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Build Customer Loyalty with Order Tracking by Notification in Mobikul Mobile App

Updated 21 December 2021

An Insight: Order Tracking by Notification

As the scenario of online shopping is increasing with each passing day business entrepreneurs are majorly focusing on improving customer engagement.

Well, in the world of online business “Customers are God!” They are the ones who bring you business.

That’s why it’s a business owner’s prime responsibility to offer an enticing user experience to their customers.


We also know that customers nowadays are more inclined towards using the mobile app.
They can access your store’s products irrespective of time and place.

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For that reason, one must focus on enhancing the feature aspect of their mobile applications.

An Imperative Feature: Order Tracking by Notification

As soon as a customer places the order with your store, they get inquisitive about receiving the order.

Moreover, customers are very keen and want to know the whereabouts of their order until it is receive.


I am sure each one of us could relate to this situation, isn’t it?

Order Tracking by Notification

Order Tracking by Notification is one of the prime features of the Mobikul Mobile App.

It not only engages the customers with your brand but also notifies customers about the status of their orders through push notifications.

Whenever,  the store owner will perform some action on order status, suppose generating an invoice, or shipment.

Then these push notifications are automatically sent to the customers. 

In turn, this feature eases the order tracking scenario for the customers. 

Order Tracking by Notification is a great way to engage users with your mobile apps.

Not only this it is a prompt and efficient process to communicate with your audience.  

Create Happy Customers: with Order Tracking by Notification Feature

In the above paragraphs, we have already discuss how essential it is to keep the customers notify about their order statuses. 

Moreover, this little step that is taken will develop customer loyalty .

Most of all will lay a vigorous impact on your brand on a customer’s mind.

Use Case Scenario

Let me put up a very layman, a real-time example in front of you.

As customers, we must have order products online multiple times from giant e-commerce sites such as Amazon

Once you place the order you will receive the tracking detail about your order such as the order is placed,

when it is being dispatch.

These details may sound simple but are extremely important for customers. 

Initially, there was no concept of push notifications, but SMS texts were sent out to the customers to convey the order status. 

Order Tracking by Notification has made order tracking status simpler. 

A simple push notification would instantly flash on the top of your mobile screen and you are good to go and check the current status of your order. 

Order Tracking by Notification is even more essential for customers who are away and cannot collect the order on the order delivery date. 

They can either ask someone to collect the order package on the respective date or if out for some work.
They can even be available to collect the order. 

Hence, delivering order tracking notifications is a key driver in attracting converting customers and even customer retention. 

Why Choose the Order Tracking by Notification Feature

Letting your customers know about their orders’ status through order tracking notifications is one of the most useful services that every e-commerce store can offer their customers.

It enhances the brand’s value, creates a sense of loyalty in the minds of the customer for the respective brand. 

Let’s see why business entrepreneurs must choose the Order Tracking by Notification feature. 

Lesser Costs as Fewer Inquiries

Handling customer inquiries or complaints can be very costly to e-commerce businesses. You will require extra resources or even spend on bots that manage your customers. 

This feature can be cost-effective as it offers order status information to the customers automatically, without any extra labor required in the process.

Moreover, it tends to save time and money both, keeping the quality aspect intact as well.

Not only this you can use the resources for improvising the other aspects for a better user experience. 

Live Up to Your Customer’s Expectations

As mentioned earlier, after placing the order, our customers are curious to receive the order and knowing the whereabouts of the respective order.

Your customers want to know the nitty-gritty in every step of the shipping process.

such as order confirmation, if the order packs, when it is dispatch, when the order shall reach the customer’s location, etc. 

This way your customer’s expectations are met and they are more likely to give you a good review, buy from you again, and even refer your brand to their friends and family.

Therefore, having an Order Tracking by Notification feature is extremely exigent if you don’t want to lose business to e-commerce giants like Amazon. 

Improvised Order fulfillment

This feature of the Mobikul Mobile App has proven to add on to manage the order fulfillment procedure successfully. 

It is a sorted system that ensures to control and carry out a hassle-free order process scenario with no or minimal issues.

It enhances customer loyalty and helps generate real sales and conversions for stores. 

Final Words!

As the Order Tracking by Notification feature automates the entire process.

It hits the customers’ attention more quickly, enhancing customer engagement.

Customers tend to read such notifications in a matter of a few seconds!

This extent of engagement deduces that you have successfully set up an immediate connection with your customers which in turn portrays an important touchpoint for the customers. 

That’s all for the Build Customer Loyalty with Order Tracking by Notification in Mobikul Mobile App. 

Drop your query/suggestion at [email protected] and feel free to connect with us by adding a ticket and let us know your views to make the module better at Webkul Support System.

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