7th Grandiosity of Webkul
15 September 2017

7th Grandiosity of Webkul

Annual day celebration is always grand at Webkul. 6 years have passed & this was the time to celebrate Webkul’s 7th anniversary. This year we planned to Visit Jim Corbett National Park which is located at Ramanagar Uttrakhand. Jim Corbett National Park was the best thing since sliced bread because this was the first time when we planned to go to Uttrakhand. Everybody started preparations with bells on, we were delighted & eager to go there.

In the late evening of 25th August, we boarded the bus to start our journey. Climate was hazy. We were Excited because next morning we needed to visit Jungle Safari. In the bus Nobody wanted to sleep, we wanted to enjoy each moment of the trip. We started individual performances in the bus. People sang songs, jokes, poems & of course horror stories. We halted our journey at Shiva Dhaba near Hapur & we had awesome Kulhar Tea with snacks. Kulhar actually added extra taste in the tea. Again we started our journey & resumed our antakshari.

Early morning we were at Nadiya Parao Resort which was our destination. The weather was chilled. It was dark all around. We had the welcome drink & As per the plan we needed to visit Jungle safari in the morning time but due to heavy rain, it got cancelled. It was curiosity killed the cat moment for us because Jungle safari was the most exciting activity for us but our tour coordinators planned something else for us.

We had delicious breakfast. The day was sunny & very hot. We went for adventure activities. The obstacle, Zipline, Freefall, water roller activities were there. We needed to walk on the burma bridge which was about 25ft. above from the ground. It was quite difficult to walk on the bridge because to make it more adventures they created so many hurdles on the bridge. Most difficult were walking on the cubes. Zipline was really great. Free fall was amazing, Height was about 30ft. & we needed to come down with the rope. Most of us did this & won the fight with acrophobia.

Suddenly climate got changed. Rain got started. Day became pleasant. In the evening time, we went to the Girjia Devi Temple. Temple was located on top of the hill. Kosi river was flowing near the temple. Due to rainy season water level was high. Temple’s Surrounding view was pretty good. High mountains, greenery, light rain was like icing on the cake.

In the late evening, we were in the super excited mood because of the bone fire party. The evening started with cake cutting ceremony. The cake was cut by the directors. Employees shared their webkul experience through a prerecorded video. The video was shot in the office premises before the annual day trip. The video was awesome. Directors told us about upcoming years plan & execution. They discussed the future goals.

The dance party began. Everyone was in the super excited mood. Loud music was playing. Lights were dim. Dance is the kind of activity in which everybody gets involved & start with their own signature steps. All came on the dance floor. We rock the floor with our hilarious dance moves.

Next morning paint ball was planned. A war set up was created. Soldier’s dresses were there along with the guns. Guns were very heavy. We got ready after wearing the dresses & guns were in our hands. The feeling was like we were real Soldiers. Two teams were there. Our People were having bag of tricks to win the game. We knew that those just paint balls but still the feeling was like a real war & we needed to save ourselves. After 5-10 minutes gun shot, game was over but game was tremendous. A new & great experience we felt.

Delicious breakfast was waiting for us. After that, we went to the pool. The day was sunny. The temperature was high. Pool side we felt relief. Most of us dove in the pool with different styles. People were struggling with their swimming skills. We wanted to learn swimming in one day only. Few were there who knew how to swim so they became our trainer & they guided us how to swim. We tried a lot & some got to succeed. We played ball in the pool. The underwater experience was really amazing.

After having lunch we explored the resort. We went to Kosi river’s bank. High peak mountains were there. Surrounding was pretty good. Greenery was all around. We were feeling very refreshed.

After spending 2 days in the lap of nature, it was the time to pack our bags & we boarded our respective coaches. We were tired but we made ourselves energetic. We did not want to loose our time in sleeping so we resumed our games. We played antakshari. Solo, dual & group performances were also there. We halted our journey at Haweli near Moradabad for dinner.

We got recharged after the dinner & while playing the various bus games, we reached to Webkul headquarter with sparkling memories.

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