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Scope of Hyperlocal in E-Commerce

Updated 6 July 2021

What is Hyperlocal System?


If we are talking about Hyperlocal System then we are focusing on connecting customers with the local vendors in order to transform their shopping experiences up to the next level.

Hyperlocal basically apply on a geo-localized area or community in that area, focusing mainly towards the needs of the population in that community or area.

Hyperlocal in E-commerce business help the vendors/retailers to expand their business while connecting them with customers over the internet.

Sellers can easily add the location’s where they can ship their products and customers can enter their area check the available products and sellers in that area.

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The rise of Geo-Localized Devices


The rise of GPS enabled devices and proper data related to the population has cleared the way for Hyperlocal E-commerce business. There is a wide range of services to offer from personal, medical, home, groceries delivery to home.

Our Extension Magento 2 Mobikul- Delivery Boy App is a native application that facilitates Seller, and delivery boy both.It builds a link between them, through the tracking and chat facility.

Hyperlocal takes on a new dimension when satellite-based location services which allow a high degree of physical location precision combines with a mobile device’s access to the vast set of Internet data and services.

The mobile Internet data connection available to hyperlocal apps allows GPS location data to be fused with Internet data to improve the decision process of the user. Real-time internet awareness of an individual’s precise location in time allows consumers and vendors to consume or deliver hyperlocal content that is relevant to specific individuals at very small time scales.

For Example:-

1. You’re having lunch in Barista and now its time to go to your work so without stepping out in hot weather, browse Uber on your smartphone and as per your precise location you can find nearby taxi’s in real time.

2. You just step into your bathroom and see that your shower is not working so in this case without going to the Plumbing shop to call a plumber you just browse app on smartphone like Urbanclap you can there find some nearby Plumbing shop store take the timeslot and done, Plumber will show up in that time repair your shower and done simple!!

Why Hyperlocal System?

Hyperlocal is the next frontier which is using the online platform in order to bring massive scale demand and deliver the goods and services to the customers in the shortest possible time.

Hyperlocal platform resolves the problem of matching quick demand with the nearest available supplier in the most efficient way. So, if you require your favorite orchids in your living room or wish to order food from an excellent restaurant or need to book a table at your favorite restaurant for today’s dinner while enjoying the comforts of your drawing room, just look to the beginning and yet the large hyperlocal system for a solution.

Our Magento 2 Marketplace Hyperlocal System connects the customers with local stores and also transforming the shopping experience of the customers.

On-Demand Economy


The on-demand industry is thriving and is diversifying itself to serve consumers as fast as possible. One such promising subsets of on-demand economy is Hyperlocal Marketplaces.

On Demand with Hyperlocal Marketplaces have one thing in common i.e immediate and convenient access of products and services to the customers.

For example:-

If we are talking about On-Demand Services

-: Urbanclap, Serviz are some hyperlocal marketplaces that are dedicated to offer convenience in booking services such as laundering, plumbing, electrical wiring, and even beauty services. Here customers and sellers connect to each other via an online platform, where service providers are generally professionals available within the vicinity.

If we are talking about Food Delivery

: Zomato, Swiggy, Uber Eats are some of the popular examples of hyperlocal marketplaces. All of these platforms acts as an aggregator of local restaurants, receives orders through the mobile app, and delivers food from offline outlets through a channelized network of delivery workforce.

Industries into Hyperlocal System


The online sellers have an physical proximity to the customers with the help of Hyperlocal System. While a large nationwide grocery seller may expect you to order today so that they can deliver tomorrow, a hyperlocal grocery seller would guarantee that you get the grocery with an hour from the order, same is applied with food,And in order to get things repaired at home you just have to take up your mobile, go to the app > put the specific time slot and get things done.

The hyperlocal marketplaces will deliver food, medicine, consumer goods and other services like booking a table at your favorite restaurant, calling the plumber, booking a taxi etc for you. The best feature of this is their whole supply chain is found entirely near to the customer and also the seller.

For Example

If we are talking about Food industry

Where the on-time delivery of food matters the most, here to foray into Hyperlocal vertical would be a much better choice by the vendors/Companies. Online food delivery giants like Zomato , Swiggy day by day capturing a larger share of the delivery pie by extending the service across the entire hyperlocal delivery market. Customers can book their favorite food from their favorite restaurants simply through the food delivery app.

Hyperlocal marketplaces in the grocery industry give freedom to the customers to get delivery of grocery item at a predefined time specified by the customer without stepping out of their comforts For example:-

‘John’ survives on pizzas and video games. He hasn’t visited a Supermarket in months. Since his mother will pay him a visit tomorrow, he has no other option but to visit a nearby grocery store to buy some grocery items.

After a consideration he downloaded an app, registered himself on it, and started ordering grocery online. He picks what items of grocery he needed, makes the payment online and waits for the order to arrive.

In the meanwhile, the facilitator passes the list of grocery to the delivery partner, who assigns one of his delivery boys to buy the items from a nearby store and deliver it to john. Online stores like BigBasket,Grofers etc is an online supermarket for all your daily needs that works on Hyperlocal System

Talking about Health & Medical Industry

When sometimes sudden illness tossed and you’re not in a condition to get help from your near ones Hyperlocal marketplace based apps will help you in this tells you about the pharmacies close to your location, allows you to order prescription drugs and get them delivered at your doorsteps, enables you to view doctors around you and book an appointment, helps you locate pathology labs. Apps like Practo, Netmeds is the only things which you always want in such kind of situations.

Transportation Industry

If you want to go from your home to work you can use Hyperlocal apps as you didn’t want to go from your own car just open Uber, ola app it will access your current location show you the available drivers, you just have to enter your drop location and done. The nearest driver will come to your location in a particular specific time.


We all know the hyperlocal not only deliver meals and groceries on demand at the customer’s doorstep the Hyperlocal service industry is now connecting households with electricians, plumbers and other service providers. Whether it is beauty service, home tutors, financial advisor, microfinance service provider, car mechanic, real estate agent, insurance agent, plumber, electrician, carpenter, yoga instructor, gym trainer, every service is at our doorstep.

For example :-You just step into your bathroom and see that your shower is not working so in this case without going to the Hardware shop to call a plumber you just browse app on smartphone like Urbanclap you can there find some nearby sanitary store take the timeslot and done, Plumber will show up in that time repair your shower and done simple!!

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