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Top Magento 2 POS for France Regions

Updated 18 November 2022

With the update in the French N525 legal norms, the software and web solution must take measures to comply with the authorities to make changes in the point of sale systems.


Thus, Webkul’s Magento 2-based POS extension will allow the store owner to comply and work in France. Now, all the documents in the retail store will have a digital signature attached to them.

Using this extension the sellers, customers and store owners are at benefit. Thus, allowing for smooth and profitable functioning of the physical store.

The major objective behind this change is the removal of any sort of fraud activity. It keeps a record of the verified transactions on the store.

However, any modification or discrepancy in orders or inventory is traceable. This helps both the business and customers to remain safe and avoid any sort of loss.

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Get POS NF525 Certified

The certification procedure will help the physical store owners to comply with French Law. Thus, protecting the store from any legal matters.

This NF525 certification requires the cash drawer and accounting software regulation of any transaction. So, all the taxable business that records the order details must be non-alterable.

webkul_Magento 2 POS For France Regions_configuration

That is the actions done via the POS must remain in a system that no one can change illegally. This saves the store from any fraudulent order placement.

Digital Signature in Magento 2 POS for France

Now, the POS with the help of this certificate will remain secure. Therefore, allowing the orders, invoices and sales receipts to be verified.

The digital signatures are encrypted quotes which are present in the document. These digital are coded by base_64 which includes previous order details, and current order details.

Magento 2 POS For France Regions-Order-success-2

Accordingly, the invoice or receipts will have these encrypted codes to make them authentic. However, the store owner can view these codes in the backend to find the verified orders.

Transparent and Trustworthy

With the implementation of the encrypted code in the POS, both the customer and store owner will not have to concern.

The transparent system will help the reflection of any fraud record to the admin. Consequently, helping them from any theft loss.

webkul_Magento 2 POS For France Regions Invoice

This system is also trustworthy enough for consumers as they can receive a genuine receipt for the order. Hence, building a sense of trust among the customers.

Conclusion- Magento 2 POS For France Regions

So, if you are planning to build a successful POS on Magento 2 Platform. Then POS French NF525 for Magento 2 is the best answer to all your queries.

Remember this is an extension of Magento 2 POS which you must have first.

So, that is all for Top Magento 2 POS for France Regions. In case you need more information or require any customization, then please send an email to [email protected] or raise a ticket at our Helpdesk System.

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