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    Opencart Marketplace Seller Buyer Chat (Socket Based)

    Updated 10 October 2023

    Opencart Marketplace Seller Buyer Chat module establishes a real-time chat between buyers and sellers. This is a socket-based chat module due to which it is very fast and the message is received in real-time.

    Sellers can chat with multiple customers at one time. Both the Sellers and customers can see their chat history also, customers can email the chat transcription. Also, the Sellers have the option to block/unblock customers from chat.

    This module will help the customers in a significant manner and allow them to directly chat with the seller for their queries.

    Also, this module is an add-on of Opencart Marketplace. You need to first install the Marketplace module to use Opencart Marketplace Seller Buyer Chat (Socket Based).


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    1. This module supports all templates and themes including the Journal theme.

    2. Opencart Marketplace Seller Buyer Chat (Socket Based) module supports the Multi-Store feature of default Opencart.

    Watch the video to understand the extension workflow:-


    Features Of Opencart Marketplace Seller Buyer Chat

    • Socket based chat module due to which it works fast.
    • Template-based using handlebar.js.
    • Sellers can chat with multiple customers at one time.
    • The Sellers can block/unblock customers from chat.
    • Sellers can delete the conversation with customers.
    • The Sellers can change their online status to busy or offline.
    • Sellers can use emojis in chat.
    • Both the sellers and customers can add attachments in their respective chat windows.
    • Also, emojis can be sent along with the messages at both the sellers and the customer end.
    • Customers can email their chat transcripts.
    • Chat transcript is sent in PDF form.
    • The Customers can check their complete chat history.
    • Customers can set their profile images for the chat.
    • The Customers have the option to report the manager.
    • A push notification icon to lets you know that chat is still active.
    • Admin has many options to configure the appearance of the chat window.
    • The Admin can see all the conversations between sellers and customers.
    • Admin can delete any conversation.

    Installation of Opencart Marketplace Seller Buyer Chat

    Prerequisites –

    1. Node should be installed.

    2. If you are using Shared Server then you have to provide SSH login details with root access, so we can configure the module. For root access, ask your Host Provider.

    3. PHP version should be 5.5.x.

    4. Port that you are using, should be open for your IP Address.

    5. The module will only work for LAMP server.

    Note 1 : Before starting the server you have to write the port that you are using for chat module into the server.js file that is parallel to Opencart root directories.

    Note 2 : If you are using cpanel then you can use either domain name or IP address but if using CloudFlare on the server then must use IP address as hostname don’t use the domain name.

    Under the zip file, you will find 5 folders namely- admin, catalog, image, ocmod, system and files- Info, package.json, running.php and server.js. Now transfer the admin, catalog, image, system folder and all other files into the Opencart root folder without the ocmod folder as shown below in the screenshot.

    Now Before installing the module and starting the server, open the server.js file in the Opencart root folder and manually type the port number into the server.js file that you will be using for the chat module.

    After this you have to run some commands :

    -> to install node run command from terminal:
    $ npm install

    -> to install run command from the terminal:
    $ npm install

    ->to run the node server used the following command
    node server.js (for http)
    node secure_server.js (for https)

    Once you have made all the changes then login to admin and go to Extensions> Extension installer and upload the XML file store_chat_2.3.ocmod.xml. The XML file can be found on the ocmod folder.


    After uploading the XML file go to the Extensions > Modification and click on the refresh button.


    Also, After that in Admin panel go to System -> Users -> Usergroup and edit ‘Administrator’ and select all for both Access and Modify Permission then save it.


    After that under Extension > Module, install the Marketplace buyer-seller chat like this way.

    Also, After installation of the module go to Design->Layouts and select ‘Product’ to edit. After that set ‘Webkul Seller Buyer Chat’ on the content bottom position.


    Module Translation

    As this Opencart Marketplace Seller Buyer Chat (Socket Based) module supports multiple languages so this section will describe how to make the module work in different languages. Please check this link for language translation 

    Retrieving Firebase Credentials

    For module configurations, the user will require the Firebase Project Credentials, first.

    • Click here,  to create a new project with your Gmail account.

    1. As the Firebase website opens up, the user must click on ‘Add project’ button as shown in the image below. webkul-opencart-pwa-firebase-click-project

    2. An ‘Add a Project’ pop-up shall display,  where the users must enter the ‘Project Name’ and and select their Country/ Region.

