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    OROCRM WooCommerce Connector

    OROCRM WooCommerce Connector is a module to synchronize WooCommerce data to the OROCRM platform. By using this module, you can easily synchronize the orders, customers, and products of WooCommerce to OROCRM. This feature helps admin to manage their store data in a better way on OROCRM, and provide a better customer service.


    • Synchronize WooCommerce Customers to OROCRM.
    • Synchronize WooCommerce Products to OROCRM.
    • Synchronize WooCommerce Orders to OROCRM.

    About OROCRM

    OROCRM is an open source customer relationship management system (CRM) using which you can manage your sales, customers, leads, etc. If you have an e-commerce website then you can synchronize all the past data to the OROCRM. The OROCRM can also generate a report for your top customers, most sold products, etc. It really helps in analyzing the sales and manage the customers, products, and orders. You can manage your leads and opportunity in a very easy way.


    OROCRM WooCommerce Connector installation is very easy. In the module zip, you will find a folder named “src”. You first need to upload the src folder to the root directory.

    After uploading the src folder please run following commands from the terminal of the OROCRM server.

    If the OROCRM is in a development mode then execute this command-  php app/console cache:clear -e dev. For production mode, execute php app/console cache:clear -e prod.

    After clearing the cache run this command:
    php app/console doctrine:schema:update –force

    WooCommerce Configuration

    Now you need to generate API Keys to connect with the OROCRM. To generate API Keys you need to go through “WooCommerce>Settings>API>Keys/Apps”

    Now enter the description and define user and permissions. After that click on “Generate API Key” to generate API Key.

    Now Consumer Key and Consumer Secret Key will be generated. Collect them to enter while configuring OROCRM.

    OROCRM Configuration

    Once admin collected the Consumer Key and Consumer Secret Key then, the admin needs to login to the OROCRM and configure it to built a connection between WooCommerce and the OROCRM. After logging in the OROCRM navigate to “System>WooCommerce Configuration”. Here, the admin can enter the Store Url, Consumer Key, and Consumer Secret.

    Now save details for successful integration between WooCommerce and the OROCRM.


    After successful installation and configuration, admin can sync the customers, order, and products. Admin can navigate to “Customers>WooCommerce Customers” to synchronize the customers. From here click on the “Sync” button to synchronize the customers from WooCommerce store.

    After clicking on the “view”, admin can see the customer details and orders like below image.


    In the same way, navigate to “Sales>WooCommerce Orders” to view orders list.

    You can see the order details by pressing “view” button like below image:

    Admin can check the product list by navigating to “Sales>WooCommerce Products”.

    You can see the product details by pressing “view” button like below image:

    That’s all for OROCRM WooCommerce Connector. If you have any query then please feel free to create a ticket at

    Current Product Version - 1.0.0

    Supported Framework Version - 1.10.12

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    Module for connection between Oro and Woo.
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