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    Magento Gift Card

    Updated 1 February 2024

    With the help of this module, the store owner can create a gift card products and list these products in the online store. The Customers can purchase these gift card products and send it to another customer.This extension lets the users gift something to their friend, relative or a person electronically. Gift card user can use a gift card for the multiple purchases.


    • Gift card product type included ensuring a smooth creation of gift cards via admin panel.
    • Customers can use complete or a certain amount of the gift card to make purchases.
    • Gift card user will get email notifications after each gift card usage.
    • Easily manageable since gift card is created as a normal product in Magento.
    • Works with all Magento versions.
    • Supports multiple stores.

    Also you have check our Magento 2 Gift Card extension.


    Installation of this module is very easy. You need to move the app and skin folder into Magento root.

    Magento gift card
    After moving both the folder flush the cache from Magento admin panel. Under System > Cache Management.
    Magento Gift Card


    After the successful installation of the Magento Gift Card module, you will be able to see the configuration panel under Gift Card > Configuration as per the below screen.

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    Now Admin can create a new gift card product under Catalog > Manage Product > Add Product.

    Specify product type as Gift Card

    Enter all the details for the product as you create a regular product in Magento and save it. Now you can see new product is created in product grid with a custom options field for email to the person whom you want to gift it.

    Admin can find gift card details under Gift Card > Gift Card Details. Once the Customer has assigned the gift card via Email to another customer, then the admin will be able to see all the details like Sender’s Email, Receiver’s Email, Gift Code, Total Amount, Left Amount etc.

    Now, when the customer will use the assigned gift code and make a purchase, then the admin can view the Left Amount.

    Front end

    After the Gift Card code has been emailed to a customer, then he can apply it and get a discount on a purchase. If the Customer applies the gift card code in the DISCOUNT CODES field then it will not be applicable and a message will be displayed that Coupon Code is not valid.

    When a customer will apply the gift card code in Gift Code field and enter the amount the discount will be applied and the amount will be deducted from the subtotal.

    The Customer can either apply the entire discount amount at once or can apply some of the amount.

    That’s all for the Magento Gift Card, still have any issue feel free to add a ticket and let us know your views to make the module better

    Current Product Version - 1.0.1

    Supported Framework Version - 1.6.x.x , 1.7.x.x , 1.8.x.x , 1.9.x.x

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