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Webkul Birthday Discount App for Shopify

Updated 16 January 2023

Webkul Birthday Discount App for Shopify enables you as a store owner to wish your customers on their birthday and the Store owner configures the app by setting a number of days prior to which automatic mail with the special offer will get sent to your customers.
With the Webkul Birthday Discount App, the store owner adds customers’ birthdays and emails to which the discount coupons are sent as “Birthday Gifts”. Customers can also enter their birthdays from their “My Account” section.


  • Send birthday reminder emails to the customers on their birthdays.
  • Provide discount coupons to the customers as “Birthday Gifts”.
  • The store owner can configure the email sent to the customers.
  • The store owner can upload customer birthdays in bulk via CSV upload.
  • Cross-browser compatible


On Landing Page, you will find the “install” button. Enter the shop URL where you want to install the app.



As soon as you install the app, you will get the “Webkul Birthday Discount” app listed in the Apps section of your Shopify store. Once the payment is done for the plan, the webkul Birthday Discount App will be listed here:


Clicking on the Webkul Birthday Discount App you will be landed on the dashboard,

Interactive Dashboard to Track the ongoing store progress.

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From here, you can set the General configuration of the app, Discount Configuration, Mail configuration of the app, customers’ birthdays, and much more.


The configuration section of the Webkul Birthday Discount App is divided into three sections:

  • General Configuration
  • Discount Configuration
  • Mail Configuration

General Configuration

From the General Configuration menu, you can configure the following options:-

Birthday Reminder Email to Customers:- You can enable this option in case you want to send birthday emails to the customers.
You can configure the number of days before which you want to send the reminder emails to customers.
Moreover, you can send birthday reminder emails to yourself and also, configure the number of days.


Discount Configuration

From the Discount Configuration, you can configure the discount option that you want to offer as a “Birthday Gift” to your customers. You can offer a Fixed discount Or a percentage discount to your customers.

You can configure the way you want to set the coupon validity whether from the Birthday Date or from the date the email is sent to the customer. Also, you can configure the number of days up to which the coupon will be valid for the customers.


Mail Configuration

From the Mail Configuration, you can configure the emails sent to the customers on their birthdays. Once you have edited the content of the email, click on the save button to save the settings. To receive a test mail, click on the “Send a Test Email” button.


Also, please note:

  • The text used inside ‘{ }’ with ‘$’ symbol is a variable (example, {$customer_name})
  • Do not remove these variables as they are representing their corresponding values
  • Following are their corresponding values

{$customer_name} – Name of customer
{$discount} – Discount for the customer
{$coupon_code} – Discount coupon code
{$valid_till} – Coupon validity
{$domain_name} – Your Domain Name


This section shows the list of all the customers added along with their email IDs, birth date. Moreover, get the option to send reminders, edit birthday details, assign coupons to the customers.


Clicking the View button, you will get the option to send reminder emails, edit birthdays and assign coupons to the customers.


Edit Birthday:-


Assign Coupon & View Customer Details

Clicking on the “View Details” button, you can view the customer’s details like name, email ID, date of birth and you can assign the coupon to the customer by clicking on the Assign Coupon button.

Once clicked on Assign Coupon Button, a window will open. You have to mention the coupon details which include fields like:

  • Coupon Code
  • End Date of the coupon
  • Discount Type- Fixed or Percentage
  • Price

This is how you can create a discount coupon as “Birthday Gift” for your customers.


You can also upload customer’s birthdays via CSV.


Clicking on the upload CSV file, you can add vouchers via CSV in bulk.
There will be the option to upload the file. Please make sure that the CSV to be uploaded is in the same format as the example file otherwise it will show errors.
Also, we have provided the option where you can choose to continue the upload or to stop in case of error while uploading the CSV.


Webkul Birthday Discount App- Front end display

Finally, the very important and the last section of this user manual, in order to display the date of birth field on the front end you will have to copy the below-given code and paste it to customers/account.liquid file.


Follow the below process:

<input class="br-account-popup" type ="hidden" value="{{ }}">
  • Go to Themes
  • Click on Customize Theme button
  • Click on Edit HTML/CSS button
  • Select any template of customers/account.liquid file where you want to show the link
  • Paste the code and save

This is how the pop-up appears on the customer’s “My Account” section.



Need Help?

In case of any further query, feel free to raise a ticket at or drop a mail at [email protected]

Thanks for reading this blog!!! 🙂

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