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    Xtremo Responsive Theme for Magento 2

    Xtremo is a premium theme for Magento 2 store. The theme is responsive, beautiful, and customizable. The theme is suitable for any type of store including the Marketplace. Xtremo theme has various built-in features – mega menu, banner slider, four Types of product carousels, custom header links, social media links in the footer, popular categories, marketplace banner, and much more.

    The Xtremo theme looks amazing on any type of devices – desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile. Due to its responsive nature, the theme will adjust itself on any device resolution.

    Note – Xtremo theme is fully compatible with Magento 2 Multi-Vendor Marketplace


    • Responsive to every device resolution.
    • Show the multi-image banner slider with embedded URL.
    • Product carousels – featured, discount & sale, top- rated, tailored.
    • Customizable header menu links.
    • Mega Menu for categories.
    • Add mega menu category background image.
    • Select categories for product search.
    • Add social media links in the footer.
    • Popular categories images on the homepage.
    • Retina based product zooming.
    • Show accepted payment options in the footer.
    • Upload default placeholder image for the category.
    • Customize homepage using various CMS blocks and widgets.
    • Works very well with Magento 2 Marketplace.
    • The module source code is open for customization.
    • Supports multiple languages translations.


    To install this extension, please follow each and every step carefully as follows:

    Step 1: Upload Theme-files

    After extracting the downloaded zip file go to src>Theme-files and upload app folder to the Magento root directory.

    Step 2: Upload Marketplace-patch

    If you have installed Magento 2 Multi-Vendor Marketplace extension, then follow this step otherwise skip it.

    (a) For Marketplace version 2.0.9 and below, open Marketplace-patch folder and move the app folder into your Magento root directory.
    (b) For Marketplace version 2.0.10, open Marketplace-patch(2.0.10) folder and move the app folder into your Magento root directory.

    (c) For Marketplace version 2.1.x or newer, open Marketplace-patch(2.1.x) folder, and move the app folder to your Magento root directory.

    Step 3: Run Commands

    After copying the app folder, please make sure that your Magento mode is in Developer or Default mode. To enable developer mode use the following command. For more details –

    php bin/magento deploy:mode:set developer

    After that run the following commands:

    First command – php bin/magento setup:upgrade

    Second Command – php bin/magento setup:di:compile

    Third Command – php bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy

    Step 4: Clear Cache

    After running the commands, you need to flush the cache and reindex all from the Magento2 admin panel. Navigate through System>Cache Management. Click Flush Magento Cache button as shown below:

    Multi-Lingual Configuration

    For Multilingual support, please navigate. Store>Configuration>General >Locale Options. And select your desired language from the Locale option.

    Language Translation

    If you need to do the module translation, please navigate the following path in your system. app/code/Webkul/Xtremo/i18n. Open the file named en_US.CSV for editing as shown in below screenshot.

    Once you have opened the file for editing. Replace the words after the comma(,) on the right with your translated words.

    After editing the CSV file, save it and then upload it to the same folder. Now your module translation is complete.

    Module Configuration

    After the module installation, the admin needs to go the Xtremo configuration. Go to Stores>Configuration>Xtremo Configuration. The following page will appear.

    Header Settings

    Phone Number – Enter the store phone number to show on the header menu.

    Select CMS Pages – Select which store pages link to show on the header.

    Display Category Drop-Down Search Bar – Select Yes to allow customers to search according to the categories.

    Select Categories for Top Search – Select which categories will appear in the drop-down search menu.

    Footer Settings

    Add social network links at the footer. The store owner can add external links to the social network like Twitter, Google Plus, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Also, can show accepted payment options like Paypal, Visa card, Discover, Master card and Maestro card.

    Homepage Settings

    Category Placeholder Image – Upload default placeholder image for the categories which have no image.

    Applying Theme

    After installation, the Xtremo theme will be set as the default theme of the store. But to apply any other store theme, please go to Content>Configuration, the following page will appear showing all the stores and store views. Click Edit for whichever store or store view you want to apply the theme. To apply global view click the Edit.

    After clicking Edit, select any theme option from Applied Theme drop-down list.

    CMS Content Settings


    The admin can customize the homepage and footer content of the theme using the following blocks. Go to Content>Blocks, and select and edit the block as visible in the screenshot.

    Footer Links Block

    For editing footer section links, title, and text, select and edit Footer Links Block. Click Show/Hide Editor and edit the HTML.

    Edit the block title, set URL Key and label for nav item.

    Storefront View

    Once you have made changes, clear the cache and see the changes in the storefront,

    Footer Links Seller Block

    For editing the URLs, title, text of Footer Links Seller Block select and edit this block. Click Show/Hide Editor and edit the HTML code.

    In the store url enter CMS page URL Key and enter frontend label. Please see the example below:

    Once you have made the changes, you can see the seller footer block section updated.

    Xtremo Homepage Sidebar Block

    If you are using Xtremo theme with Magento 2 Multi-Vendor Marketplace, you can see the Xtremo Homepage Sidebar Block on top. Here you can show any links to CMS pages.

    For editing the Xtremo Homepage Sidebar Block, go to Content>Block>Xtremo Homepage Sidebar Block. Select, Edit, click Show/Hide Editor and make changes in the HTML.

    In the store url, enter CMS page URL Key and enter frontend label. Please see the example below:

    Xtremo Homepage Banners

    Under product carousel, you can display three static banners (1 large and 2 small) on the Xtremo homepage. You can also customize the banner labels and add URL as well.

