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    Opencart B2B Wholesale Catalogue for Vendors

    Updated 10 October 2023

    In the B2B market wherein there is an interaction between two business models, the Opencart B2B Wholesale Catalogue for Vendors will bring in a revolution in the business levels.

    This module will allow the admin to assign the vendors various products for which they can specify the quantity, price and upload image.

    This will help in the attraction of maximum customer as now they can shop a similar product at variable prices.

    Thus, allowing the vendor to sell the admin products, this access is in full control of the admin.


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    1. This module supports all templates and themes including the Journal theme.

    2. Opencart B2B Wholesale Catalogue for Vendors module supports the Multi-Store feature of default Opencart.

    Watch the below video tutorial to understand the extension workflow :

    Features of Opencart B2B Wholesale Catalogue for Vendors

    • The admin can create a product list which the seller can acquire themselves.
    • The seller can acquire the product by specifying its quantity.
    • The seller can add a desired image of the product as per their requirement.
    • The admin can have the authority to approve the quantity and price of the product.
    • Allow the admin to list down the product which can be acquired by sellers even.
    • The admin can introduce a special section wherein the seller can see multiple products to add them to their Product list. This section can be configured from admin configurations.
    • The admin will select the template of the mail that the seller will receive on a particular action.

    Note- This is a marketplace add-on, so you must purchase and install Webkul Opencart Multi-Vendor Marketplace first.

    Usage Of The Opencart B2B Wholesale Catalogue for Vendors

    This module will allow users to compare the product details and allow the customer to purchase the best. The sellers in the marketplace can even create loyalty by providing the customer with a comparable price.

    The Wholesalers here will be the most benefited one. As they can pick the product in bulk from Manufacturer( as per the available quantity). On the other hand the small scale relaters, in turn, pick the product to reach out to the customer.

    This refers to the Affiliate System, which influences the sales of the product. With the addition of profit at each level.

    It also encourages the Dropship system where the retailers need not stock down the product. Instead, they sell the product purchased from a third party or Wholesalers to directly ship it to the customer.


    Installation of Opencart B2B Wholesale Catalogue for Vendors module is very easy. 

    Under the module zip, there are 3 folders admin, catalog, and ocmod you just need to upload admin and catalog folders to the root directory of the website.

    installation-Opencart B2B Wholesale Catalogue for Vendors

    Once you have uploaded the file then login to admin and go to Extensions> Installer and upload the zip file. The zip file can be found on the ocmod folder.

    Note – You can also install the Opencart B2B Wholesale Catalogue for Vendors module by uploading the ZIP or XML file from the ocmod folder. Please upload the ZIP file for version 3.x and upload the XML  file for version 2.x.

    extesion installer

    After uploading the zip file go to the Extensions > Modification and click on Refresh field.


    After that in Admin panel go to System -> Users -> Usergroup and edit ‘Administrator’ and select all for both Access and Modify Permission then save it.

    user groups

    The seller can view the module in the frontend only when the admin Allowed Account Menu by following the navigation as Marketplace>Configuration.


    The admin here needs to check the Marketplace Vendor Product Approval section.

    Configuration- Opencart B2B Wholesale Catalogue for Vendors

    The admin can set the module as per requirement post-installation. Thus, the admin can navigate to Extensions>Extension>Opencart B2B Wholesale Vendor Catalogue.


    Opencart B2B Wholesale Catalogue for Vendors-configuration

    The configurations will be in following ways-

    • Status- From this field, the admin will enable the status of the module.
    • Seller Price Option- The admin can set this field to enable to restrict the seller to set the price of the product lower than the product price set by admin in seller list.
    • Approve Product Automatic– This will allow the auto-approval of the product at the seller end whenever they set a quantity.
    • Seller Image Tab-Enabling this field will allow sellers to add image while adding the quantity and price of the products. Just as in the below image-
    • Seller Edit Product– The admin will enable this button to allow seller edit already added products.
    • Seller Can Buy Their Product-This field allow the seller to purchase their product from the frontend.
    • Subtrack Status- If the admin enables this option then the main product stock(admin) will be subtrack if the vendor catalog product will be bought. That is-
      • if we have two sets of product one set contain 100 product of admin. However, the other set contains 10 products. Suppose that the customers bought all the 10 quantity and the key is enabled then at the admin end we will have 90 products left.
      • else if we have the same set of 100 products with admin and 10 products with the seller and the key is set as disabled. Thus, on purchase of a product by the customer the number at seller end will be nill whereas for admin it will remain same.



