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OpenCart Marketplace WePay Payment Gateway

Updated 10 October 2023

OpenCart Marketplace WePay Payment Gateway is a reliable and convenient payment Gateway that accepts payments from credit cards and bank account to supercharge your growth.

Also, this helps any buyer to conveniently shop with their credit card or bank account details without any hassle.

Thus, we at Webkul have developed the WePay Module by which sellers can provide their buyers this convenient and easy to use payment service for purchasing their products.

Opencart Marketplace WePay Payment gateway is an add-on of the Opencart Marketplace module. To use this module you must have installed Opencart Marketplace first.


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1. This module supports all templates and themes including the Journal theme.

2. Opencart Marketplace WePay Payment Gateway module supports the Multi-Store feature of default Opencart.

Check a brief overview of the plugin –


Features- Opencart Marketplace WePay Payment

  • Accepts major credit cards & bank accounts.
  • Admin can enable or disable the module from the back end.
  • Sellers should have a WePay account for receiving their Product payments.
  • It provides safe, secure, fast, and instant payment for the customers.
  • Customers can file a return.
  • Fully Open Source and easy to use.

Installation Of Opencart Marketplace WePay Payment Gateway

Customers will get a zip folder and they have to extract the contents of this zip folder on their system. The extracted folder has – admin, catalog, ocmod, system, and theme patch folders.

You need to transfer the admin, catalog, and system folders into the Opencart root directory on the server as shown below.


If you are using the Journal2 theme then you will upload the admin, catalog, system folders to the Opencart root directory. Then navigate through the folder
Theme patch->Journal2->catalog and copy the “catalog” folder into the Opencart root directory as shown below.


After this, you will navigate to-> Extension Installer. Then upload the file wepay.ocmod.xml which you will find inside the ocmod folder. After uploading the file click continue as shown below.


Now navigate to->Extensions->Modifications and click refresh on the top right-hand side as shown below.


Also, go to Extensions-> Payments->Marketplace WePay and click the install button to install the module as shown below.
Opencart Marketplace WePay Payment

Admin Configuration For WePay Payment Gateway

Then, after the successful installation of the module you will find the Marketplace WePay Payment module by navigating through ->Configuration->Payment methods->Marketplace WePay.

Here Admin will set all the settings required for the module to work by clicking on the edit button. After clicking the edit button “Edit WePay” page will appear.

Here the admin will enable the module, select the mode as Live or Test for the application, select who is paying for the transaction feeCustomer or the Admin, select the order status as complete when using this payment method.

Also, the Admin will set the “title” for the payment method that will be displayed on the front end .

For the rest of entries you need to register with WePay and then you can get the Client Id,  Account Id, Client Secret & Access Token values to input.


Note: Admin will have to click the “Pre-approval” button present near save button always after saving the details.


Thus, this button will navigate the admin to verify the wepay account details like name on card, card number, country, expiration date, security code, zip code as shown below:


By clicking on Next button email will be verified.


When admin clicks on Confirm button it verifies the details and a message will display with Preapproval complete.


Therefore, every time the admin makes changes to these details and clicks pre-approval, sellers need to add their account details again in their “WePay Account Details” section as shown below.


How to get the API detailsClient ID, Account ID, Client Secret, Access Token

Go to link for WePay account registration first and then get API key like Client Id, Account Id, Client Secret Key and Access Token for an associated application as shown below.

Select your EnvironmentTest or Production


Now create an account – Create your account and login.


Also, After creating a WePay account you need to create an Application where you will provide the Application name, Website URL, and the description for the Payment method and click next as shown below.


After that you will get the API details as shown below.


Seller Configuration For WePay Payment Gateway

Sellers after logging in their Opencart account will go to their Account Menu. Then select the “Marketplace WePay” menu item which brings up “WePay Account Details” page.

Sellers should have a WePay account if they want to receive payment for their products or after a product return from the buyer.


Seller will click-in on the “click here” option provided after which the WePay website will open, here the seller will see the sign-up and login option.

The sellers who do not have registered yet can sign-up by entering the First Name, Last Name, email, and password as shown below.


The sellers who have registered can login with their email and password as shown below:


After login, the values for the Account Id and Access Token will be automatically fetched from your WePay account details. And you will be redirected back to the “Edit WePay Account Details” page.

Details are fetched from your WePay account automatically as shown below.


WePay Payment method Selection By Customer

When buyers will place an order they can select the Opencart Marketplace WePay Payment Gateway on the checkout page under Payment methods as shown below.


After the customer clicks the “Continue” button he will confirm his order first and click “Continue” to get redirected to the safe and secure WePay Payment Gateway to process the order payment as shown below.
After filling in the details for credit card/bank account customer can click next to confirm the purchase as shown below.
Note– To use the test cards, check in testing mode.

After clicking next the customer will be redirected back to the Opencart store with success message as shown below.
The buyer will be able to see his order details, where he can use the Return Product option in case he has received a faulty product.


Customer Product Return Request

Furthermore, If the customer is not satisfied with the received product he can go for Return of the Product and provide details for the Return request.


Thus, the customer can also check the return information in the Return option as shown below:


Admin Approval For Refund

Admin will find the return requests under Marketplace Menu->WePay Returns. The admin will be able to refund the product amount to the customer without the shipping cost as shipping cost is not refunded.


How Seller and Admin Receive Their Payment

So, when a customer purchases a product through the WePay payment method then at the first payment goes to the admin’s WePay account. After that, the payment will split into seller’s WePay account.

Thus, the admin commission will go the to the admin account. The rest of the payment will go into the seller’s WePay account automatically.

In the case of many sellers product in the order then payment splits into many sellers. The Commission works according to default marketplace settings.
For example:
A buyer ordered two products from different sellers through the WePay payment method. Then the whole payment will go to admin’s account first.

After that payment will split into both sellers automatically.
After this admin and sellers can withdraw their amount from WePay account to their bank accounts.

That is all for the Opencart Marketplace WePay Payment Gateway, still have any issue feel free to add a ticket and let us know your views to make the module better

Current Product Version -

Supported Framework Version - 2.x.x.x, 3.x.x.x

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