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    MultiChannel Prestashop Odoo Bridge


    Connect your Prestashop E-commerce to Odoo with our module Multichannel Prestashop Odoo Bridge. Although, there are many integrations available in the market in order to make a connection between these two platforms but what if in future, a user wants to connect other platforms such as Magento, Amazon etc to the same Odoo along with Prestashop?

    In that case, our module Multichannel Prestashop connector will come up to the rescue and by using our Prestashop Odoo connector along with its core module “Odoo Multi-channel Sale”, a user can connect various E-Commerce platforms and Marketplaces simultaneously to Odoo along with Prestashop.


    • Simple and User-friendly Interface.
    • Real-time sale order and stock synchronization from Prestashop to Odoo.
    • Import Prestashop Products, Categories, and Partners in Odoo.
    • Exports attributes and its values, products, and categories from Odoo to Prestashop.
    • It updates Products, Categories, Order Status and Partners in Odoo
    • Maintains the synchronization history for each import and update of data.
    • A user can create multiple instances of Prestashop at Odoo end in order to import data.
    • Other E-Commerce platforms & Marketplaces can be connected to the Odoo simultaneously with Prestashop.


    After Installation of our Multichannel Prestashop Odoo Connector in Odoo along with its dependent module  Odoo Multi-Channel Sale, a new menu “Multichannel” will appear.

    Fill all the credentials and configurations correctly, and when a connection is established successfully then a new “Operation” tab will appear on your Prestashop instance page.

    This module facilitates us with the feature of managing multiple Prestashop instances with a single Odoo interface. It means at a time you can perform multiple operations simultaneously with different Prestashop instances.

    Import  Operations

    Using this functionality you can import products, orders, categories, and partners from Prestashop to Odoo with a single click.

    Import Products-

    Products along with its details will import just by clicking “Import Products” button.

    Follow the path Multichannel>Instances, your Prestashop instance will appear and then click on “Import products” to import all the products at once from Prestashop to Odoo.

    For Example– As you can see that the product “Blouse” has been successfully imported from Prestashop to Odoo.

       A product” Blouse” at Odoo End.

     Import Categories 

    Similarly, Categories will automatically import with the Products. Just Click on “Import Categories”.

    Order State Configuration

    In order to set Odoo Order Status like- quotation, draft, cancelled etc. According to the Prestashop Status, you need to configure Odoo Sale Order States to Prestashop  Sale Order States accordingly.

    For example– An order which is in “shipped” state at Prestashop end, it can be synced at the shipped state and the shipment will be created at Odoo end.                      

    Import orders
    This Connector gives the feature of importing Orders. If a customer wants to import the orders from Prestashop to Odoo, just click on “Import Orders”. Along with the Orders, customers will also import.

    Note- Therefore, orders can be imported automatically using cron and real-time in by installing our patch at Prestashop End.


    Our plugin provides the feature to export attributes and its values, products, and categories from Odoo to Prestashop.

    Either you can export/update all products at once or single product template at a time.

    Case1 Export/Update all products at once-

    There are two options mentioned below to Export the products.

    First Option:

    Follow the path Multichannel>Instances>Prestashop Instance and click on “Export products” button to export all the products from Odoo to Prestashop end.

    Second Option:

     Follow the path-  Sales >Products>Select All products and click on “Export/Update Products”.

    Case 2 Export/Update single product at a time-

    You can also export/update a specific product instead of export /updating all products at once. All you have to do is, follow the path Sales>Products> Action> Export//Update templates.

    For example- When you will click on “Export/Update Templates” button for product “Apple In-Ear Headphones”

    An exported product displays at  Prestashop End(mentioned in the screenshot).


    This module supports real-time stock synchronization i.e any update in the stock of any product at Odoo end will automatically reflect at Prestashop end too. Thus, there is no need to manage the stock manually.

    Stock at Odoo and Prestashop end(before updating quantity)- As you can see in the screenshot below, the on-hand quantity of product “Computer Case” is same at Odoo end as well as Prestashop end.

    Stock at Odoo and Prestashop end(after updating quantity)-

    Update on-hand quantity of product “Computer Case” to 20 units at Odoo end.

    The quantity will update at Prestashop end in real-time.


    Was this guide helpful? Please share your feedback in the comments below.

    If you have any issues/queries regarding the module please raise a ticket at

    For any doubt contact us at

    Thanks for reading!!


    Current Product Version - 1.0

    Supported Framework Version - Prestashop 1.6.x, 1.7.x , Odoo 8,Odoo 9 ,Odoo 10

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