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21 September 2018

8 Years Of Glorification

8 Years Of Glorification

We are really glad to see Webkul growing incredibly with wide wings. We are flying high day by day with the talented and enthusiastic team.

We celebrated our Annual Day on 26th August 2018. The voyage has been a great adventure with the grand success in all aspects.The celebration was as grand as our success.

This time the Annual day celebration‘s party was organised in “Park Inn by Radisson New Delhi ”. The ambience was really amazing, decoration and arrangements were applauding.

All were highly excited for this day to come,the wait was over by 3 pm on 26th August. All gave their presence with their own beauty, were happy and enthusiastic for the bash.

The party started with the success story video of Webkul, It took two months to capture the 8 years of success in one video. The video defined the glory of awesome journey, video was really amazing which disclosed the secrets of the incredible success and journey with the facts and figures.In between people were enjoying yummy starters and cold drinks.

Then the time was to recognise the gems of the Webkul!!!!
Those who with their perseverance created a different place for them. “A Big Congratulations to the award winners!!”.

there is no secret to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.
– Colin Powell

The award was given in different categories. IT was really a proud moment to announce their names. And the award was given by our director Mr. Prakash Sahu.

The first Category was “Grand Masters”. This award was given to those who have successfully completed 5 Plus years in Webkul. And the winners of this award were-
Abhishek Singh, Ajay Kumar, Deepika, Mohit Chandra, Nikhil Malik, Pooja Sahu, Pratik Kumar, Ratnesh Kumar, Ravi Raushan.

Second category was “ Upcoming Leaders in Tech”. And the winners of this award were-
Avneesh Kumar, Dheeraj Kumar Sharma, Rohit Jain, Ashish Singh, Ashutosh Srivastava, Rahul Mahto, Kailash Chandra, Anant Garg, kunal Prasad, Bhavuk Chawla, Vivek Sharma.

Third Category was “ Upcoming Leaders in Business Development”. And the winners of this award were- Sushil Kumar, Nitin Banerjee, Ankur Chaudhary, Gautam Bagchi, Rahul Gupta.

Fourth Category was “ Upcoming Stars in Tech”. And the winners of this award were-
Ajeet singh, Mahesh Singh, Ambe Pratap Singh, Nitish Kumar.

Fifth Category was “ New Successful Department”. This has been possible only because of the hard work of these employees like Jitendra singh and Ankit Yadav who successfully managed “Akeneo” Department. Amit Chauhan and Varun kumar Woo-Commerce. Vivek Gupta and Himanshu Dangwal Cs Cart

And the sixth Category was “ Best Customer Service” This is also one of the most important part of any business. And the winners were-
Ajit Kumar, Arjun singh and Neha Sharma.

Seventh Category was “ Hard Workers”. And the winners were- Anchit Makkar, Ankita Singh, Rani Priya Sinha, Sumit Panwar and Upendra Kumar..

Eighth Category was “ Self Motivated”. And the winners were- Ratnapriya Pandey and Vikram Vashisth.

And the last category was “ Back Office Support “ ( IT and Infra ). And the winners were –
Amit Arora, Gajendra Nath, Nitin Kaushik, Lalan Phoola and Anupam Kumar Dubey.

These awards itself shows the motivation of the people for success.

Next was the moment for DJ floor Announcement.
As the Announcement was done for the DJ floor all shouted with the great zeal as if all were waiting for this announcemnet to happen, all headed to the DJ floor to rock the floor with their unique dance moves. It was tremendous to see all dancing without any conscious. Within fraction of seconds the floor turned into exquisite scene. Everyone was dancing to his/her fullest.

All danced till they didn’t get wet with sweat!! . It was amazing feeling as everyone was lost in his/her own dance style. All were busy in clicking pics and selfies wearing different masks. A loud noise of different songs filled the floor. In between people were moving here and there to have fun and enjoyment.

At 7 PM cake cutting ceremony was held. The cake shaping 8 was really looking amazing!
The cake was cut by the directors, cake was very yummy!! and mouth watering.

After the cake cutting ceremony all headed again to the Dance floor and asked DJ to play the songs.
All the couples were invited to dance on the floor together and all danced very beautifully.
Directors were also invited to show their dance moves. They proved that with others things they have dancing talent also. Really it was a WOW ! moment seeing all of them dancing splendidly.

The Dinner was served at 9 PM. Huge varieties of food was served for vegetarian and non- vegetarian. The food was really delicious everyone enjoyed the food.

Then again dance and dance and the DJ floor.
After three hours of continuous dance nobody was looking tired.

Still all were ready to dance for the whole night!.
Pictures speaks louder than words!!

We always celebrate our Annual day lavishly. Now we will eagerly wait for next year’s celebration with loads of success.

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