashboard that is managed by the admin from the backend. The delivery boy can also check the Pending, Processing, and Complete orders.

    Delivery Boy Status

    The delivery boy can also change the status from online to offline by navigating to the Left Navigation Bar > Settings. The status will be visible in the form of buttons shown in the image below:



    The status can be changed to offline only if the delivery boy will not have any pending orders left.

    Order Management By Delivery Boy

    Once the order is assign, the delivery boy will receive the popup to accept or reject the order. Moreover, the delivery boy will check the respective order by navigating the Left Navigation Drawer > Orders.


    After that, the delivery boy will select the order and view its details as shown in the image below:



    Further, the delivery boy can perform the following set of tasks:

    • Submit Comment: The delivery boy will add the comment to share any kind the details with the seller.
    • Pickup Location: The delivery boy can check the pickup location on the map from where the order will be pick up.
    • Picked Up: The delivery boy will click on this button when reached the pickup .location
    • Reject Order: The delivery boy will click on this to reject the order with a genuine reason.

    After reaching the pickup location, the delivery boy will confirm the order pick up by clicking on the OK button that appear in the Picked Up popup.



    Once the order pickup is complete, the order status will change from Pending to Processing. The delivery boy will proceed to deliver the product to the customer.

    The delivery boy will check the location by clicking on the Location icon adjacent to the customer delivery address under the order details page shown in the image below:



    After reaching the customer location the delivery boy will click on the Deliver button (shown in the above image) and then verify the customer by OTP authentication. The OTP will be visible to the customer as shown in the images below:

    Web End Users


    Mobile App Users

    If the customer has placed the order using the mobile phone, then the OTP will be visible under the respective order as shown in the image below:




    Further, the delivery boy will enter the OTP sent to the customer and click on the Proceed button to complete the order.



    Add Review For Delivery Boy

    After the completion of the delivery, the customer will be able to add a review for the delivery boy as per the experience. For this, they will navigate to My Orders and then select the respective order. After that, they need to click on the Add Review button as shown in the image below:


    After that, the customer will add the Rating, Title, and Comment for the delivery boy as shown in the image below:


    Further, the review will be approved by the admin from the admin panel. For this the admin will navigate to the Delivery Boy > Manage Delivery Boy Rating under the admin panel.

    After that the admin can select the desired review and approve them as shown in the image below:


    The admin can also edit the review provided by the customer by clicking on the edit button under the action grid. The details which can be edited are mentioned in the image below:


    The customer can also add a review for the delivery boy using the mobile application by navigating to the Left navigation drawer > Orders. Further, view the specific order and click on the Add review For Delivery Boy button as shown in the image below:




    Invoice and Shipment Generation

    The delivery boy enters the OTP for authentication and completes the assigned delivery. Just after this process, customer can see the Invoice and Shipment section into their order view page:

    Order Received

    Web End Invoice Details

    Marketplace Delivery Boy -Invoice

    Order Shipment Details Web End

    Marketplace Delivery Boy - Web Order_Shipment

    App End Invoice and Shipment Info

    Marketplace Delivery Boy - Invoice
    Marketplace Delivery Boy - Shipment

    That’s all for the Adobe Commerce Marketplace Delivery Boy module. Still have any doubt or suggestions, feel free to add a ticket at

    Current Product Version - 5.0.4

    Supported Framework Version - Magento 2.0.x, 2.1.x, 2.2.x,2.3.x, 2.4.x

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