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FAQ(Frequently Asked Questions) is a great idea which will help customers to find answers to the general queries related product. Not only it makes the life of customers easy but also it saves the company’s time and resource. Customers will not always mail for a query related to a product and wait for a response, possibly this phenomenon may irritate the customers.

Webkul’s Odoo Website Product FAQ/ Odoo Product Related FAQ does a great job by displaying the framed questions and answers for general doubt and queries of customers in an attractive accordion style, to provide powerful navigation. This gives a chance to figure out things by themselves by reading the answers to beforehand prepared questions by the seller in form of the FAQ.


  • Product-related queries can be posted in the form of FAQ on the product page.
  • Customers can read FAQ related to the products before making the purchase.
  • FAQ is posted for every product on its product page.
  • Admin can manage FAQ’s for individual product easily.
  • There can be any number of FAQ on one page.


Starting with the workflow of the module.

Initially, navigate the path Sales>Products>FAQ in order to create the FAQ related to the product and enable the option “Visible in Website” in order to show it on the website.

A pop up will arise in which you can create FAQs related to the product.

Navigate the path Website>Configuration>Create to create the product related FAQs by filling all the required details.

List of all Frequently Asked Questions is displayed here.

Website View

On a website, you will be able to see the list of FAQs related to the particular product.

Answers to the questions related to the product are shown on the website.


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Current Product Version -

Supported Framework Version - ODOO 8

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