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    Odoo Website Warranty Management


    Odoo website Warranty Management Module, as the name suggests, lets you provide and manage product warranty in Odoo. The Odoo user can now set warranty details at the product level. The details such as warranty period, cost of renewal, renewal period, etc. can be configured in Odoo.

    The warranty of the purchased product commences as soon as the delivery for the respective order is validated in Odoo. The Odoo user can see the details of the warranty in the sales order and also, the pickings of the product. The customer can view the same in their Odoo website account.

    The customers can also renew the product’s warranty if the settings allow. The mail notifications for warranty commencement and renewal are sent automatically to the customers.


    • The module allows the Odoo admin to allow warranty on products in Odoo.
    • The admin can set various details like warranty period and warranty type- Free or paid at product level in the Odoo.
    • The Odoo user can also allow the option to renew the warranty of a product by setting the renewed warranty period and renewal price at the product level.
    • The customers are sent mail notifications about the warranty details and product registration steps once the delivery is confirmed in the Odoo.
    • On validating the delivery, the system automatically records the warranty start and end dates in the Odoo.
    • The Odoo user can check warranty details in sales order and stock picking.
    • The customer can check the warranty details for any product through its Odoo website account and can download the warranty details pdf.
    • The customer can place the warranty renewal request from their Odoo website account.
    • In case of a warranty renewal request, the admin can check the previous warranty details for the product in the warranty registration menu.
    • The customer receives mail notification after a successful renewal of product warranty.


    1.) Once you purchase the App from Webkul store, you will receive the link to download the zip file of the module.

    2.) Extract the file on your system after the download finishes. You will be able to see a folder named- ‘warranty_management’.

    3.) Copy and paste this folder inside your Odoo Add-Ons path.

    4.) Now, open the Odoo App and click on the Settings menu. Here, click on Activate the Developer Mode.

    5.) Then, open on Apps menu and click on ‘Update Modules List’.

    6.) In the search bar, remove all the filters and search ‘warranty_management’.

    7.) You will be able to see the module in the search result. Click on ‘Install’ to install it.


    Configuring Product warranty in Odoo

    1.) In Odoo, go to General setting for Website. Here, set the number of days before the warranty expires to send out the notification alert to the customers.

    Configuring product warranty settings in Odoo 1

    2.) Now, navigate through website >> products. Click on Create.

    3.) You can see a new parameter ‘Allow warranty’. Tick on the checkbox to give a warranty on the product. A new sub-menu warranty appears on the form. Click on it.

    Configuring product warranty settings in Odoo 2

    4.) Here select the warranty type as free or Paid. Then, set the warranty period in days, months or years.

    5.) If Auto confirm warranty is checked, the status of the warranty record generated in the Odoo is automatically in done state.

    Configuring product warranty settings in Odoo 3

    6.) Next, tick on can be renewed checkbox if you wish to allow the customer to renew their product’s warranty. Then, Renewal period, Maximum renewals by one customer and price for renewing the warranty.

    Configuring product warranty settings in Odoo 4

    7.) FIll in the other details for the product and save it.

    8.) Go to the website, Add a product with a warranty to the cart and proceed to checkout to place the order.

    Availing Product Warranty on Odoo website 1

    9.) In the Odoo backend, confirm the order and click on delivery. Now, validate the delivery.

    Availing Product Warranty on Odoo website 2

    Product Warranty Details

    10.) As soon as you validate the delivery, the product warranty information is recorded under warranty lines tab in pickings.

    Product warranty details in Odoo 1

    11.) The product warranty commences as soon as the Odoo user validates the delivery in Odoo.

    12.) The warranty lines show the start and end date of the product warranty and its current status.

    13.) You can also see warranty details in the sales order.

    Product warranty details in Odoo 3

    14.) Now, go to Warranty >> warranty registration. Here you can see all the warranty records generated for the orders. Click on any record to open it.

    Product warranty details in Odoo 4

    15.) If ‘Auto Confirm Warranty’ setting is not active, the record remains in the draft state.

    16.) The Odoo user can confirm it manually or the customers can register their product.

    View product warranty in Odoo website 1

    Renewing/Extending Product warranty

    17.) The customers can log in to their Odoo website account to see the warranty details of the purchased product. Click on any order to open it. Here click on the warranty tab to see the details.

    Download product warranty details from Odoo account 1

    18.) You can also download the pdf document.

    19.) If a product warranty is about to expire, the customers can renew it if the settings allow. To renew the warranty click on renew tab and process the checkout.

    Renewing Product warranty in Odoo 1

    Renewing Product warranty in Odoo 2

    20.) Once done, a new order is created in the Odoo. Open the order to see the details containing the information for warranty renewal request.

    Renewing Product warranty in Odoo 3

    21.) Confirm the order to renew the product warranty successfully. 

    Renewing Product warranty in Odoo 4


    Was this guide helpful? Please share your feedback in the comments below.

    If you have any issues/queries regarding the module please raise a ticket at

    For any doubt contact us at [email protected].

    Thanks for reading!!


    Current Product Version - 1.0.0

    Supported Framework Version - ODOO V12

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