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    Magento 2 PWA As An Android App

    Updated 20 May 2022

    If you think about platform-specific apps and web apps in terms of capabilities and reach, platform-specific apps represent the simplest of capabilities whereas web apps represent the simplest of reach. So where do Progressive Web Apps fit in? Would that be easier if we have a PWA as an android? What would be best for your Magento store?

    Let’s find out!

    PWA Vs PWA As An Android App

    Firstly, the Progressive Web Apps (PWA) are developed and processed with modern APIs to produce enhanced reliability, capabilities, and installability while contacting anyone, anywhere, on any device with one codebase.

    In reality, Progressive Web Apps are web applications. Further, using uniform improvement, new capabilities are enabled in modern browsers. Using service workers and an internet app manifest, your progressive web application becomes reliable and installable. In case the new capabilities aren’t available, users still get the core experience.

    However, PWA has its own limitations:

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    • Lack of a correct installation experience on Chrome with a transparent and obvious UI for the users. (Add to Homescreen vs. Install)
    • Lack of Play Store support for PWAs.
    • Lack of selling and developer information from the platforms.
    • No access to app stores.
    • Fewer functionalities and thus less UX.
    • No access to innovations.
    • No extra room for business models




    Furthermore, if we can’t improve the channel, it’s not a worthwhile effort. Thus, here PWA as an android app wins the conflict.

    Headless PWA Supports Trusted Web Activities

    Headless PWA is initializing interesting features like push notifications, web Bluetooth, a complete app-like experience, etc that are brand new and were not possible in the previous time. 

    Moreover, the Trusted Web Activities allow multiple interactive processes that provide a proper process to let the progressive web apps into the android app.

    Further, it provides the exact android app-like experience to the user at the time they are using a PWA, whereas the characteristics and capabilities are provided by the browser. 

    Trusted Web Applications are now published to the Google Play Store. The method of publishing the PWA application is way different here, as the developer creates an Android APK file by wrapping up the existing PWA.  

    Further, there are various tools available for generating the APK, that are mentioned below: 

    A NodeJS based tool Bubblewrap is responsible for generating applications powered by Trusted Web Activities. The Bubblewrap documentation is completely open for the developers and they can get started freely. 

    Now there is another option for the priorly knowledged android developers, there is a tool name android-browser-helper for customizing an existing PWA app. For more details please check the documentation and demos.

    Start Your Own PWA as an Android App

    Progressive Web Apps (PWA) are web applications that use app-like features to make top-quality experiences that are fast, reliable, and interesting.

    The web has incredible reach and offers powerful ways for users to get new experiences. But users also want to check out applications on their store. Those users are, in many cases, already conversant in the brand or service they’re seeking and have a high level of intentionality that leads to above-average engagement metrics.

    Hence, the Play Store may be a store for Android apps, and customers often want to open their Progressive Web Apps from their Android apps.

    Advantages of PWA as android apps

    Browser Compatibility 

    It doesn’t need to be compatible with browser version updates. 

    Quality Criteria 

    Customers want to use a trusted web activity once they want to incorporate a web page in an Android app. Web pages during a trusted web activity must meet PWA install quality criteria and extra Android-specific criteria like policy compliance.

    Cross-app Interactions

    A PWA as an android app also allows cross-app interaction like lecture Facebook and Gmail typically lack during a PWA.


    Designed separately for Android, a native app is very adaptable and compatible with all devices. A PWA lacks this aspect. 

    Despite a couple of improvements in PWAs compatibility, PWA as android apps is gaining backing here. Push notifications are smooth for native apps while an equivalent isn’t possible in simple PWA.


    You can customize a native app consistent with the device to realize the advantages of the OS. Businesses also can introduce new features not available on the websites and may change the interface as desired. PWA lacks this feature.

    Requirement of Magento 2 PWA Android App 

    Launch Magento 2 PWA android App for eCommerce website & offer potent web applications to mobile shoppers.

    • Inbuilt direct in use the home page editor to vary look & feel of the home page of Progressive Web App.
    • Configure & send push notifications with personalized templates to Magento 2 PWA users & increase sales.
    • Offline mode working of Magento 2 PWA just in case of no/slow internet connection.
    • Showcase related products to enhance sales on Magento 2 PWA.
    • Show product reviews on Magento 2 PWA to motivate users for a sale decision.
    • Inbuilt chat solutions for a fast chat between store admin and users.
    • Detailed Product page view.





    Features of Magento 2 PWA Android App

    • Featured Product Listing
    • Easy Customization
    • Multi-device compatibility
    • Reliable and interesting
    • Easy Navigation Drawers 
    • Multi-lingual and currency support
    • Offline Mode for accessed screens
    • Easy Checkout
    • Seamless Layered Navigation
    • Unlimited push notifications
    • Live Synchronization
    • Product Scanning 

    In conclusion, the progressive web apps area must choice for all the web store holders as it provides a better user experience to the customer that is directly connected to the increased sales rate. Also, the most beneficial point is it gives a complete android app like experience whereas it’s actually not the same. 

    That’s all for the Magento 2 PWA As An Android App, still, have any issue, feel free to add a ticket and let us know your views to make the plugin better at

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