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Sunsky Connector for OpenCart

Updated 11 October 2023


The module Sunsky Connector for OpenCart helps the admin of the store to import products from the SUNSKY e-commerce store. The SUNSKY Connector for the OpenCart store integrates the SUNSKY store with your OpenCart store.

The OpenCart Sunsky Connector performs imports the price, description and product images as it is from the Sunsky store itself.

As result,  allows the admin to sell the imported Sunsky online store products to the Opencart store. The admin can even view the list of orders placed for the Sunsky imported products.

This extension even facilitates you to create price rules to import Sunsky products. The admin can set the range of price for the price rules, the created price rule will be applied to all the Sunsky products within the given price range.

The admin can even increase or decrease the price for the Sunsky products that will be sold on the Opencart store with the help of price rules.

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SUNSKY is an online electronic goods wholesaler that specialises in cell phone devices, computer peripherals, gaming accessories, and home and outdoor gadgets. Customers can purchase directly from high-quality manufacturers at slightly cheaper rates than they would pay at a department store.

SUNSKY has been operating in China for over 15 years and has amassed a vast supply chain knowledge base. It collaborated with a number of well-known Chinese brands to ensure high-quality products, while its own brands PULUZ, HAWEEL, and iPartsbuy track quality from the outlets.

Features – Sunsky Connector for OpenCart

  • It helps you to import your products from the Sunsky marketplace into your Opencart store
  • Import all products with a single click.
  • Import Simple as well as Configurable Products.
  • Can create price rules for the Sunsky products
  • Can set the price range for the price rules. Price rules will be applied to the given price range of Sunsky products.

Module Installation – Sunsky Connector for OpenCart

Upload Files

First, extract the downloaded zip file. After that, open the correct Opencart Version Folder. According to Opencart Version installed in your system.

Then, upload the admin, catalog, to the OpenCart root directory.


Once you have uploaded the file then login to admin and go to Extensions>Installer and upload the .zip file- The zip file can be found in the ocmod folder.


After uploading the zip file go to the Extensions > Modification and click on the refresh field.

Edit User Groups

After that, go to System > Users > Usergroups. And then edit ‘Administrator’. Select the shown checkboxes only for both Access Permission and Modify Permission and Save it.


Now navigate to Extensions > Extensions > Modules. Find Sunsky Connector from the list. Click the Install button as visible in the screenshot below.


Further, by clicking on the edit button, the below page will open up.

Module Configuration Settings

After the successful installation of the extension Sunsky Connector for OpenCart. To configure the extension. Firstly, in the sidebar menu go to Extensions > Extensions > Modules.


Further, click on the edit button next to Opencart Sunsky Connector.


Further, tapping the edit button brings up the module configuration settings page. Here, the admin can see below settings options.

Now, the admin needs to give input for the below fields.

Status: The admin can enable this field to import the products from the Sunsky online store to their opencart store.

The Sunsky Online Section

  • Sunsky-online key – The admin needs to provide the Sunsky online key here.
  • Sunsky-online secret –  The admin needs to enter the Sunsky online secret key in this field.

Import Products From SUNSKY Online Store

The admin can simply go to the Sunsky online store to open a product that they wish to import to their OpenCart store.


Further, the admin can copy the unique code associated with the Product i.e the Item No as shown in the above image and paste it to the section Sunsky online Products.

Sunsky online Products

Firstly, the admin can go to the Webkul Sunsky online > Sunsky online Products.


Now, this section includes various sections as explained below.

Download Sample Products File: The admin can download a sample CSV file that includes the listed Item No of the products that need to be imported.

Here, the user can edit the Sample CSV file with Item No that they wish to import as shown in the below image.


Upload CSV File: To import products in bulk the admin can upload the CSV file here and click the Import Products tab.

As a result, all the products that are listed in the CSV with (Item No only) will be imported.

Switch To Import Multiple Products

The admin needs to set import condition as the Switch to import Multiple products to reverse this click the same button again and it will be set to Switch to import Single product.

Firstly, let’s add products as mentioned below.

Add Multiple Products at Once: The admin can enter Item No in this field separated by a comma to import multiple products at once.

Switch To Import Single Product

Lastly, click the button Switch to import a single product. Thereby,


Search Product by ItemNo: Here, the admin can enter the item no of the product from the Sunsky store and click import product.

Note: For all those products of the Sunsky store with variations and different product attributes like colour, size e.t.c will be imported as a unique product in the opencart store.

Search Using Sunsky Online Product ID

To search for a product with its Product ID or Name the admin can use this section, simply paste the details and click Filter.

Moreover, the admin can disable or enable a product quickly by altering the status of a particular product.


View Sunsky Imported products

Firstly, the admin gets the below success message whenever they successfully add a product to their store from Sunsky online store.


As shown below after importing a product the admin can view the added product by searching with its Product Id.


Front End View – Imported Product

The imported product can be viewed on the frontend as shown below.


Moreover, all the product images description and price is also imported as it is from the Sunsky store.

Search – Filter Price Rules

The admin can go to the Webkul Sunsky Online > Pricing Rule. Now here the admin can find the below fields. pricing-rule-opencart-sunsky-connector

The admin can use the below fields to easily filter and search the pricing rules.

Price Rule Name: The admin can enter the pricing rule name here.

Price from to – The admin can search using the price range options from or to.

Amount Type: The admin can select from the dropdown Fixed or Percentage and search.

Channel: The admin can select the type of channel and then search.

Amount: The admin can enter the amount and click the filter button.

Add New Price Rule

To add a new pricing rule the admin can click the Add icon and the below popup will be visible to the admin.



To add a new price rule the admin needs to enter the below details for the pricing rule.

Price Rule Name: The admin needs to give a name to the particular pricing rule.

Channel: The admin can select the type of channel from the two types available Manual and Sunsky.

Price Range: The admin needs to enter the price range that will be applicable to the pricing rule. for this enter two prices in the fields.

Operation Type: The admin needs to select an operation type from these [+, -, *].

Amount Type: The admin can select the amount type from the dropdown menu i.e Fixed or Percentage. 

Amount: The admin can enter the amount applicable to the particular pricing rule.

Sunsky Online Orders

To check the list of all the Sunnsky online orders the admin can go to the Webkul Sunsky Online > Sunsky Online Orders. Now here the admin can find the below fields.

Moreover, the admin can filter these orders using the below fields, Order Id, Customer, Total, Date Added/Updated and Sunsky online Order Status.


That’s all for the Sunsky Connector for OpenCart module. However, if you still have any questions regarding the module please create a support ticket by clicking here or send an email to [email protected]

Current Product Version -

Supported Framework Version - 2.x.x.x, 3.x.x.x

. . .

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