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Odoo POS SMS Notification


Each retail business has different cadent to contact their customers to inform them about useful information. Generally, SMS is sent in order to speak with new and potential clients and customers. Almost every 98% of SMS is opened and read by the recipient. Moreover, most of the marketing managers and business owners could send out marketing messages about their product and services to the customers in order to attract them.

Webkul’s “Odoo POS SMS Notification/ Odoo POS SMS Alert/ Odoo POS SMS Bulletin” allows you to send the SMS to all clients and customers on their registered mobile number on their POS Order Validation. Also, it provides the means to remain in touch with your prospective clients. This module integrates the Odoo POS and particular SMS gateway through which you want to send the SMS. Moreover, it maintains the communication between the business and prospective clients.

This module is dependent on the base module Odoo SMS Notification

Primary Function

  • This application provides facility to send SMS notification to the mobile number. For sending SMS it requires “SMS Gateway”.
  • The Odoo SMS Notification is the base module for SMS gateways like ClickSend Gateway, Twilio Gateway, Plivo Gateway, MSG91 SMS Gateway and Mobily SMS Gateway).
  • It also provides facility to see the history of the send SMS to the customers.
  • All the SMS are sent using the SMS gateway.
  • Multiple SMS can be sent to the when automatically triggered to the post.
  • If the seller(POS user) is not managing the country calling code, then this module will fetch the country calling code from company’s country.
  • Admin has the right to create a template for sending SMS.


Let’s have the look on the functionality of the module.


The initial step is to set configuration for the sending SMS to the customers. Simply follow the path Settings>General Settings>General Settings. 

After setting the configuration, again follow the same path as described above and install the SMS gateway of your choice. As an example, we have installed “Plivio SMS Gateway”.

Now after the completing the aforementioned process, again set the SMS configuration to integrate both Odoo and Plivio SMS Gateway.

Fill all the relevant details like Description, Priority, Debugging, SMS Gateway, Mobile No, Auth. Id and Auth Token.

Enable the SMS feature in order to send sms to the prospective clients. For enabling “SMS Feature” simply follow the path Settings>Users.

Creation of templates

If you want to create a new template. Simply, follow the path Sms>Templates and fill all the relevant details like Name, Conditions, Applies To and content. In addition, you can customize the content of the messages according to your choice.

There are various templates which are used to send SMS for the particular template. Use one template to send the SMS to a particular customer.

POS Configuration to auto send msg  for particular SMS.

Simply, enable “Send msg on Order Validation” option to send the SMS when the order gets validated in POS.

Follow the path SMS> History> Delivery Report to track SMS History and Delivery Report of the SMS.


The bottom line of the module

SMS are sent personally to a recipient and delivered to their pocket within seconds. Somewhere, Odoo POS SMS notification will help you a lot in sending the SMS to your prospective clients and customers. Moreover, this can be the strategy to retain the customers and also to increase the loyalty of customers towards your business. Click here to study more about the POS modules.


The Webkul support is always available for you.  Simply, what you have to do is to simply, raise the ticket at or also you can just drop us an e-mail at


Current Product Version - 1.0

Supported Framework Version - Odoo vV11

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  • leo
    Hello, this module allow me to send a copy of pos ticket whit product name and quantity via sms?
    • Megha Joshi
      Hello Leo,

      As per your query, I would like to inform you that the features you have mentioned can be customized depending on the feasibility, so kindly drop us a mail at and accordingly, we will let you know which part can be customized.


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