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    Odoo Website Advanced Survey

    Updated 24 February 2023


    Odoo Website Advanced Survey allows you to design surveys with maximum flexibility. Some important parts of Advanced Survey are- Website Survey to Employees, Website Survey Mailing List, Website Survey Expiry Date. All these three parts of Advanced survey gives the authority to send emails, to send email to the specific mailing list and sets the expiration date for the link in the email. This will provide you the valuable insight about employees satisfaction level.

    FEATURES OF Odoo Website Advanced Survey

    • Allows you to design surveys with maximum flexibility.
    • It gathers the information in an organization.
    • Maintains powerful interaction and healthy work environment in an organization.

    Additional Features of Parts

    Website Survey to Employees

    • Sends a survey to all active employees connected with the user.
    • Various survey sharing options are available in this module.
    • It displays the status of every response.
    • Gathers the information in the organization.

    Website Survey to Mailing List

    • This module helps to send emails to specific mailing lists.
    • Provides various options to share survey.
    • Mailing List is used to send the same information to many employees.
    • Status of every response is displayed.

    Website Survey Expiry Date

    • This Module helps to set the expiry date of the email.
    • The deadline can be updated for the survey.
    • Emails Expiration Dates are applied to the links specified in the emails that are relevant for a specific period of time.
    • A recipient will not able to respond after the deadline has passed.


    Creation of Survey at Odoo end.

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    Follow the path Survey> Create. Create the survey and fill all the relevant details about the survey.

    Odoo Website Advanced Survey1

    Further, click on “Share and invite by email”button so as to send the email to all your employees.

    send the email to all your employees


    Website Survey of Active Employees

    Employee surveys allow you to obtain crucial feedback from the employees for the benefit of the organization.

    Proceeding toward the configuration part of this module.

    For this just enable the option ” Send to all active employees”. This will send mail to active employees. In Sharing options Enable “Send Private invitations to your audience(only one response per recipient and per invitation)”.

    Note– Every employee should be connected to the user, unless and until an employee is connected to the user, he will not receive the email.

    send the email to all your employees2

    Website Survey to Mailing List.

    Mailing list enables powerful one- to -many communications. It gives one person unique access to spread information for the diverse group.

    To create survey follow the same process mentioned above.

    An important feature of this part is only employees those whose email ids are there in that specific mailing list will receive the email.

    Just Enable an option” Specific Mailing List” to send the emails to specific employees.

    Specific Mailing List1

    Workflow of Website Survey Expiry Date.

    An important feature of this part is surveyed email will get expired after the specific period of time. The employee will not be able to answer the link after its expiration.

    Again follow the same process as mentioned above to create a survey.

    Set the Deadline for the link. Click on “Options” menu to set the deadline.

    Set the Deadline for the link

    Mention the “Deadline to which the invitation to respond is Valid” to set the expiry date of the email.

    Set the Deadline for the link2

    The Deadline Date and Response Status shows the stages of the survey.

    Odoo Website Advanced Survey4

     “Answers” menu will show the status of the survey.

    Odoo Website Advanced Survey5

    According to the status of answers, the “Response status” will change.

    Odoo Website Advanced Survey6


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    If you have any issues/queries regarding the module please raise a ticket at

    For any doubt contact us at [email protected].

    Thanks for reading!!

    Current Product Version - 1.0.0

    Supported Framework Version - V10

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