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What is PIM ?

Updated 26 September 2023


PIM stands for Product Information Management is a tool for creating and managing the products. Product Information Management tool centralizes your product at one place and you can manage the product.

You can import/export products from different channels like E-commerce, Online Marketplace, and Print Catalog.

Product Information Management System supports the maintenance and correction of the product catalog at a centralized place. PIM provides the solution for centralized, data collection, management, filtration of the product.

Akeneo PIM

Benefits of PIM

Product Information Management is fast growing solutions for businesses. A strong and reliable PIM solution makes the easier for the merchant to store the data at a place and spread it to E-commerce channels and Marketplaces.

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Integration Makes Easier:

With the PIM solution, we can easily integrate different e-commerce ,mobile, web print channel.

You can establish one to one connection with the PIM. With the help of the product information management, we can integrate the E-commerce channel, Mobile, and Web Print.

E-Commerce Akeneo PIM integration

Improve Data Quality:

With the help of a product information management solution, we can centralize our product in one place and can manage thousands of product at a time. We can create, edit, delete and manage the product from one place so that we could improve data quality.

We can use data validation and data quality reports to ensure and monitor the data quality.

Transparency and Ownership:

The PIM solution provides Transparency and Ownership.

A merchant can easily update the information about the product from one place. Before product information management comes this work is done by the developers so a merchant didn’t have the all the information about the product.

After PIM come in the market a merchant can manage the product itself. It makes more transparency and ownership to the merchant.

Fast services:

A product information management tool provides fast services. You can export thousands of products from one place and you can also manage the products. You can do many works simultaneously with the help of a PIM.

It reduces the server load while exporting the products.

Manage Management Cost:

A PIM normally costs less than a manual work system. It automates the manual works. Automating these process helps you to reduce your management cost and allows you to shift your focus from managing product data.

PIM Solution Providers

Product Information Management is a tool for managing the product at a single place and export it to the different channel. There are many product information management solution providers.

Here you can see some leading PIM solution providers.

  • Akeneo
  • Pimcore
  • Salsify
  • Oracle Product Information Management
  • inRiver PIM
  • InfoSphere MDM
  • Product 360
  • EssentialPIM
  • PIM by Riversand Technologies
  • Censhare

Akeneo PIM

Akeneo is a French company created in 2013 in Nantes by a Franco-American team and based in Nantes, Boston, and Dusseldorf. It provides an open source Product Information Management solution written in PHP.

Akeneo PIM provides the process of collecting, enriching, and spreading your product data to different E-commerce channel, mobile, and Web Print.

Akeneo provides the feature of importing product, manage products, and export it to different channels.


With the help of the Akeneo product information management, you can import the data from the different types of resources like ERP, Media Servers and Suppliers. You can store the data at a place and categorized in many categories.

Export in Akeneo


You can improve the data in the Akeneo product information management. You can create a new product or you can manage the product present in Akeneo. Akeneo validates the all necessary product information what you want to export to your website.

Enrich the product details in Akeneo


After creating the product you can export the product throughout different channels E-commerce, mobile, and Web Print. You can also filter the product and product family when you are going to export the product.

Akeneo Multi Channel

If you have any query please create a support ticket. If you are a retailer, facing issues in handling a large number of products, drop us a line in comments below.

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