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PrestaShop AI Chatbot Using Llama 3

Updated 3 May 2024

There’s a new virtual assistant for online stores using Prestashop, made with the Llama 3 Large Language Model.

PrestaShop AI Chatbot Using Llama 3-11

 It’s an artificial intelligence chatbot designed for eCommerce websites, developed with data from the Vector database and the Open Source LLM. Want to see how it works?

To see just how amazing it is, watch the following video:


Why is the Prestashop AI Chatbot beneficial to your store?

The Prestashop AI Chatbot uses Llama 3, a well-designed chatbot powered by an LLM.

It can significantly enhance customer support, improve the shopping experience, and potentially increase sales in your Prestashop business.

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Chatbot assistance is available 24/7, even when workplaces are closed. Chatbots can swiftly respond to basic questions, eliminating the need to wait on hold for a person.

Prestashop AI Chatbot Using Llama 3

Let’s see how exactly this chatbot using Llama 3 works in your Prestashop store.

First, you need to click on the chatbox button:

PrestaShop AI Chatbot Using Llama3-1

Then customers of the store will ask the AI chatbot if there are any red shirts available.

Customers will receive a prompt answer with products that are available in response to their inquiry.

PrestaShop AI Chatbot Using Llama3-2

You may also ask about the variety of choices available for a product, such as colour, size, and so on.

PrestaShop AI Chatbot Using Llama3-3

If customers are asking for a specific product with a specific attribute, they can even receive the answer to their query.

Like we asked the question about a style of t-shirt to the AI Chathbot here.

PrestaShop AI Chatbot Using Llama3-4


So, that was much about the Prestashop AI Chatbot Using Llama 3.

For any queries or doubts, drop us an email at [email protected] or raise a ticket at our HelpDesk system.

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