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    OpenCart Price Alert

    Updated 11 October 2023

    OpenCart Price Alert: With this extension, a customer/guest user can send a low price request to the admin. The admin can check all the low price requests of the customers and accept or reject them. For each accepted request, a unique discount code is emailed to the customer which can be applied to the shopping cart.

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    Features of OpenCart Price Alert Module

    • Enable/disable price alert module
    • Allow or disallow guest customers
    • Configure mail templates – price alert request received, accepted, rejected
    • Set the maximum number of products allowed for requests by customers on a monthly bases
    • Set the number of days the coupon will be valid after being received
    • Give any custom name for the coupon code
    • Specify on which products price alert will be available
    • Suggest Price icon is shown on top of the product pages
    • Identify request coming from either customer or guest visitor
    • Set the response status – Accepted or Rejected
    • View the details of customers like email id, customer name, and customer type(Registered/Guest).

    Use Case of Opencart Price Alert Module

    Most of the customers drop the product just because the price is high, not equal to the desired one. For example, a customer saw the price is $350, which is too expensive for him. Now customers can set up a price alert by using this module.

    When the Price of the same product has below or equal to the desired price, then this module sends an email to the customer after accepting a price requests from the admin.

    Installation of Opencart Price Alert Module

    Step 1

    Customers will get a zip folder and they have to extract the contents of this zip folder on their system according to your Opencart version.

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    The extracted folder has admin, catalog, system, and theme patch folders. You need to transfer the admin, catalog, and system folder into the Opencart root directory on the server.Opencart Price Alert Installation

    Step 2

    After that, in the admin panel go to System -> Users -> User Groups and edit the group ‘Administrator’. After that choose to select all for both Access and Modify Permission for the permission that you want to provide and Save it.

    OpenCart Price Alert Edit User Group

    Step 3

    To install the extension, tap the install button by navigating through Extensions->Extensions->Modules.Opencart Price Alert Extensions

    Module Configuration Settings

    After the installation of the extension, the admin can see the Price Alert Option menu option in the admin backend side panel.OpenCart Price Alert Dashboard 0

    To configure the module settings navigate through Extensions->Extensions->Modules. After that tap the edit button for the Price Alert.Opencart Price Alert Extensions Edit

    Tapping the edit button brings up the module configuration settings page. Here, the admin can see 4 configuration settings.

    General Settings

    Opencart Price Alert General Setting 1

    Status: Admin can set enable status to use the module functionality.

    Allow Guest Customer: Admin can set enable status to allow the guest customer to use the Price Alert feature otherwise set disable.

    Manage Mails Settings


    Here, the admin will set an alert mail template in three conditions.

    Alert Mail for Price Changes: Admin can set the alert mail template based on the placeholder like customer name, product name, product image and other.

    This alert mail sends to the vendor when a customer request for price change.Opencart Price Alert Mail Setting 2

    Price Accepted Mail Format: Admin can set the customize alert mail template for the customer. This alert mail sends to the customer when the price will be accepted by the vendor.

    This email template contains customer name, product name, product image, coupon validity date, coupon code, product link, and times notification.

    Note: To get a discount customers need to apply a coupon code which has sent in an mail alert.Price Accepted Mail Format

    Price Rejected Mail Format: Admin can set the customize alert mail template for the customer. This alert mail sends to the customer when the price will be rejected from the vendor. Opencart price alert rejected mail


    Admin can save mail messages for default conditions for Price Alert. By using the following keyword admin can create a mail message with the subject. Opencart Price Alert Mail Message

    Price Alert Restrictions

    Admin can enter the maximum count of products allowed for requests by customers on monthly basis. Admin can set product count for both registered and guest users.Opencart Price Alert Restrictions 5


    Admin can set the Coupon Validity in days plus set Coupon Name on the product by which you want to create coupon code. The coupon date will be valid after being received.  OpenCart Price Alert Coupon

    Price Alert Set on Product

    Post configuration, admin can set a price alert option for those products, which admin wants as required.

