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    Odoo Website Product Question & Answers

    You have questions, We have answers..!! Customers are concerned for the purchases they made online and have certain queries in the back of their mind. Instant answers to their queries may influence customers purchases resulting an increase in revenue and provides customer satisfaction. For such assistance we have come up with this module website product question & answers, this module allows users to post their product related queries and get answered. Admin shortly replying to the customer queries helps in maintaining healthy relationship. All the questions and their answers can be managed from the back panel, admin has the authority to post them in public or in private.


    • Fast and easy way to manage Questions & Answers.
    • Users can ask freely as many as questions they want.
    • Admin can easily manage Q&A’s and give response to the users.
    • Answered questions can be published on product page for others reference.
    • Questions can be answered and posted privately, which can be seen by that particular user only.


    Question panel


    As shown above is the question panel on the product web page where customer can post their queries.

    Backend interface


    Admin can answer to the questions posted by the customers from back panel. At the back panel interface, all the information is provided like who has posted the query, it is asked for which product and answer panel for posting the reply. Admin can post the question and the answers privately or can publish it for the public.

    Frontend view for the customer


    Above shown is the frontend view of the product page for posting query. Once customer posts the question, it will not be public unless admin answers it and post it by publishing. Customer can also view others query replied and published by the admin.

    Administrator’s frontend view


    Admin can manage to publish / unpublish of question and answers from the frontend product page.

    Manage all questions


    Admin can manage all question easily from the back panel. A list of questions is maintained where admin can filter questions status wise.


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    For any doubt contact us at [email protected].

    Thanks for reading!!

    Current Product Version -

    Supported Framework Version - ODOO 8

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