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    How to remove Shopping Cart Abandonment in Woocommerce?

    What is cart abandonment?

    When a customer comes on your website and adds some products to the cart to purchase but didn’t proceed to checkout due to some reason and lefts the cart there and just move out from your website or going busy in searching other products on your website and then forget to process the cart.

    Now, the customer lefts the cart abandoned and it’s not good for the sales of an e-commerce website as the customer shows interest in purchasing products from your website but somehow didn’t purchase those products from your website.

    So, a user has to try to remove the abandoned cart from his website to increase the sales on his website. There can be several reasons for the customers to left the cart abandoned and the user needs to look out for those reasons and then try to improve his strategies so that there will be no cart left abandoned on his website.

    Reasons for Cart Abandonment

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    The major reasons for a cart abandonment:

    • The sudden hike in product price
    • Shopping cart page speed
    • Checkout process
    • Payment processing
    • Call of action button on the product page
    • Product content
    • Trustworthy products
    • Genuine reviews and ratings
    • Faster and better communication

    Steps to remove the Cart Abandonment

    • Try to avoid a sudden hike in prices as if you are showing a product with higher price and the customer finds the same product with a lower price on another website then the customer will definitely purchase the product from another website and left the product abandoned in the cart and this will definitely have an impact on the sales conversion on your website.
    • Try to avoid hidden prices added to the product at the time of check-out like some service charges etc. as there is a higher possibility that the customer will leave the cart if they saw a hidden price added to the cart during the check-out process.
    • Try to provide regular discounts and offers on your products to apply to the cart during check-out so that the sales conversion on your website increases. The users can use our WooCommerce Daily Deals plugin to provide discounts on products on their website to increase the sales conversions and help removes the cart abandonment on your website.
    • Checkout Process – Try to use one step checkout process so that the customers can easily check-out with the product purchase and can easily add coupons, shipping details, select a payment method from the single checkout page.
    • Payment Processing – Try to use the payment gateway which has a very fast payment processing speed so that the customers don’t have to wait too long for the payment to process as if the payment process takes to much time then there is the higher probability that the customer will leave your website and left the cart abandoned there.
    • Call of Action – the call of action button is the button which enables the customers to take an action on your product like Add to Cart button is the call of action button which enables the customers to add that product to the cart to purchase.
      So, the call of action button will be directly visible to the customer so that he can directly add the product to the cart.
    • Faster and better communication – The users have to enable a faster and effective communication system on their website to communicate with the active customers on their website so that if they have some queries regarding a product then you can directly assist them and help them purchase the required products.

      This will definitely increase the sales conversion on your website and help removes abandoned cart on your website. The user can use our Admin Buyer Chat plugin to enable the chat system on their website for a effective communication with the customers. The users can also use Quote System for their customers to ask for a quote before purchasing a product. If the admin approves the customer quote then the customer can directly add the product to the cart to purchase the product accordingly.

    • Send personalized offers to the customers who left their cart abandoned and encourage them to complete the checkout process.
    • Make your website more secured for the customers so that they can make transactions on your website. Enable SSL on your website, enable HTTPS on your website etc.
    • Trustworthy products – Genuine review and ratings. Try to provide more genuine reviews and ratings for a product on your website from the verified users so that the customers will get a trust while purchasing a product will have a higher tendency to purchase the product from your website easily removing the abandoned carts from your website and help increase the sale conversion son your website.

    If you have any query then you can contact us at [email protected] and let us know your views to make the article better.

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