    Admin needs to navigate through Catalog-> Products then the select product from the product list and click to edit button.
    Opencart Price Alert Product

    Tapping the Edit button brings up the edit product page, here admin can see the Price Alert option.Opencart Price Alert Edit Product

    Admin can set price alert status as allow to display this particular product with a price alert option on store.

    Price Alert Product list

    To check the list of price alert products admin need to navigate through Dashboard-> Price Alert -> Alert ProductsOpencart Price Alert Product list 9

    Here, Admin can see the list of alert price products and set status as Enabled or Disabled as required.

    Admin can also perform bulk action by clicking on Checkbox and Filter products with the product name, price, and product status.

    Opencart Price Alert Product List Filter 11

    Price Alert Request list

    To check the list of price alert requests admin needs to navigate through Dashboard-> Price Alert -> Request.Opencart Price Alert Requests list 12

    When the admin click on the Request option Price Alert Requests page will display. Here, the admin can view customer type as registered or guest as similar to the above image.

    Admin can set response alert status as Rejected or Accepted by clicking on the green icon.Opencart Price Alert View Request 13

    If an admin wants to reject a price alert request can select status as Rejected else set as Accepted if admin wants to accept the request.

    Here, admin can also see complete Request Information like requested product name, product model no, price, and quote price along with Customer Information, even admin can see total views on the alerting product.

    Customer’s Workflow – Store Frontend

    The store frontend contains the feature of price alert when admin enables Price Alert from the configuration. Opencart Price Alert Customer Panel 14

    The guest/registered users can view the Price alert option on the product if product status enabled from the admin backend.Opencart Price Alert Button 15

    Customers will see a pop-up window similar to the below image when clicking on the Green Price Alert option.Opencart Price Alert Submit Price 16

    Here, the customer needs to enter a name, email address, suggested price(should equal or below product price), and select currency if the customer is not registered.Opencart Price Alert Registered User 17

    Else pop-up will contain only two fields – Suggested Price and Currency Type if the customer is registered. Now, the customer press on Submit Your Price button.

    Email Alert to Vendor 

    When a user fills the suggested price and press Submit Your Price button, this module sends an email to the vendor email address. Opencart Price Alert Vendor email

    Email Alert to Customer When Request Rejected

    When the agent rejected the suggested price request from the backend, this module sends an email alert to the customer registered email address.Opencart Price Alert Rejected mail Email Alert to Customer When Request Accepted

    When the agent approved the suggested price request from the backend, this module sends an email alert to the customer registered email address. Opencart Price Alert Approval mail

    Customer Can Apply Coupon Code

    The customer can get the desired discount by entering the coupon code on the product at the time of checkout. This coupon code will be valid after being received.

    Customer can apply coupon code by navigating through Product Page-> View Cart-> Use Coupon CodeOpencart Price Alert View Cart.png

    By clicking on the View Cart button customers can see the Use Coupon code option on the Shopping cart page. Here customers can enter a coupon code to get a discount.Opencart Price Alert Coupon Code

    After applying the Coupon, the customer can see the reduction in price likewise outlined in the below-mentioned image:
    Opencart Price Alert Coupon Code Applied (1)

    Customer Price Alert Request List

    The registered user can see the list of Price Alert Request by navigating through  My Account -> Price Alert -> Your Price Alert RequestOpenCart Price Alert Request List 20

    Tapping the Price Alert Requests brings up the Price Alert Requests list page. Here, customer can see list of price alert request with Quoted Price.Opencart Price Alert Requests 21

    To check the Response of Quote customers can click on the Green Action button likewise in above image.  Here, It will be redirected to View Request Page.OpenCart Price Alert View Request 22

    That’s all for OpenCart Price Alert extension. For any doubts or suggestions regarding the extension get back to us at [email protected] or raise a ticket at our  Helpdesk system.

    Current Product Version -

    Supported Framework Version - 2.0.x.x, 2.1.x.x, 2.2.x.x, 2.3.x.x, 3.x.x.x

    . . .

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