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Top 5 Free and Open Source eCommerce Platforms

Updated 17 June 2024

Open source eCommerce platforms play a key role in any eCommerce website design and development. In this competitive era, it is essential to have an online store for businesses. 


In recent days, we have just passed the global pandemic and that shows us the importance of online presence. 

To build an eCommerce website you first need to choose the right platform as per the business need.

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Why there is a Need for Free Open Source eCommerce Platforms?

eCommerce platforms provide the business functionality to build and manage the eCommerce website. 

Why Open-Source Free eCommerce Platforms

Whereas open source adds the advantage of the source code being available for modification according to the user’s requirement.

Open source eCommerce platforms allow businesses with modification options to launch their store. 

How do these Platforms Contribute to Small business Growth?

Open source eCommerce platforms are highly profitable for small size businesses. These platforms are helping small businesses to grow in an exponential manner.

The code of the open source platform is open. Hence, it is publicly accessible. Which allows the developers to make modifications on their own. 

Contribution-to-Small-Businesses Open-Source Free eCommerce Platforms

Open source free platforms are serving the purpose of enabling small merchants to start their online marketplaces at the lowest cost.

The open source community and developers help businesses with multiple add-ons and with functional upgrades for the store. Hence the overall setup cost is also cheap.

Thus, open source free eCommerce platforms are contributing to the growth and enhancement of small businesses.

5 Top Free Open Source eCommerce Platforms

Choosing the best open source eCommerce platform to start your business is always hard due to the availability of various options. Nowadays, there are both free and paid alternatives.

Top-5-platforms Open-Source Free eCommerce Platforms

It completely depends on you to decide which option you want to opt for.

Now have a look at some best free open source eCommerce platforms that you can consider for your business currently.


These days it is extensively used by small businesses across the world. It has an excellent user community. WooCommerce is a famous extension of WordPress.

Startups use WooCommerce as it has a major benefit in that technical knowledge is required to set up the business.

WooCommerce Open-Source Free eCommerce Platforms

The admin panel is also user-friendly which makes it different and popular among retailers.

The platform is a good choice for mobile devices and tablets also. It comes up with more than 100 free and paid WooCommerce extensions that will be suitable for specific business needs.

WooCommerce is a leading eCommerce open source platform for startups. 


Bagisto is an free Open Source eCommerce platform to scale your eCommerce business. It has also business solutions available after the eCommerce store creation. 

It is built on Laravel and is a 100 % self-bootstrapped company. Bagisto enables merchants to create their own fully functional eCommerce stores.

Bagisto Open-Source Free eCommerce Platforms

Bagisto is a platform with the capabilities of building a powerful multi-vendor marketplace website that satisfies modern standards. This will be an excellent selection especially if you want to build an NFT marketplace.

It has various dynamic features that provide the store merchants to build the eCommerce website of their choice.

The store merchants can add features like; handling various inventories smoothly, multiple sellers can sell from your website, promoting products top on the search engines, etc.

All the above points make it possible for business merchants to build a marketplace website like any other big marketplace.


Who does not want an interactive and super interactive website? Prestashop allows store owners to build an easy-to-use and interactive marketplace.

Prestashop has a built-in admin panel with self-hosted and fully hosted technical control for free. 

Prestashop Open-Source Free eCommerce Platforms

This is a well-liked platform for European and American merchants for online businesses. 

Although there is a limitation in the website customization option yet it has many features that make it a good selection. WooCommerce is a popular plugin of WordPress for online eCommerce stores.


OpenCart will be a good suggestion if you are thinking to start your eCommerce marketplace. It is the finest open source eCommerce platform for small businesses to develop their marketplace website. 

As it comes with a basic package and is simple to start. The powerful store management makes it in high demand.

OpenCart Open-Source Free eCommerce Platforms

It has not only good store management but also provides a cloud-hosted platform for owners who do not have technical knowledge.

It has great community support across the world with a dedicated technical support team. 

Hence, OpenCart is a good solution for your eCommerce business.


NopCommerce is itself a unique open-sources eCommerce platform as it is developed on ASP.Net.

It has the biggest advantage of using NopCommerce; it is used by small, medium, and enterprise-level businesses.

NopCommerce Open-Source Free eCommerce Platforms

NopCommerce has great sales and marketing tools available for B2B and B2C. It is available in two variants, one is for developers and the second is for store owners.

It has an active developer community of more than 250,000 and is the world’s most popular shopping cart. Thus, it is one of the best solutions for eCommerce businesses.

Final Words

That is all about the Top 5 Open Source Free eCommerce Platforms currently. If you have any queries please feel free to contact us at our Webkul Support System.

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