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    Why Customer Loyalty or Reward is a Key Factor for a Mobile App

    Loyalty or Reward System

    In the reward system, store owner provide the loyalty or reward points/ cashback to the customer for different- different activities like – product purchase, registration etc. 

    And, the customer can redeem these reward points to purchase products from the online store.


    Need of reward points system  in E-commerce

    In the current world, every customer wants to save the money as much as possible.

    If customers want to purchase any kind of product, then they compare this product on many websites and purchase the product from where they will get more profit.

    Every business needs new customers but the more important part is that how to retain your existing customers.

    Because you can easily generate more revenue from existing customers rather than new customers.

    So loyalty or reward system will help you to retain your loyal customers who know everything about your company and already using your products.

    We are having the various platform based reward point system –

    Magento Reward System

    Magento 2 Reward System

    Marketplace Reward System for Magento 2

    WooCommerce Reward System

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    WooCommerce Marketplace Reward System

    Prestashop Reward System

    Opencart Marketplace Reward Points System

    Reward System for Mobile App

    These days every customer has the smartphones, and if you facilitate them that they can get the rewards points and redeem these rewards through smartphones.

    Then for sure more and more customer connect with your website/store and it will increase sales conversion as well.

    Advantages of  Mobile App

    – Easy accessible by every customer and everywhere.

    -The customer can easily redeem these reward points for their new orders via smartphones.

    – Customers can track their reward points via their accounts and email notifications.

    – It will help to retain to existing customers due to easy accessibility.

    – Mobile app help to connect more and more new customers

    If you want to integrate any platform based reward system with your mobile application then Webkul always here to help you out.

    If you have any particular project or app requirement, you can reach us anytime with a small brief and We’ll get back to you.

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