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    User Guide For BigCommerce Product Combo And BOGO App

    Updated 10 October 2022


    BigCommerce Product Combo and BOGO Application will give you the option to manage or create both types of discounts from a single application and gives different offers to your customers so that the customers can get excited and purchase more products from the website.

    This application will give you the ability to create multiple discounts for your products that comes under the BOGO category. Also, you can create different combo products that can be eye-catching for your customers.


    • Admin can create and manage different Combo and BOGO discounts from a single application.
    • Admin can add different products to create a Combo discount.
    • Admin will also able to give the specific discount on products i.e by percentage or by amount.
    • Customers will see the timer for the deal on the storefront.
    • While running Bogo and Combo discounts, the admin can also sell that product individually.

    The Flow of Installation and Configuration


    After installing the application, You need to insert code to your theme files as per the instructions provided below.

    Click on the Embed buttons to add the Combo and BOGO deals page on the storefront and to add scripts to your BigCommerce store.

    Setup page for Combo and BOGO application
    Continued setup page for Combo and BOGO application

    Combo Discount Setup:-

    You can create the Combo discount by clicking on the icon mentioned in the picture or directly from the app menu section i.e “Create Discount“.

    Start your headless eCommerce
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    Combo List

    After clicking on the plus icon a form will be open for entering all the details related to creating the Combo discount.

    Click on Add Products to select the products for which you want to create the Combo discount.

    How to Add Products in Combo

    As shown in the picture below after clicking the Add Products, select the product and click on Save.

    Adding Products to Combo

    After clicking on Save, you need to enter all the details for creating a Combo discount mentioned in the form like- Combo Image, Title, Discount (by Percentage or by Amount), start/end date and time.

    Combo Discount Form

    After clicking on Save, your Combo discount will be created and you will be able to see the created discount under the Combo Discount section.

    Combo Discount List

    The created Combo discount will be visible in Storefront and customers can select and add them to their cart to place the order.

    Combo Frontend View
    Combo Frontend Add to Cart

    BOGO Discount Setup:-

    To create the BOGO discount, you can either click on the plus icon in the Bogo discount or directly click on Add Bogo in create a discount section.


    After clicking on the button to add Bogo Discount, you can create 4 types of different discounts mentioned below:-

    • Buy One Get One Free
    Buy One Get One Free
    • Buy One Get Something Else Free
    Buy One Get Something Else Free
    • Buy (X units) of Product A, get (Y units) of Product B for amount or % off per unit
    Buy (X units) of Product A, get (Y units) of Product B for the amount or % off per unit
    • Apply an amount or % off to Product X
    Creating BOGO Discount

    After creating the discount as per your requirements, you need to click on Save and your created discount will be added to the Bogo Discount section of the application.

    Created BOGO Discount

    Customers will see your created Bogo discount on the storefront and they can add it to their cart to place the order.

    BOGO Frontend View


    If you need any kind of support/assistance for BigCommerce Product Combo and BOGO Application then kindly raise a ticket at┬áor drop a mail at [email protected] .

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