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    Magento 2 Marketplace Indonesian Shipping

    Magento 2 Marketplace Indonesian Shipping: Using this extension, the admin and the sellers of the marketplace can allow providing the Indonesian Shipping service for shipping their products in Indonesia.

    RajaOngkir is a site and web service (API) that provides shipping costs information from various couriers in Indonesia such as POS Indonesia, JNE, TIKI, PCP, ESL, and RPX.

    In general, RajaOngkir is intended for users who want to know and compare shipping costs from various couriers and specifically for the customers who shop online.


    • This extension is an add-on to the Webkul’s Multi-Vendor Marketplace.
    • To make use of this extension, you must have first installed the Webkul’s Magento 2 Multi-Vendor Marketplace.


    • The admin can enable or disable Marketplace Indonesian Shipping method.
    • The admin can set the Marketplace Indonesian shipping title name that will be shown from the front side.
    • Also the admin can allow sellers to save his/her Indonesian Credentials.
    • The admin can increase or decrease shipping charges by some value.
    • Sellers can also choose a Starter/Basic/Pro API version.
    • Sellers can also set the Sub District as his/her origin.
    • Indonesian shipping rate will be calculated from the seller’s address.
    • The seller can track the shipment.


    Follow the below steps for installing the extension –

    Step 1:

    The customers will get a zip folder of the Magento 2 Marketplace Indonesian Shipping module. They need to extract the contents of this zip folder on their system.

    Please select the correct folder according to your Magento version (2.1.x or 2.2.x).

    Unzip the extension zip and then move “app” folder (inside “src” folder) into Magento root directory on the server.

    Step 2:

    Now, run the below mentioned commands in the Magento 2 root directory via terminal.

    1. php bin/magento setup:upgrade
    2. php bin/magento setup:di:compile
    3. php bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy

    Step 3:

    lastly, flush the cache and re-index all by navigating through System->Cache management.


    For translating the module language, please navigate into the to app>code>Webkul>MpIndonesianShipping>i18n and edit the en_US.csv file.

    Now, translate the words on the right and upload the modified file to the same location. The filename of the translated file should be according to the language and region code like de_DE.csv.

    How to Get the API Key?

    1. If you already have an account at RajaOngkir, Login and navigate to the API Keys section to get the API Key.
    2. If you don’t have an account, follow the steps below to create one and get the API key

    Step 1:  Navigate to Register and then enter the required details and tap Daftar button.

    Step 2: You will see a success message for registration and will receive an email for account activation.

    Step 3: Go to your email account and open the email received. Tap or copy the link in your browser.

    Step 4: You can see that the account has been activated successfully.

    Step 5: You can now login with your user name and password an go to the API Key to get your API Key.

    After login, you can also check the Upgrades that are available. Note that every user who registers on RajaOngkir automatically gets a Starter account, if you want to use more features, you have to upgrade your account to Basic or Pro

    Module – Configuration

    After installing the extension correctly, the admin will navigate through Stores->Configuration->Sales->Shipping Methods to configure the module.

    Here, the admin will –

    • Enable the module for checkout by selecting the option ‘Enabled for Checkout‘ as Enabled else select it as Disabled to keep the module disabled at checkout
    • Select the API URL according to your account type – Starter, Basic, and Pro.
      Here, the admin will get the Starter Pack in the API URL by default. To choose any other URL select the respective API URL from the drop down option.
      • Starter – It includes only one domestic shipping service that is JNE.
      • Basic – It includes Starter Pack features + Get an International Courier service.
      • Pro – It includes Starter Pack + Basic Pack +  you will also get the option of choosing the city and sub districts for shipping.

    Here, the admin can select the Origin Type as City or Sub -District.

    • Enter  the API Key for the selected API URL
    • Load Data – You need to tap this button only after saving the complete configuration for validation of the key
    • Set the Shipping Title that is visible to the customers at the store frontend
    • Set the Method Name
    • Select the Origin Type as City or Sub District as required
    • If sub district is selected then select the Sub District Origin
    • Select the allowed Domestic Shipping Couriers
    • Select the allowed International Shipping Couriers
    • Add or Subtract the Shipping Price by – Enter the amount by Prefixing a + or as required. To increase the shipping amount by Rp 10 use +10 and to decrease the amount use -10 and like wise. In other words – The admin can add additional amount to the original API generated shipping price or subtract amount from the original API generated shipping price
    • Select Yes to ‘Allow the seller to Save MPIndonesianShipping Details’ else select No.
    • Select Yes for ‘Show Method if Not Applicable‘ to display the error message else select it as No.

    Shipping Setting

    Under this section, the admin will set up his store origin by navigating through Stores->Configuration->Sales->Shipping Settings.

    Seller’s End – Shipping Configuration

    After the successful installation of the extension, the seller will navigate to the menu option Indonesian Configuration.

    Here, the seller will –

    • Select respective API URL from the drop-down option
    • Here, the seller will get the Starter Pack in the API URL by default. To choose any other URL select the respective API URL from the drop down option.
      • Starter – It includes only one domestic shipping service that is JNE.
      • Basic – It includes Starter Pack features + Get an International Courier service.
      • Pro – It includes Starter Pack + Basic Pack +  Get the option of choosing the city and sub districts for shipping under the Origin Type(Only in Pro) option.
    • Enter the API key for the selected API URL.
    • Select the Origin Type as – City or Sub District as required
    • Select the Domestic Shipping carriers
    • Select the International Shipping carriers

    Shipping Setting

    After configuring the Indonesia Shipping, the seller will navigate to the Shipping Settings section to set up their origin.

    Here, the seller will –

    • Enter his Company name
    • Enter the Phone number
    • Enter the Street Address
    • Enter the City
    • Enter the respective State/Province
    • Enter the Zip Code of your location
    • Select the Country

    Lastly, tap the Save button to save the Origin settings for the seller.

    Customer’s End – Workflow

    From the store frontend, the customer will add the product into the cart and tap the Proceed to Checkout button to proceed further.

    This brings up the section to select the shipping method. Here, the customer can select a shipping method and tap the Next button.

    After this, the customer can see the order summary along with the selected shipping method. Here, the customer can tap the Place Order button to complete the purchase.

    After placing a successful order, the customer can check the order details under My Orders section. Here, the customer can see the selected shipping carrier for the order.

    Seller’s End – Management

    The seller will navigate to My Order History menu option under the marketplace block to check the orders placed for his products.

    Here, the seller will be able to check the shipping method selected by the customer. Apart from that, the seller can manage the order by generating the invoice, enter the tracking number and tap the Ship button for generating the shipment and sending the tracking number to the customer.


    1. The merchant(Admin/Seller) will have to manually send the shipment using the same courier service provider that the customer had selected while placing the order.
    2. After receiving the tracking number, the merchant(Admin/Seller) can add the tracking details while creating the shipment for the particular order.

    The customer can tap the Track this Shipment link which opens up a popup with the tracking details of the respective order.

    That was all about the Magento 2 Marketplace Indonesian Shipping extension. Still have any doubts or queries regarding the extension get back to us at or create a ticket at our HelpDesk system.

    Current Product Version - 3.0.0

    Supported Framework Version - 2.0.x, 2.1.x, 2.2.x, 2.3.x

    . . .

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  • idham
    is this extension support different shipment for different vendor in one order?
    • Nishad Bhan
      Hello Idham, Thanks for reaching out! If you want to have the functionality wherein a buyer can select from different shipping service from different sellers in the same order then you must have the Magento 2 Multi Shipping Marketplace Add-on. For any further query, you can get back to our support team at and they will assist you with the best solution available.
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