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Multi Package Shipment – A new way towards excelling business

Updated 5 July 2016

In today’s world every business strives to satisfy their customers needs and at the same time wants to make more profits and have an edge over competitors in terms of services and products. Hence,managing both hand in hand gets difficult sometimes,might be due to various situations.One major concern in today’s modern businesses is about delivery of products at customers door steps at the right time and at the right place along with that incurring minimum expense for providing service.


  • More economical shipping cost for businesses
  • More efficient delivery
  • Ease of delivery
  • Concept of Mother and Child shipments

In today’s world of globalization where every business strives to make their presence globally, one of the major concern is delivering products and services globally properly.For products and services which requires international delivery,delivering at the right time and at the right place and in an economical manner gets quite challenging sometimes for organizations big or small.The Multi Package Shipment is a concept/term which is specifically related to international shipments wherein the customers order products/services from other countries and delivery of these products/services are handled in a more economical way hence benefiting businesses.

In Multi Package Shipment, all individual order(s) are termed as child shipment(s) and all child shipments with similar shipping location are grouped together and are placed in a single big shipment known as Mother Shipment.Once the mother shipment reaches a particular location nearby to all child shipments shipping address which are located inside the Mother shipment are separated and then delivered individually. In this manner the cost of shipping each individual order separately has decreased hence a lot of saving for business.This is the advantage of using Multi Package Shipment.

Lets consider an instance where Multi Package Shipment is used. Suppose,there are multiple customers from India and Nepal who has ordered certain products from a certain company say “X”.The company is situated is say “South Africa”. Now if the company ships all individual orders separately to India and Nepal,then it would cost them very high. Here, comes the concept the Multi Package Shipment, wherein all the individual orders would be placed in one big shipment i.e Mother Shipment and will be shipped to India. When it reaches a particular destination in India say “Mumbai Port”,the mother shipment would be unpacked and all child shipments would delivered separately.Hence, more efficient delivery and cost saving for businesses.

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