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WordPress 5.1 : Introductory Features

Updated 20 February 2019

It’s been a while that WordPress 5.0 was released with Gutenberg and now on February 21 ,2019 WordPress 5.1 is going to release with some major updates.

This time WordPress 5.1 primarily focusses on Site Health check project, which aims to make it difficult to accidentally break website.

It introduces a new White Screen of Death feature that catches fatal errors so that users can still log into the admin and attempt to resolve the issues.

Gutenberg Version 4.8 also releasing with major improvements. It will also have Multisite Support for Site Metadata, Cron improvements, a new JavaScript build process, updated styles and text strings.

We can find more information on it in the WordPress 5.1 Field Guide, published on Make WordPress Core.

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Let’s have some overview regarding Site Health Check.

WordPress 5.1 will integrate a set of systems which helps to update the version of PHP used by your site. WordPress 5.1 will start showing notices to administrators of sites that run on long outdated PHP versions.

Site status is an analysis of 16 important settings that must be correctly set for your site to function normally.


From Debug Information section, user will get information regarding WordPress and Server configuration.


Troubleshooting will verify the integrity of the files in installation, it verifies the correct operation of sending mails.

It will create a “safe mode” so that we can disable all themes and plugins in case of concern, but only for us. Site visitors will continue to see the site as it was before!


Right now the beta version of WordPress 5.1 is available, have a look into it and enjoy blogging. Try it only in development enviroment.

Thanks for reading this blog 🙂

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