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    Odoo Website Onepage Checkout


    Keep calm and checkout simply..!! we have come up with this module one page checkout for odoo e-commerce, the main purpose of this module is to ease the checkout process. Checkout point is one of the most annoying points after pleasurable shopping, as it takes some efforts for completion. Here comes the perfect opportunity to make this process user-friendly which can be easily done contracting the five-step checkout process to one concise checkout page. This one-page checkout will include all the information required for shipping and payment purpose.


    • This module allows you to ease the time consuming five-step checkout process for order confirmation to one step.
    • One page checkout process has an accordion view of the panels.
    • Admin can decide upon the required fields for billing and shipping information.
    • Panel names can be edited according to ones need.
    • We can Opt out Delivery Option from the panel.


    Do the configuration settings.


    As you install this module, do the configuration set up under webkul website addons. You will find web page under which you need to check the option for website onepage checkout and for further set up you can select configurations link.

    Onepage checkout configurations.


    Here you can do the further settings for checkout page. Admin can select the panels to be displayed on onepage checkout. And can also add the required fields in particular panel which needs to be filled mandatorily.

    Panel-1 is for Billing and shipping information.


    In onepage checkout Panel 1 is for billing and shipping. Shipping part is optional, where users need to provide their shipping details.

    Panel-2 is for Order Preview and Delivery Method.


    Panel 2 is for order preview and delivery method. This panel is entirely optional and admin can also edit panel name from the backend under onepage checkout configurations.

    Panel-3 is for Payment option.


    This Panel is for making payment, it is mandatory. But the panel name can be edited accordingly.


    For any kind of technical assistance, just raise a ticket at and for any doubt contact us at [email protected]

    Current Product Version - ODOO 8, 9, 10,11,12

    Supported Framework Version -

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