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    Odoo Marketplace Advance Commission

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    We are constantly innovating to help you grow your business. As a part of this effort, we are introducing a dynamic marketplace addon  “Odoo marketplace advance commission”.

    With the help of this module, admin can set a commission in the marketplace for products, product categories and sellers. Here admin can apply various commission rules like fixed or percent or both for different products, product categories and seller. Admin can set whether to receive the minimum or maximum commission rate if a product lies under various categories on which commission is already defined.


    • Admin can set commission on products.
    • Admin can set commission on product categories.
    • Admin can set commission on seller profile also.
    • Admin can decide different commission like percentage or fixed for products, categories and seller.
    • Commission on the product will get higher priority.
    • Commission on a product is not set then commission on the product category will get priority.
    • Commission on product category is not set then commission on the seller profile will be applied.
    • Admin can decide whether to deduct the minimum or maximum commission rate if a product has more than one category.
    • Decide which of the commission type i.e. category, product or default commission will be applied to orders.
    • Admin can apply the commission criteria common to all sellers.
    • Admin can also set different types of commission for different sellers of the marketplace.
    • Automatic deduction of commission from the seller payment.
    • Seller will receive the payment after deducting the commission.


    After buying this app from our Webkul store you will get the link for downloading the zip file. Simply download it and extract then you will see the marketplace_advance_commission folder, now you will have to copy this app folder inside your Odoo addons path.

    Now simply follow these steps:
    1. Go to settings menu and click on Activate the Developer mode.
    2. Now go to apps menu and Click on ‘Update Modules List’.
    3. Remove the app’s filter and search for the marketplace_advance_commission key.
    4. Now you will see the module then simply install it.

    After installing you will be able to handle different functionality as mentioned in module’s workflow.


    Now let us see how this module works.


    Starting with the most important part which is the configuration of this module. From Seller Dashboard>>Settings>>Payment terms admin can set the commission type, commission category and global commission for sellers of the marketplace.

    Since we have selected commission type here as “Product” which means commission define on a product will be considered. If it is not defined, then category commission will be applied, If neither product, not category commission is defined then by default seller commission will be applied.

    Category commission is to be defined by the admin as it will determine whether minimum or maximum commission is to be considered when one product will fall into more than one category.

    Also, with the help of this module now you can apply various commission methods such as Fixed, percentage, Fixed plus percentage and percentage plus fixed.

    Since category commission is defined here as commission type, In case there is no commission defined in the category then commission defined in the product will be applied and if no commission is applied even on the product, then default seller commission will be applied.

    If the commission type is selected as seller then commission defined on a seller will be applied this can be managed exclusively for every seller from his profile or from the global commission which is managed under the payment tab.

    Here are all the four type of commission methods: Fixed plus percentage, percentage plus fixed, fixed and percentage.


    A commission will be displayed in the seller profile and admin can clearly check the commission applied to a seller without opening his profile.

    Admin can change the commission method exclusively for a seller from his profile. Therefore on the selected seller admin just needs to check the icon to override seller’s default settings and set the commission method for that particular seller.

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    A commission can be defined on a product from Seller dashboard>>Product>>Sales.

    Admin can set commission on categories from Seller Dashboard>>Website categories>>selected category. The Commission is to be defined under commission tab.

    Here is an invoice for a seller’s product before the deduction of the commission.

    Since the payable amount is calculated after the deduction of commission for that sale, therefore, seller payment will be calculated once the commission is deducted.


    A seller can check the commission applied by the admin from their profile under the General tab.

    A seller can check the commission defined on a product from Seller dasboard>>product>>sales as product commission.

    A seller can check the commission applied to website categories from seller dashboard>>website categories>>category commission.

    A seller can see all his payment under the option of seller payment. Since seller payment consists of all the record related to the payment of a seller product hence it is an important record for a seller.

    Inside a seller payment seller can check his payable amount with the invoice details.

    Thank you for reading this blog. Hope it may help you ☺


    For any kind of technical assistance, just raise a ticket at and for any doubt contact us at

    Current Product Version - 1.0.0

    Supported Framework Version - ODOO V10

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