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Opencart Advanced Review System

Updated 6 March 2024


The Advanced Review System for OpenCart extension enhances the review system for the products of your online store. Using this extension admin can allow image upload by customers during the review of any product.

The admin can choose the file extension for the image upload and can even allow captcha for the reviews.

This extension works for both logged-in as well as guest customers depending on the backend configuration. The customers can even view the recommendations and ratings for the products.

Note: A review added by the customer can be edited by simply re-entering the review input details and the latest changes will be visible on the front end made by the customer.

Features – Advanced Review System for OpenCart

  • Allows the customers to upload image during the review of any product.
  • The admin can mass delete reviews from the backend.
  • Reviews added by the customer will be visible once the admin approves them. Moreover, the admin can also mass approve/disapprove reviews.
  • The admin can set the image extension type for the review image upload.
  • The customers can view recommendations and ratings for the products.
  • The admin can edit, add or delete any review from the backend.
  • After uploading the image of the product review the customer can also check the preview of the same.
  • If the admin enables captcha the customer needs to complete a captcha verification test before submitting a review.
  • The admin can select the date format which will be visible along with the review on the frontend.
  • The admin can delete, enable or disable any recommendations for products.
  • Guest users can also add a review if the admin sets the login required field as No.

Installation – Advanced Review System for OpenCart

Upload Files

First, extract the downloaded zip /xml file. After that, open the correct Opencart Version Folder. According to Opencart Version installed in your system.

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Then, upload the admin, catalog, to the OpenCart root directory.


Once you have uploaded the file then login to admin and go to Extensions > Extension Installer and upload the .zip file- The zip/xml file can be found in the ocmod folder.


After uploading the zip/xml file go to the Extensions > Modification and click on the refresh field.

Edit User Groups

After that, go to System > Users > Usergroups. And then edit ‘Administrator’. Select the shown checkboxes only for both Access Permission and Modify Permission and Save it.


Now navigate to Extensions > Extensions > Modules. Find Review System from the list. Click the Install button as visible in the screenshot below.


Further, by clicking on the edit button, the below page will open up.


Module Configuration Settings

After the successful installation of the extension Opencart Advanced Review System. To configure the extension. Firstly, in the sidebar menu go to Extensions > Extensions > Modules.


Further, click on the edit button next to Review System for OpenCart.

Opencart Extensions

Further, tapping the edit button brings up the module configuration settings page. Here, the admin can see below settings options.

Advanced Review System

The admin can also, go to the configuration page by navigating to Advanced Review System > Configuration from the admin dashboard.

Now, the admin needs to give input for the below fields.

Status – To enable the advanced review system feature of this module the admin must enable the status.

Allow image upload – The admin can allow the user to add a review with an image upload.

Allow Captcha – Enable or Disable the field captcha if enabled users will be required to fill the captcha option while adding a review.

Log-in required – The admin can enable it if wants only the logged-in customers to review.

Allowed extension for image upload (comma separated) – Enter comma-separated values for extensions of the images that are allowed for the customers to upload.

Allowed maximum size of the image – Enter the maximum image file size allowed for the image upload by the customer in Kb.

Date-Time format – The admin can select the date-time format from the drop-down that will be visible on the front end.

Product Review System – Admin End

Firstly, the admin can navigate to the Advanced Review System > Reviews to open the list of added reviews.

Product review

Mass Approve/Disapprove Reviews in Bulk

The admin can approve/disapprove the reviews in bulk added by the customer. Moreover, every review in order to be visible at the front end must be firstly approved by the admin.

Further, a success message is delivered for approving the reviews in bulk as shown in the below image.


Similarly, the below message will appear on the admin panel once the admin mass disapproves the review.


Delete Reviews in Bulk

The admin can also delete the added review in bulk by selecting multiple reviews and clicking on the delete icon. As a result, the below success message will appear for the mass deletion of reviews.


Add New Product Review – Admin End

To add a product review the admin can simply click on the add icon on the top right corner. As a result, the below page will open give your input for the review and click Save.


Status: The admin can select the status that they wish to enable or disable the review.

Review for product: Enter the product name(Autofill product name by selecting from the prompted products) for which the admin wishes to add a new review.

Reviewer Name: Enter the name of the reviewer on whose behalf the admin is adding the review.

