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    How to Start an Online Food Ordering Business?

    Updated 14 November 2022

    Online food delivery service is now becoming a fundamental requirement for all people living in the cities. Whether someone is at work or spending the weekend at home they prefer to order food from apps like Door Dash, Grubhub, or Uber Eats.


    The food quality and delivery services provided by them are way easier and process. Meanwhile, the combination of quality with quantity is not that easy to find, but here we provide top-notch services to our customers.

    Further, if anyone is a restaurant owner and wishes to initiate an online food delivery system, this is the perfect place.

    Below is one of the top e-commerce food delivery websites with an interactive landing page and reliable functionalities.


    Before that, one must know how to start an online food ordering system. So, let’s have a glimpse at that:

    Start your headless eCommerce
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    Admin Panel

    Firstly, it is a must to have an admin panel for the marketplace, from where the admin will manage the features and functionalities of the restaurant management and other services available in the marketplace.

    The services include the following options:

    Restaurant Management

    The admin of the marketplace should manage the following functionalities of the system:

    • Google Map API Keys: To process the nearby restaurant search for customers.
    • Landing Page Settings: The admin must have controls to manage the landing page appearance.
    • Play Store and App Store link: The admin should provide the links to download the mobile application that will be visible on the storefront.

    Meanwhile, below is the link that shows how our marketplace admin manages the vendor restaurant settings:


    Manage Delivery Boy And Its Services

    Being an admin it is a must for an admin to keep an eye on the delivery boy as well, the admin should take care of the following points at the delivery boy’s end

    • Delivery Range: A delivery range must be specified in which the delivery boy can deliver the food product.
    • Allowed Countries: The admin must restrict the countries in which the delivery is available.

    The admin will also be able to manage the delivery boy details:




    Restaurant Owner Panel

    The restaurant owners are also provided with tons of functionalities at their end. The following responsibilities must be provided to the sellers for better restaurant management:

    This is a section that shows restaurant info management by the restaurant owner:


    Delivery Boy Panel

    In the delivery boy panel, the delivery boy must follow the following process :

    • Accept Or Reject the orders
    • Pick Up the order from the restaurant
    • Deliver the product to the customer’s location.
    • In between, customer authentication is also available for exact delivery.

    Challenges In The Food Delivery

    Eventually, owning the online restaurant application results in facing and managing the two main challenges that occur in normally, they are mentioned below:

    Food Quality & Delivery Time Slot

    One can not take risks with the quality and hygiene that is going to be delivered to their customers. So it depends on the admin and the restaurant owner to set the delivery time slot in such a way that it reaches the customer in good condition.

    The food must be delivered to the customer location as per the type of food is been ordered, that is either it is a food product or a beverage.

    Food Delivery

    Further, our online food delivery marketplace provides the express delivery shipping method which is selected by the customer and is a must to select.

    One of the images from the blog is visible below that shows a customer selecting the express shipping method.




    Increase Customer Engagement

    With this mobile application, the customer can go for the following tasks:

    • The customer can search for the nearby restaurant by adding their location.
    • Location can be added either by using the GPS or typing the area added in the location search bar.
    • Then the customer will select the restaurant and view its profile.
    • After that, the customer will add any quantity of food to the cart.
    • The customer will then add the shipping address and shipping method.
    • Finally, the order will be complete when the customer will make the payment.

    The process above can be done in just a few clicks and the customer can easily do that using their mobile phones or laptops.

    Thereby, making it more interesting for the customer to engage with such an interactive website or mobile app.

     Platform That Connects

    Food Delivery Marketplace for Magento 2 is a platform that connects customers to the desired and nearby restaurants.

    • Customers can easily search for nearby restaurants.
    • A restaurant can be searched by searching the food product also.
    • Customers can select any restaurant and order from there under the marketplace section.

    Food Ordering Website and Mobile App

    Our food delivery system supports both the platforms, that is web end and the mobile application. Creating a hyperlocal mobile app is imperative to start an online food delivery business.




    That’s all for the Online Food Ordering Business. If you still have any queries or doubts regarding the same, please raise a ticket at the HelpDesk System.

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