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Set Currencies and Locales in Akeneo

Updated 28 October 2022


Locales and Currency setting is the most important part to create a product in Akeneo. In a most simple definition, we can say that a currency is a system of money in common use, particularly in a nation.

Every nation has its specific currency and its value across the globe.

Under this definition, US dollars, British pounds, European euros, and Russian rubles are examples of currency. Various currencies are identified by their values and exchanged between nations in foreign exchange markets.

Akeneo provides the support of 294 currencies. We can use the currencies to set the value for the price attribute type. Currencies and locales are internally related to each other.

A locale is the definition of the user’s language and region. A locale is a set of parameters. Generally, a locale identifier consists of a country code or language code.

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Example: If you are using American English for your e-commerce channel. Akeneo provides the code like en_US. In which en specify the English language and the US specify the country code.

Akeneo provides 200 locale support by default. You can also import more locales if you want. You can add a locale with the CSV/XLSX file.

Currency and locales

Akeneo Currencies

When we create a price attribute in Akeneo, You can see the relevant currency has been activated in the PIM. For enabling a currency in Akeneo we have to go Akeneo dashboard and navigate to Settings -> Currencies.

Here you can check the list of the currencies and activated currencies in Akeneo. You can also search for a currency with a currency code.

Currencies in Akeneo

When you create a price attribute in Akeneo then you can see active currencies.

Price showing in Akeneo

You can activate more currencies as you need. You have to click on the change status icon.

Click on the icon to enable the currencies

Now you can check activated currencies.

List of active currencies

Now check the currency in the attribute. You can see the new currency is added to your price attribute.

Add the currency

Akeneo Locales

The Locale is used in any system to identify the user’s language and region. For it, you have to go to Settings -> Locales.

Locales in Akeneo

When you create an attribute, you can see the label translation option. You have to fill it in as you select the locale.

label translation

A locale is activated when it is added to a channel, it cannot be enabled from the locale settings page. You have to add these locales first to the channel.

akeneo currencies locales

Now you can see the activated locale as you choose.

Active locales

You can check the added locales to create a new attribute.

akeneo currencies locales

Akeneo Currencies Locales – Support

That is all for the Akeneo currencies locales article. If you have any queries please create a support ticket at If you are a retailer, facing issues in handling a large number of products, drop us a line in the comments below.

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