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    Multi Company SaaS Extension for OpenCart

    Updated 11 October 2023

    Multi Company SaaS Extension for OpenCart: Webkul has introduced an add-on Multi Company SaaS Extension for Opencart that helps the clients/tenants to start their e-commerce business in a few minutes without any further installation and plugin required. Clients/tenants just need to sign up and create their own store with their mapped domain name to start their business.

    This add-on converts the store into an e-commerce virtual mall. Multiple vendors can sign-up to create their own stores.

    The tenant doesn’t need to add any plugin to create their store as it is fully end-to-end integrated. Tenants have to just signup to start their business.

    A brief overview of the client’s end –

    A brief overview of the primary admin –

    Start your headless eCommerce
    Find out More


    • The Primary Admin can set the images and description for the tenant’s registration page and every step of the registration page also.
    • The Primary Admin can view and check the commission for the tenant’s products.
    • The Primary Admin can view, edit and even add the tenants/clients from the admin panel.
    • The Primary Admin can assign the different themes to every store owner.
    • The Primary Admin can configure the registration email for the clients.
    • The Primary Admin can view the list of the products of the tenants.
    • The Primary Admin can view and edit membership details like, membership name, total number of days, etc.
    • The Primary Admin can even choose the module which can be used by the tenant with the membership.
    • The Primary Admin can see the transaction list of the members from membership transaction option of their admin side bar.
    • The Primary Admin can also merge the new membership plan to the previous membership plan.
    • The Primary Admin can configure the email for saas membership.
    • A product for membership feature can also be created by the Primary Admin.
    • Multiple clients can access it at the same time.
    • Membership feature available for the tenants.
    • Easy installation of the module as no need to add further plugins.
    • All types of product support for Opencart.
    • Custom domain feature available as tenants can create websites of their mapped domain.
    • The client can add the products and sell them online after creating their store.
    • Tenants can view the commission for the products from the client admin panel.
    • Tenants can create all types of products; Simple, Configurable, and downloadable.
    • Tenants can manage their own store using their back-end admin panel.
    • Tenants can also add the products, recurring profiles, categories, etc. from the catalog option.
    • The tenant can purchase and upgrade the membership.
    • Membership transaction list can also be viewed by the tenant in the Membership Transaction option.

    Custom Domain: In the Multi Company SaaS Extension for Opencart module the client/tenant can run their e-commerce store website on their mapped domain name. There are multiple benefits of using a custom domain that is as follows:

    • The tenants can host their e-commerce store website where they want.
    • Clients/ Tenants can generate URLs and e-mail addresses that will be completely their own.
    • There will be no restrictions from hosting provider side.
    • The website of the e-commerce store will be unique, flexible, and easy to access.

    To access the custom domain feature in Multi Company SaaS Extension for Opencart, tenants need to map the domain by using Domain Mapping. This is most important to access the store website through the custom domain.

    Important Components for Data Mapping:

    There are few networking components that are required for domain mapping:

    Domain Name System: DNS (Domain Name System) is used to translate the IP address into a domain name.

    E.g: Anyone runs a website on their browser then the browser will perform DNS Query against the DNS Server so that the DNS server can take the hostname and convert it into a numeric address so that the web browser can connect to the related IP address.

    DNS Resolver: This is used to check the hostname. It checks if the hostname is available or not in the local cache. After checking the hostname it returns to the web browser or application.

    CNAME Record or Canonical Name: A Canonical Name is the properly denoted hostname of a computer or network server. A CNAME specifies an alias or nickname for a canonical hostname record in a DNS. It is used to map one domain name to another.

    E.g: If you have your domain and you want this domain will point your main domain ( then you have to just replace the IP address of with

    Wildcard:- With the help of the Wildcard DNS record, we can match the request for the non-existence domain name. A Wildcard DNS record is identified by an “*” asterisk. For example *

    Installation: Multi-Company SaaS Extension for OpenCart

    Within the Opencart SAAS  module zip file, there are three folders admin, catalog, and ocmod. you just need to upload the admin then catalog folders into the root directory of the website.

    Module installation for Multi Company SaaS Extension for OpenCart

    Once you have uploaded the file then log in to admin then go to Extensions –Extension Installer then upload the xml files webkul saas module and webkul membership saas add-on module. The XML file can be found within the ocmod folder.

    Note: For the below 2.3 version XML file will be uploaded and for 3.0 or above version zip file will be uploaded.

    Extension installer-Multi Company SaaS Extension for OpenCart

    After uploading the zip file go to the Extensions > Modification and click on the refresh field.


    After that in the Admin panel go to System -> Users -> Usergroup and edit ‘Administrator’ and select all for both Access and Modify Permission then save it.

    User Groups-Multi Company SaaS Extension for OpenCart

    After that under Extension -> Modules install the Multi Company SaaS Extension for OpenCart and Saas Membership Addon Module like this.


    Primary Admin Configuration:

    After installation, the primary admin configuration settings are to be done to configure the Multi Company SaaS Extension for OpenCart.

    The primary admin can do the following configuration navigate through Extensions>>Extensions>>Modules>>Opencart Webkul Saas-Based Module after enabling the status of the module as shown below:

    General configuration-Multi Company SaaS Extension for OpenCart

    General Settings: The following settings are to be done in the general tab.

    Commission Percentage: Admin can set the percentage of commission.

    Step 1 Image: The admin can set the image for the first step of the registration page.

    Step 2 Image: The admin can set the image for the second step of the registration page.

