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    Opencart Automatic Related Products

    Opencart Automatic Related Products Module will allow the admin to show the related products with conditions on the various pages like information page, category page, product page of the store at the front end. Related product depends on the conditions that were set by the admin. The admin can apply many conditions on the product attributes. The admin can make multiple related product modules and show them on front-end.

    Notes: Width and Height of the Automatic Related Product should not be greater than 999 pixels.

    Check a brief overview of the plugin in the video below –

    • The admin can create and show as many as blocks on the front end.
    • The admin can select categories as a condition for the related products.
    • Multiple conditions can be applied on the product attribute or product field.
    • The admin can set the number of related products to display in the module section.
    • The admin can apply the conditions on the custom attribute.
    • Admin can show product according to price, quantity, and model.
    • The admin can set the width and height of the product that will appear on the front end.

    Installation of the Automatic Related Products Module is very simple. You need to move the Admin and Catalog folder into the Opencart root.


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    After uploading the files, the admin needs to navigate as Extensions => Modules to install and edit the Automatic Related Product module.

     install - uninstall module

    Module Translation

    As this module supports multiple languages so this section will describe how to make the module work in different languages. Please check this link for language translation.

    After installation of the module, the admin can add the new module for the automatic related product by clicking on add button as shown in below screenshot.

    add new related module

    After clicking on the add button, the admin can set up the module for the front end. Under this section, the admin will configure the following things:

    Module Name: Enter the name of the module that will appear on the front end.

    Limit: Enter the maximum number of products that you want to show for this module on the front end.

    Width: Enter the width(in pixel) of the image that will appear on the front end.

    Height: Enter the height(in pixel) of the image that will appear on the front end.

    Product Field: Choose the product fields that you want display it to the customer.

    Category: Choose the category from here. Products only from the selected categories will appear on the front end.

    Condition: The admin needs to create the conditions from here. The admin can create as many as conditions from here. Here, the admin will set the condition on the basis of attributes.  In the following conditions, the admin can configure the module:

    • If the attribute is selected as Model then the admin can select the logic as Similar or Not Similar and can fill the value of it.
    • If admin will select the price or quantity from attribute then the logic may be greater than, smaller than, and equal to and can set the value of it.
      For example: If the admin wants to display the products which have the quantity greater than 10. Then the admin needs to select price from attribute drop-down, and greater than from logic drop-down and fill the 10 in the value field.
    • The admin can also apply the conditions to the custom attributes. All the custom attributes will show in this section.

    All Condition Required: If the admin will choose it “yes” then it will show the product which will be satisfying all the above conditions. If choose as “no” then it will show products if any of the above condition true.

    Automatic Related Product

    The admin can configure this module for multiple pages, multiple modules for a single page.

    After configuration of the module, the admin can set the layout of the module. The admin can set the module to many pages for the front end. So that the customers can see the related product tab in the front end. For this, the admin can navigate to Design-> Layout and select the page to set the layout.


    Customer View

    After the configuration of the layout, the customer can see the module section in the front end. If the admin configures the module for home page then the customer will able to see the module tab with products on the home page.

    automated related product

    Multiple Module Blocks At Front End

    As this module will allow creating multiple module blocks from admin-end it can be shown on the multiple pages. The admin can also show the multiple module blocks from the layout on a single page as shown below:

    multiple related products

    This was all about Opencart Automatic Related Product Module, if this is any doubt then please feel free to create a ticket on 

    Current Product Version -

    Supported Framework Version - 2.0.x.x, 2.1.x.x, 2.2.x.x, 2.3.x.x, 3.x.x.x

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