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    Odoo Discount On Sale Order


    One thing you can do to attract more customers is to offer discounts on your products or services. So to bring more transparency we have launched this module Odoo Discount on Sale Order module facilitates the user to apply a discount on sales order both order line wise and globally in the whole order. Discount can be successfully applied on tax included as well as tax excluded amount. This module also allows the user to manage sale order and invoice report with the discount applied.


    • Manage the Discount Type: Fixed/Percent.
    • Apply Discount on the order line of Fixed/Percent Type.
    • Define Global Discount on a Sale Order of Fixed/Percent Type.
    • Determine Global Discount on Order’s total tax Included/Excluded Amount.
    • Manage the Sale Order Report with the applied discount.
    • Manage the Invoice Report with the applied discount.


    After buying this app from our Webkul store you will get the link for downloading the zip file. Simply download it and extract then you will see the discount_sale_order folder, now you will have to copy this app folder inside your Odoo addons path.

    Now simply follow these steps:
    1. Go to settings menu and click on Activate the Developer mode.
    2. Now go to apps menu and Click on ‘Update Modules List’.
    3. Remove the app’s filter and search for the discount_sale_order key.
    4. Now you will see the module then simply install it.

    After installing you will be able to handle different functionality as mentioned in module’s workflow.


    Let us check the workflow of this module.


    Firstly, enable the global discount setting to apply a global discount on the sales order and choose the option for applying the global discount on order’s total tax included/excluded amount.

    Set Discount On Sales Order

    Select the discount type: fixed/percent and enter the discount amount.

    On the basis of discount type, the final discount amount will be computed. Total discount, discount on order lines and the global discount will appear before order total.

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    Discount type is managed in the order invoice. Also, total discount is managed in order invoice.

    Display of discount on reports

    Sale order reports are managed with discount type and are managed with the total discount amount.

    Order invoice reports are managed with discount type and are managed with the total discount amount. Hence the discount will be visible to the customer on the invoice and reduce ambiguity related to discount.


    For any kind of technical assistance, just raise a ticket at and for any doubt contact us at

    Current Product Version - 1.0

    Supported Framework Version - Version 9/10/11

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