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    New features introduced in OpenCart

    OpenCart just launches the OpenCart alpha version. The developers can download the OpenCart alpha version directly from the official OpenCart website and check the new features. Currently, Opencart alpha version demo is not available on the official OpenCart website so you have to check the new features by installing the OpenCart in your instance.

    Below are the new features added in the OpenCart alpha version.

    • Cron Job option

    OpenCart is now provided the Cron job option in the default OpenCart. You can read about the Cron job from the OpenCart Cron job documentation page.

    • Product Options

    OpenCart added the separate option inside the Catalog menu to add the product options to any product.

    • Product Image Tab New Layout

    OpenCart updated the image tab layout of add/edit product page.

    • Lambda Function

    Lambda comes from the lambda calculus, it allows the developer to create the function without naming them. You can find the lambda function in this controller file:- catalog/controller/event/theme.php

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    • All the URL which generated through the Catalog/controller now append the language code in the query string or URL of any link like- product link, category link etc.

    • New UI to show the notification when product added to the cart.

    Let’s talk about the libraries updated in the OpenCart alpha version.

    • The Summernote editor is replaced by the CKEditor.

    • The jQuery library version updated from the v2.1.1 to v3.3.1

    • The Bootstrap library version updated from the v3.3.5 to v4.0.0

    • The Font awesome library version updated from the v4.7.0 to v5.0.13

    OpenCart is also planning to add the GDPR and cookie policy in the default OpenCart.

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  • vivek sharma
    Very Well explained! 🙂
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