    3. After adding the details the user must click ‘Create project’ button as shown below.


    4. On tapping Create Project, the project will be ready. The user must tap on ‘Continue’ to create the project.


    5. After creating your new project click settings menu button and select the ‘Project Settings’ option. Please view the below snapshot.


    6. After entering the Settings page, click ‘Cloud Messaging’ tab, where the user will find the Project Credentials.

    The user can copy the ‘Server Key’ and ‘Sender ID’ and use it for configuring the module.


    Configuration Of Opencart Marketplace Seller Buyer Chat

    Admin will configure the module after installation by navigating to Extensions->Modules. Here admin can click on the edit button of the seller-buyer chat module to configure it. Here admin can server settings, general settings, the appearance of the chat window and the default messages.

    Now admin can configure the general settings for the Opencart Seller BuyerChat Module. Here admin can configure notification and message settings.


    After this seller can configure the appearance of the chat window like this.


    Default Message: The message which is entered here is visible to the customer after registering for the chat.

    The Default Timeline Status: This is visible on the timeline of the chatbox like support

    Chat Window Background: Admin can select chat window background as image or color. If admin selects the image option then the option to upload an image is available. Also, If admin selects color background then admin receives the option to select the color.

    Show Avatar: If this option is checked then customers can see the profile image of sellers and sellers can see the profile image of customers in the chat.

    Avatar: Admin can upload a default avatar image. If seller/customer has not uploaded any image then this image will work as their avatar image. The avatar image will only show if ‘Show Avatar’ is checked.

    After appearance settings admin can set default messages for the customers.


    The next tab is Push notification tab which is an essential component of the Seller Buyer Chat system.

    Also, the admin will configure the following fields under Push Notifications-

    Push Notification Status: The admin can set the status of the push notification module as Enabled.

    Server Key: The admin retrieves it from the Firebase site.


    How customers can chat with sellers

    After configuration of the module, a customer can find the option to chat with the seller on the product page. Here customer needs to login or register to start a chat.

    Also, After logging in the customer can chat with the sellers. A customer can see whether the seller is online or not. A customer can also change their online status.


    To see the chat history customers can click on the clock icon and select the time period for which they want to see the messages.


    Customers can change their availability status like this.


    Also, the Customers can see the notification whenever a seller sends the message.


    Customers can email the chat transcript to their email ID, have the option to report to admin, change profile image, and end chat.


    After clicking o the ’email transcript’ the chat transcript is sent to the customer’s email and the customer receives a confirmation message like this.


    Also, After clicking on the ‘Report Manager’ option a new page will open in the chat box. Here the customer can write and send the message. This message is sent to admin’s email address.


    After clicking on profile settings the customer will receive a pop-up. From here the customer can remove the profile image or upload a new image.customer-profile-settings-1

    Also, After clicking on the ‘End Chat’ option the chat ends. After that, a customer can start the chat again like this.


    Customers also have the option to send emojis to sellers from the chatbox.


    If a customer is blocked by seller then the following message appears in the chat window.


    Seller Buyer CHAT Management by Seller

    After logging in the account, a seller can see the chat icon. Also, After clicking on it the seller can see the customers list and have the option to block and delete the conversation.


    Now, After clicking on the button, the seller can see the list of the customers. From here a seller can open the conversation and chat with the customer. A seller can also block the customer and see the block list.

    After clicking on the block button, a window will pop up. From here the seller can send the message to the customer stating the reason of block. seller-customer-block

    Also, After clicking on the block list, a seller can see all the blocked customers and from there seller can unblock the customers.


    A seller can chat with the customers who sent them messages.


    The seller can see the notification whenever a customer sends the message.


    Admin End Of Seller Buyer chat

    Admin has the option to see and delete the conversation between buyer and seller. The Admin can see the conversation from Marketplace-> Chat History. From here admin can see the chat list of all the seller’s chat. If admin will delete the chat from here then all the chat conversation related to the seller will get deleted. After clicking on view button admin can view chat of each customer with the seller.


    Also, After clicking on view button admin can see the list of conversations of the seller and customers. From here admin can delete and view the conversation of the particular customer with the seller.


    Admin can click on the view button to see the complete conversation of the buyer and seller. From here admin can also download the conversation.


    That’s all for the Opencart Marketplace Seller Buyer Chat (Socket Based) module, still have any issue feel free to add a ticket and let us know your views to make the module better

    Current Product Version -

    Supported Framework Version - 2.x.x.x, 3.x.x.x

    . . .

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