    For editing the Xtremo Homepage Banners block, go to Content>Blocks>Select and Edit ‘Xtremo Homepage Banners’. Now edit the HTML code.

    You need to edit the store url, label, and enter image url for banner 1, banner 2, and banner 3. Please see the below example:

    Xtremo Homepage Carousel Images

    On the homepage, you can see the banner slider with ‘Buy Now’ button. You can use this space for displaying multiple banner images. Further, you can customize the banner using title and some text below.

    For editing the Xtremo homepage slideshow, please go to Content>Blocks>Xtremo Homepage Carousel Images and edit the HTML. Set h2 title, enter text in h4, add store url for Buy Now button. Set Buy Now label (optional) and enter image url with alt information.

    Please see the below example:

    Xtremo Homepage Marketplace Block

    If you are using Magento 2 Multi-Vendor Marketplace, you will see the Xtremo Homepage Marketplace Block on the storefront.


    To customize the widgets of the Xtremo theme, go to Content>Widgets and edit following widgets.

    Product Carousel

    Go to Catalog > Products, select, and Edit any product. The following options will be visible, select Yes to include the product in the carousel, else select No.

    Category Settings

    After installation, this module automatically selects and enable five random categories as default popular categories. The admin can enable/disable these popular categories by setting the Is Popular Category? option to Yes/No by navigating to Products>Categories.

    Popular Category Images

    For uploading popular category images go to Products>Categories open any category find Popular Category Image option in the Content section.

    Menu Category Background Images

    To manage the background images for the Mega Menu, please go to Xtremo>Manage Category Banner Images>Add Image for Banner. The admin can use the Actions to change to image status as enabled, disabled or delete the image.

    After clicking the Add Image for Banner button, the following page will open. Enter the title, upload image file, select the category, and then select status as – enabled/disabled.

    Front-End View

    Home Page View

    This is how homepage will appear on the front-end. The homepage will show the banner slider, header links, category menu, various product carousels, and popular categories of the store.

    Mega Menu

    The customers can browse the categories using the amazing mega menu. Just hover the mouse cursor and it displays the sub-menus. All the parent category will have an image also.

    Banner Slider

    Show multiple images using the responsive banner slider. Each image can have an embedded URL for visiting a page. The customers can use the arrows for viewing all the banner images. The banner slider adjusts its size according to the resolution.

    Product Carousel

    Xtremo theme includes 4 types of product carousels. Display featured products, top-rated products, discount & sale products, and tailored products on the homepage.

    Category Page (Grid View)

    The category page showing various products in grid view layout. The customers can use filters and sort by options for searching the products. Advanced layered navigation allows the customers to find products easily.

    Category Page (List View)

    The customers can view the category in list layout for more detailed product information.

    Product Page View

    The product page is completely redesigned, the customers can view product information, reviews, images, and, ratings.

    Product Compare Page View

    The customers can do the comparison between the two or more products of the store. Following is the product comparison page.

    My Wishlist Page View

    Here’s the customer wishlist page, the customer can edit the quantity, add the product to cart, update wish list, and share the wish list with friends. The customers can also add a comment for their wish list products.

    Shopping Cart View

    After adding products to cart, the customers can click the cart button from any page and view the item details. The cart button also shows the number of products added to cart.

    Shopping Cart Page View

    The shopping cart page of the store showing summary for shipping and tax.

    Login and Sign Up Page View

    Here is the Login and Sign Up page will appear for the customers.

    No Result Page

    When a customer searches for anything on the store and nothing comes up the following page will appear.

     404 Error Page

    This is how 404 error page will appear when any web page is not able on your website.

    Xtremo Marketplace

    The Xtremo theme for Magento 2 works very well with the Magento 2 Multi-Vendor Marketplace. Please view the following screenshots to see how the marketplace will appear in Xtremo theme.

    Important Note – Make sure you have uploaded the Marketplace-patch in the Magento root directory. Please refer to Step 2 of the installation.

    Seller Profile Page View 

    The seller profile page showing lots of details about the seller.

    Seller Collection Page View

    Seller collection page is there for viewing all the products of a seller at one page.

    Marketplace Dashboard Page View

    Amazing looking marketplace dashboard page for the sellers showing all the basic information about their store.

    Mobile View

    Responsive Theme

    The Xtremo theme is compatible with all the devices resolutions. The layout, banners, carousels, menu, and everything adjust itself according to the viewing user device.

    Homepage View

    Product Page

    Category Grid View

    Category List View

    Sort By Options

    Filter Options

    Login Page

    Sign Up Page

    Header Menu

    Account Menu

    Category Menu

    Shopping Cart View

    My Wishlist

    Thank you for viewing this blog. If you have any query or need more information, please visit

    Current Product Version - 2.0.4

    Supported Framework Version - 2.0.x, 2.1.x, 2.2.x

    . . .

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  • surabhi
    I have purchased the extension, with which I got this theme free.
    But on admin while selecting any shipping method I am getting error as
    1 exception(s):
    Exception #0 (InvalidArgumentException): Webkul_Mpxtremo composer.json error: Unable to unserialize value.
    Exception #0 (InvalidArgumentException): Webkul_Mpxtremo composer.json error: Unable to unserialize value.
    P.S : There is no other third party extension is installed
  • shiqiang zhao
    Can Xtremo Homepage Carousel Images be played automatically?
    • gunjita joshi
      Hello there,

      The Xtremo Carousel Images can be moved using arrows, but not automatically. If you wish to have this feature, this can be done through customization, please email to


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