    Product Display Option– This will define how the products will display to the seller in the Approval Product List.

    However, if we will select other options, then the Approval section will have the product variation as per the selection. That is if the admin selects-

    • Categories, then all the product of the specified categories will be the part of Approval Product List.
    product display option
    • the Attribute Option, then all the products having the specified attribute will be the part of Approval Product List.
    • the Manufacturer Option, then all the products of the stated manufacturer will be added to the Approval Product List.

    Suggestion List-

    suggestion list
    • Suggestion
      • List Status- The admin can enable this field to allow the display of suggestion list to the seller in the product list page.
      • Type- The admin can set how the list of suggestion will appear. Will it be like Product Most Sold or Product Most Added.
      • list title for sold products- The admin will specify here the title of the product sold by the seller.
      • Product List Limit- The number of product in the suggestion product.

    In the seller panel, the suggestion list will be like this on the Approval Product List to allow the addition of the best product to list of recommendation-


    These Products will show a recommendation of products which the seller

    Mail– Here the admin can select the mail template which the seller will at various actions-

    • Product
      • Approved Notification- The seller will receive this notification mail when the admin approves the seller product.
      • Enabled Notification- The seller in the marketplace will receive a notification mail when the admin enables the product that is in the Product List.
      • Disable Notification- The seller in the marketplace will receive a notification mail when the admin disables the product that is in the Product List.

    Marketplace Vendor Product Approval Workflow

    Assigned Product List

    Once the admin has set the configuration of the module, the admin can navigate through- Marketplace Vendor Product Approval>Approval Product List.

    This will allow the seller to add the product rate and quantity of product as per requirement.


    The admin will click on Add Option to add a new product to the assignment list.

    Note- From the Action section in Assigned Product List the admin will be able to directly Enable or Disable the product.


    When the admin hits the add button, the Add Approval Product page opens up.


    Wherein the admin can enter following details as-

    • Product- The admin will select here the list of product for the vendor catalog.
    • Status- The admin will enable the status of this field to allow the addition of products in the vendor catalog.

    Note: If the seller wishes to assign the product to a particular seller then we can even follow the navigation as- Catalog>Sellers.


    Wherein the Marketplace Sellers the admin will go to the Add Products Section.


    Here the seller will select the products which the admin wishes to assign and click on Save for assignment.

    Seller- Approval Product List

    The Seller on the other end will even find the Vendor product Approval section in the front end. Wherein, the Seller will approve the assigned product list.


    The seller can tick on the Action field, which will re-direct them to Add Product Page.

    However, here, the vendor can fetch down the product on the basis of Category, Product Name, Model and Price.


    Here, the sellers can mention the properties of the product which they wish to sell. The Properties here comprises of-

    • Quantity- The number of units the seller wishes to sell on the store.
    • Price- The cost at which the seller to sell the product to attract customers.

    The seller can even enter the images related to the product, Thus, describing the product being sold by seller more effectively.


    However, these functionalities will depend on the admin configuration. Wherein the admin needs to enable- Seller Image Tab and Seller Can Edit Product.

    Admin- Seller Product List

    Once, the sellers successfully add the details of the product which they wish to sell. The admin will be able to see the products in- Seller Product List.

    The admin can follow simple navigation as- Marketplace>Marketplace Vendor Product Approval> Seller Product List.

    This will redirect them to Seller Product List Page where the list of sellers products will be displayed. These products will be those which the seller has set approval and define the properties like- price, quantity, and images.


    In the Action Tab here, the admin can approve or disapprove the seller to allow sells of product.

    The admin can take advantage of Layered Navigation to allow the easy fetching of the products.

    Seller- Product List

    The seller will now manage the products in the Product List section. Thereafter can visualize the list of products in which the seller can deal.

    The seller needs to follow the navigation as Vendor Product Approval>Product List.

    This page will also allow them to Edit the product wherein the seller can edit the Price, Quantity, and Image of the products.

    The Delete Option will allow sellers to delete the products from the list.


    Customer End

    Once the admin and seller are done with Product Assignment part. Thus, the customer can now make the purchase of the product from the front end.

    The customer can navigate to the ‘Sell page’ wherein there are multiple sellers as in the marketplace.

    Here, the customer can compare similar products and select out the best product.


    The seller can even visualize the product of the favorite seller on the seller profile.


    That’s all for the Opencart B2B Wholesale Catalogue for Vendors. Still, have any issue, feel free to add a ticket and let us know your views to make the module better

    Current Product Version -

    Supported Framework Version - 2.x.x.x, 3.x.x.x

    . . .

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