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    Odoo Equipment Allocations


    Imagine a small business without equipment like laptop, printers, keyboards, headphones etc. Actually, it is not possible to imagine the business without equipment. All Small-medium and large scale business know the value of equipment and their maintenance. Moreover, Equipment Maintenance increases the return on investment and cash flows. Whenever you buy the equipment you try to maintain it yourself but it is not possible without the help of an advanced application.

    To make your work easier, let me familiarise you with our new ERP module/software ” Odoo Equipment Maintenance/Odoo Resource Allocation” which provides you a single interface in which employee can easily request the equipment. Moreover, this module enables us to review, schedule and tells about the equipment’s maintenance. It also enables you to send the mail to followers of that resource’s category and maintenance team. Functionality wise our ERP software will benefit you to great extent.


    • An employee can easily request for equipment.
    • Under allocation request submenu you can create the request for a particular request.
    • Stages of request changes in case of approval, replacement, returning.
    • An employee can create “On-Demand” and “Permanent” request
    • Maintenance team along with the followers will receive an email for an allocation request.
    • Restrict user to allocate same equipment to the different user.
    • Manages expiry of warranty period according to the purchase date and warranty period.
    • Equipment user can cancel the request of the employee.
    • You can replace the permanent request anytime.


    After the configuration, let’s have the quick look on the workflow of the module.

    Initially, all records will display under “Allocation Request” submenu.

    Mention the relevant details like Purchase Date, Warranty Period. Accordingly, Warranty expires on will set.

    A dashboard displays all the details of the equipment. To see the details of the equipment follow the path Maintenance> Equipment.

    Now you can see the status of the equipment along with 1 allocation request created.

    Records of Stockable Products are maintained with all the details of the products like Sale price, Quantity in hand, Forecast Quantity.

    A pop-up will arise in case same equipment will be allocated to multiple users.

    On demand Allocation

    Follow the path Maintenance>Allocation Request and select the option “On-Demand”.

    A pop up arises showing the information to select the equipment.

    Select the equipment and hit save.

    The assignee will receive the approval email for his request.

    Followers will also receive the approval email.

    Return Equipment Process

    First of all click on “Return” and a pop up will arise. State the reason to return the equipment and hit Submit.

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    The assignee will receive the mail for the cancellation of the request.

    Followers will also get the mail regarding the cancellation request.


    Permanent Allocation of Equipment

    Again follow the same path aforementioned i.e Maintainance>Allocation Request. Then click on “Permanent” option.

    The Assignee will receive the email for allocation of equipment on the permanent basis.

    The process to replace the Equipment

    Simply follow the path Maintenance>Allocation Request>Replace. A pop up will arise asking for the equipment to be replaced with reason.

    The new replaced product will display on the product form.

    Again Assigned user or assignee will receive the email about the replacement.

    Process to Return the equipment

    Click on “Return” again a pop up will arise asking “Are you sure want to return this request” and hit save.

    An administrator will receive the equipment back.


    Was this guide helpful? Please share your feedback in the comments below.

    If you have any issues/queries regarding the module please raise a ticket at

    For any doubt contact us at

    Thanks for reading!!


    Current Product Version - 1.0.0

    Supported Framework Version - Odoo v11

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