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    Top 5 Best In Class Magento 2 Extensions

    Updated 1 February 2024

    Dive into the pool of Webkuls’ best in class Magento 2 extensions that will take your e-commerce business to another level.

    We are showcasing the top 5 must have Magento 2 extensions you should have in order to mark up your online business ahead of the rest of market competition.

    Magento is one of the most powerful and highly efficient & reliable ecommerce platforms in the world.

    Over the past few years, businesses of all sizes and from various domains have utilize the Magento ecommerce services & products to grow their business expeditiously on the digital landscape.

    Right and efficient Magento 2 extensions are essential for the prevailing Magento 2 store optimization.

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    So, lets move further & help you out to shoot up your Magento ecommerce platform’s growth in every aspect and help you to get a big edge over your competitors using the Magento 2 extensions.

    Transform default Magento 2 Into Multi Vendor Marketplace

    Enter into a new era of possibilities by stepping into the best multi vendor marketplace business model. By the help of Magento 2 multi vendor marketplace module, convert your default Magento 2 website into a brand new marketplace.

    Enable multiple sellers and a wide range of customers to do everything they want in the automatic online marketplace.


    The extension would transform your ordinary Magento 2 website into a pure marketplace like Amazon, eBay or Alibaba. Sellers have the dedicated interactive seller dashboard from where they can manage the important aspects of an online shop like products, shipments, refunds, credit memo, sales, sales reports and more.

    The customers wherein can take advantage of wide range of products available from multiple store sellers offering the products at an intuitive rates & benefits. The customer can rate the sellers & can accordingly give them reviews on products and services & can have a better shopping experience.

    Get Power Of Mobile Commerce Using Magento 2 Mobile App

    If you’re looking for an portable solution for your website customers to shop on the go then get introduced with one of the finest Magento 2 mobile app solution.

    Enlarge your business by selling the store items on the mobile app too and follow the omnichannel business sales model.

    Our Magento 2 Mobile app builder will truly transform your online store into a lucrative mobile app which brings the portability & comfort to your store customers to shop from where ever they want.

    magento 2

    In few clicks they can order the products by using the integrated shipping and payment methods, can add products in wishlist, view order details, create a new account, write reviews and do much more.

    The app offers real time sync of products, categories, customers, orders, etc between website & mobile app.

    The app is designed & developed for both Android & iOS platform, and being native apps are truly efficient in interacting with the mobile device based features e.g Barcode product search , Geolocation, voice search, fingerprint login, One time password , etc.

    Convert default Magento 2 Into Hyperlocal System

    Its time to build up the trust among the customers by bringing them the orders they placed on the marketplace to the near by sellers with the benefit of order seamless delivery.

    To take advantage of this fascinating business model, firstly you need to convert your default Magento 2 website into an online marketplace as we have told above.


    After that you can have our Magento 2 Multi Vendor Hyperlocal add-on to connect the customers of your online store with local stores and also transforms their shopping experiences.

    The customer just need to visit your online website & enter their location, on basis of the location the customer can find nearby sellers shops.

    The seller can create multiple outlets and can add up the products with desirable quantity into outlets for delivering seamless services on time. 

    The customer simply needs to visit the respective seller shop and explore through the products catalog & place the order accordingly.

    Being nearest to the customer location, the customer will experience the fastest order delivery . Thus, helping out the store sellers to win the customer trust & increases the store sales.

    Transfigure default Magento 2 Into POS System

    Selling products on multiple channels is never been a bad idea, if you are having a website on Magento 2 platform which is doing ultimately very well in terms of sales and customer conversion & you want the same for your brick & mortar shop then taking our POS system will be best of both worlds for you.

    We offer a Web-based POS solution for managing your multiple physical stores, retail outlets at different locations and sync data (sales, order, inventory, products) with an online store.

    magento 2

    You can create multiple POS agents/Cashiers that will manage the POS system at the physical store they can scan barcode labels to add products to cart, manage customers, take offline orders, give custom discount, split payment (card swipe/cash) feature available , apply coupon/voucher code, cart-on-hold, print sale receipt, sales report & many more.

    The store owner can create multiple outlets and can assign product stock accordingly to that for proper inventory management on online store and the physical stores.

    Know more about Magento 2 POS.

    Introduce One Step Checkout & Save Customer Retention

    Customer retention, well a nightmare which no store owner wants to experience. It cannot be eliminated totally but can be reduced to such a extend that help the customers to buy products and experience a quick checkout on the website.

    To boost up your online store sales & customer conversion rate, switch to our Magento 2 One Step Checkout module , that will combats checkout abandonment by reducing the number of unwanted steps leading to successful order placement.

    magento 2

    It helps you customize the checkout page to make it intuitive and attractive. Thus helping the customers to checkout of store faster, saving their valuable time and trust for long period.

    If you are having any sort of query, need assistance or consultation for having a better Ecommerce experience. Kindly email us at [email protected] or you can create a ticket, so we can serve you faster and better.

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