Reviewer Email: Enter the email of the reviewer on whose behalf the admin is adding the review

Review Heading: Enter the heading of the review.

Review: Verify, you are not a bot: The admin needs to perform a captcha test to ensure that the user is not a bot.

Add Image: The admin can upload the image they wish to add for their product review.

Rate It: The admin can select the number of stars they wish to give for a product determining the rating.

Filter and Search Product Review

Here, the admin has been provided several options to filter and search from the list of existing review such as below.


Product Name: The admin can search reviews added for a particular product using this.

Reviewer Name: The admin can search for all the review added by a customer using the reviewer name.

Review Heading: The admin can search for a review by its heading.

Rating: The admin can filter all the added reviews based on the ratings added to the product.

Reviewer Email: The admin can also search reviews by reviewer email.

Status: The admin can filter and search all the reviews that have been disabled or enabled by selecting from this dropdown.


  • The admin can also use multiple filters at once to better perform a search for the added reviews.
  • Moreover, the added reviews can be enabled or disabled by the admin for which the admin can click the disable button for an enabled review and vice-versa.
  • The admin can edit an added review by clicking on the edit button from the action column.

Edit Product Review

To edit a review after opening a review for edit simply change the required fields as shown in the below image and click Save.


Product Recommendations – Admin End

To check the list of the product recommendations added by the customers the admin can go to the Advanced Review System >Recommendations.


Filter and Search Product Recommendations

The admin can select the below filters as shown in the image to filter the product recommendations added by the customer list.


Product Name: The admin can search the recommendations added for a particular product by entering the product name.

Customer Name: The admin can add the customer name whose product recommendations the admin wants to search.

Email: Enter the customer email id to search for the product recommendations.

Customer Recommendation: Simply select the Recommend or Not Recommended from the drop-down to perform the product recommendations search.

Status: Further, search based on the status of the recommendations.


  • The admin can apply multiple filters at a time to better perform the search.
  • To check or change the status of the product recommendation the admin can simply check the Status Column as this only determines whether the product recommendation is enabled or disabled.
  • Whereas, the customer recommendations are visible to the admin by the recommended or not recommended thumb icon.
  • The admin can delete multiple product recommendations at once by selecting the recommendation and clicking delete.

Product Reviews Section – Frontend

At the front end the customers can check previously added reviews by different customers under the reviews section.

Further, it includes various other information based on customer reviews and input like the below.

  • Average Rating – An average rating will be shown for the product using widgets.
  • How recommended the product is? –  The customers can check how many buyers thought the product is a good commodity and therefore, recommended to others.
  • Customer Reviews – The visitors of the store will be able to see all the product reviews with headings, dates, and purchased product images if uploaded by the buyers in review.

Product Reviews Section - Frontend

Write Review – Customer End

To add a product review the customer can click the button to write a review but, if the admin hasn’t allowed logged-out customers to write a review they will be prompted to log in first.

Moreover, will be redirected to the login page to add their product review.


Disable Login Required – Admin End

The admin can disable the field login required to add product reviews from their end. As a result, the logged-out customers will be able to add the review.


As a result of which the write a review button will be visible in blue color if the admin hasn’t applied any restrictions for guest users.


Note: To give their input about would you recommend this item to others the customers can click the like or Dislike button.

Add Product Review – Guest User

A guest user needs to provide info about themselves while adding a product review as shown in the below image.


User Name: The customer needs to enter their name.

Your Email: The customer needs to enter their email.

Your Review Heading: The customer can give a heading of their review.

Review: The customer can add review content.

Captcha Verification: The customer needs to complete a captcha verification.

Add Image: The customers can add an image of the product that they have purchased.

Give Rating: Lastly, the customers can give ratings for the product and click SUBMIT.

Add Product Review – Logged In Customer

The logged-in customers will only be requested to add the review-related details and click submit.

review update

Uploaded Image Preview – Add Review – Customer End

The customer will be able to check the preview of the image that they upload while adding a product review as shown in the below image.


That’s all for the Advanced Review System for OpenCart extension. However, if you still have any questions regarding the module please create a support ticket by clicking here or send an email to [email protected]

Current Product Version -

Supported Framework Version - 2.x.x.x, 3.x.x.x

. . .

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