    Step 3 Image: The admin can set the image for the third step of the registration page.

    Registration Page Description: Registration page description is set by the admin by this option.

    Registration page login text: Store registration login page text can be set from this option.

    After the general settings the next tab will display for mail settings as below:

    mail configuration-Multi Company SaaS Extension for OpenCart

    The primary admin can configure the registration mail settings also.

    Subject Client Registration Mail: From this option, the admin can set the subject of the client registration mail.

    Client Registration Mail: The admin can also set the email that is sent to the client after registration.

    If a tenant wants to take membership for the module then the following configuration is done by the primary admin in the module by navigating through Extensions>>Extensions>>Modules>>Saas Membership Addon Module.

    Status: The Primary Admin can enable or disable the status of the saas membership addon module.


    Merge Previous Plan: The Primary Admin can select ‘Yes’ to merge the new membership plan with the previous membership plan and ‘No’ to do not merge the new membership plan with the previous plan.

    Subject Membership Mail: The admin can configure the subject of the membership mail.

    Membership Mail: The admin can also configure the membership email that will be sent to the tenant after taking membership.

    The Primary Admin has to create a product for the tenants’ membership.


    The Membership list will be visible to the Primary Admin as shown below in the screenshot:


    The Primary Admin can add or edit the membership name, the total number of days for the membership, total number of products, options, and categories.


    The admin can also select the module which can be used with the membership as shown in the image.


    The membership Transaction list will also be visible to the Primary Admin on their dashboard.


    Admin can view the client list from the admin back-end panel. Admin can edit the client details also.


    The admin can also set the commission from the admin panel.

    Note: The Admin can earn in two ways; by commission and membership. If the admin wants to earn by commission then membership will disabled.


    Note: Admin can also assign different themes to different clients/tenants.

    The navigation to assign a theme will be through System>>Settings>>General as shown in the image.

    Theme settings-Multi Company SaaS Extension for OpenCart

    Client/Tenant Store Registration: Multi Company SaaS Extension for OpenCart

    The client has to sign up through the Store registration option from the front end of the Webkul store.

    Webkul front end-Multi Company SaaS Extension for OpenCart

    The below page will be open for store registration after clicking on the store registration option mentioned on the header of the page.


    A tenant who has already an account can redirect to the admin dashboard through the Login button and this will navigate to the below page:


    After clicking on Store Registration the below page will be visible:

    store registration step1-Multi Company SaaS Extension for OpenCart

    Here client needs to put the details like their first name, last name, e-mail, username, password, and phone number to register themselves.

    Now the client will be redirected to the second step registration page.

    Here the client needs to select the country, region/state, language, and currency.

    store registration step2-Multi Company SaaS Extension for OpenCart

    Then the third step registration page will be visible to the client.

    On the third step registration page, the client needs to put their store URL, Meta title for the store, store name, store owner name, and store address.

    store registration step3-Multi Company SaaS Extension for OpenCart

    After completing the third step process the client will be redirected to the below page.

    Registration successful-Multi Company SaaS Extension for OpenCart

    Here a message will be sent to the client and an email is sent to their registered email address for successful registration with the admin URL and store URL.

    Two buttons will be visible to the client after completing the store registration. By clicking on Click here to visit the admin panel will navigate the client to the login page as shown in the screenshot :


    After login, the client will redirect to the client/tenant admin back-end panel.


    The tenants can see the membership transactions list from their dashboard. Here is the name of the tenant, membership name, start date, end date, active details, Plan usage.


    When a tenant clicks on the upgrade button it will redirect the tenant to the below page.


    By clicking on view tenants can view the details of the order of their membership, as shown below:


    The tenants can also merge their new membership plan with the existing plan as shown in the below screenshot.


    Note: If the primary admin has selected Yes for the Merge Previous Plan option during module configuration then the previous membership plan will merge with the new membership plan. If the admin has selected No then the new membership plan will not merge with the previous membership plan.

    After merging the new plan details will display at the top of Membership Transaction.

    If a tenant has not taken any membership plan then the following message will be visible to the tenant in the transaction list.


    The tenant will also be unable to access the front end.


    Here, by clicking on the Click Here option presents the error message and it will redirect the tenant to the front-end membership page from where the tenant can purchase any membership.


    Whenever the client will purchase the membership, a welcome email with plan details will be received by the tenant as shown below:


    Similarly, at the time of adding a product, the tenant will also get a warning message to upgrade the membership plan.


    Here the client can see the commission from the client’s back-end panel as shown below.


    Tenants can view and edit the order list, returns for the orders, recurring profiles, etc. from their back-end panel. They can also provide gift vouchers to the customers.

    The customer’s list will be also visible to the client from their admin panel and that can also be edited by the client. The client can create or edit customer groups, customers fields also from their back-end dashboard.

    Now by clicking on Click here to visit the store the tenant will redirect to their store.

    merchant-Multi Company SaaS Extension for OpenCart

    Here the client can sell the products online.

    front-end Multi Company SaaS Extension for OpenCart

    That’s all for the Multi-Company SaaS Module for OpenCart. Still, have any issues feel free to add a ticket and let us know your views at

    Current Product Version -

    Supported Framework Version - 2.x.x.x, 3.x.x.x

    Blog Version - 2.x.x.x, 3.x.x.x
    • Version 2.x.x.x, 3.x.x.x
    • Version 2.x.x.x & 3.x.x.x
    . . .

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