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    Magento Country Code

    Country Code="AF" , Country Name="Afghanistan"
    Country Code="AX" , Country Name="Åland Islands"
    Country Code="AL" , Country Name="Albania"
    Country Code="DZ" , Country Name="Algeria"
    Country Code="AS" , Country Name="American Samoa"
    Country Code="AD" , Country Name="Andorra"
    Country Code="AO" , Country Name="Angola"
    Country Code="AI" , Country Name="Anguilla"
    Country Code="AQ" , Country Name="Antarctica"
    Country Code="AG" , Country Name="Antigua and Barbuda"
    Country Code="AR" , Country Name="Argentina"
    Country Code="AM" , Country Name="Armenia"
    Country Code="AW" , Country Name="Aruba"
    Country Code="AU" , Country Name="Australia"
    Country Code="AT" , Country Name="Austria"
    Country Code="AZ" , Country Name="Azerbaijan"
    Country Code="BS" , Country Name="Bahamas"
    Country Code="BH" , Country Name="Bahrain"
    Country Code="BD" , Country Name="Bangladesh"
    Country Code="BB" , Country Name="Barbados"
    Country Code="BY" , Country Name="Belarus"
    Country Code="BE" , Country Name="Belgium"
    Country Code="BZ" , Country Name="Belize"
    Country Code="BJ" , Country Name="Benin"
    Country Code="BM" , Country Name="Bermuda"
    Country Code="BT" , Country Name="Bhutan"
    Country Code="BO" , Country Name="Bolivia"
    Country Code="BA" , Country Name="Bosnia and Herzegovina"
    Country Code="BW" , Country Name="Botswana"
    Country Code="BV" , Country Name="Bouvet Island"
    Country Code="BR" , Country Name="Brazil"
    Country Code="IO" , Country Name="British Indian Ocean Territory"
    Country Code="VG" , Country Name="British Virgin Islands"
    Country Code="BN" , Country Name="Brunei"
    Country Code="BG" , Country Name="Bulgaria"
    Country Code="BF" , Country Name="Burkina Faso"
    Country Code="BI" , Country Name="Burundi"
    Country Code="KH" , Country Name="Cambodia"
    Country Code="CM" , Country Name="Cameroon"
    Country Code="CA" , Country Name="Canada"
    Country Code="CV" , Country Name="Cape Verde"
    Country Code="KY" , Country Name="Cayman Islands"
    Country Code="CF" , Country Name="Central African Republic"
    Country Code="TD" , Country Name="Chad"
    Country Code="CL" , Country Name="Chile"
    Country Code="CN" , Country Name="China"
    Country Code="CX" , Country Name="Christmas Island"
    Country Code="CC" , Country Name="Cocos [Keeling] Islands"
    Country Code="CO" , Country Name="Colombia"
    Country Code="KM" , Country Name="Comoros"
    Country Code="CG" , Country Name="Congo - Brazzaville"
    Country Code="CD" , Country Name="Congo - Kinshasa"
    Country Code="CK" , Country Name="Cook Islands"
    Country Code="CR" , Country Name="Costa Rica"
    Country Code="CI" , Country Name="Côte d’Ivoire"
    Country Code="HR" , Country Name="Croatia"
    Country Code="CU" , Country Name="Cuba"
    Country Code="CY" , Country Name="Cyprus"
    Country Code="CZ" , Country Name="Czech Republic"
    Country Code="DK" , Country Name="Denmark"
    Country Code="DJ" , Country Name="Djibouti"
    Country Code="DM" , Country Name="Dominica"
    Country Code="DO" , Country Name="Dominican Republic"
    Country Code="EC" , Country Name="Ecuador"
    Country Code="EG" , Country Name="Egypt"
    Country Code="SV" , Country Name="El Salvador"
    Country Code="GQ" , Country Name="Equatorial Guinea"
    Country Code="ER" , Country Name="Eritrea"
    Country Code="EE" , Country Name="Estonia"
    Country Code="ET" , Country Name="Ethiopia"
    Country Code="FK" , Country Name="Falkland Islands"
    Country Code="FO" , Country Name="Faroe Islands"
    Country Code="FJ" , Country Name="Fiji"
    Country Code="FI" , Country Name="Finland"
    Country Code="FR" , Country Name="France"
    Country Code="GF" , Country Name="French Guiana"
    Country Code="PF" , Country Name="French Polynesia"
    Country Code="TF" , Country Name="French Southern Territories"
    Country Code="GA" , Country Name="Gabon"
    Country Code="GM" , Country Name="Gambia"
    Country Code="GE" , Country Name="Georgia"
    Country Code="DE" , Country Name="Germany"
    Country Code="GH" , Country Name="Ghana"
    Country Code="GI" , Country Name="Gibraltar"
    Country Code="GR" , Country Name="Greece"
    Country Code="GL" , Country Name="Greenland"
    Country Code="GD" , Country Name="Grenada"
    Country Code="GP" , Country Name="Guadeloupe"
    Country Code="GU" , Country Name="Guam"
    Country Code="GT" , Country Name="Guatemala"
    Country Code="GG" , Country Name="Guernsey"
    Country Code="GN" , Country Name="Guinea"
    Country Code="GW" , Country Name="Guinea-Bissau"
    Country Code="GY" , Country Name="Guyana"
    Country Code="HT" , Country Name="Haiti"
    Country Code="HM" , Country Name="Heard Island and McDonald Islands"
    Country Code="HN" , Country Name="Honduras"
    Country Code="HK" , Country Name="Hong Kong SAR China"
    Country Code="HU" , Country Name="Hungary"
    Country Code="IS" , Country Name="Iceland"
    Country Code="IN" , Country Name="India"
    Country Code="ID" , Country Name="Indonesia"
    Country Code="IR" , Country Name="Iran"
    Country Code="IQ" , Country Name="Iraq"
    Country Code="IE" , Country Name="Ireland"
    Country Code="IM" , Country Name="Isle of Man"
    Country Code="IL" , Country Name="Israel"
    Country Code="IT" , Country Name="Italy"
    Country Code="JM" , Country Name="Jamaica"
    Country Code="JP" , Country Name="Japan"
    Country Code="JE" , Country Name="Jersey"
    Country Code="JO" , Country Name="Jordan"
    Country Code="KZ" , Country Name="Kazakhstan"
    Country Code="KE" , Country Name="Kenya"
    Country Code="KI" , Country Name="Kiribati"
    Country Code="KW" , Country Name="Kuwait"
    Country Code="KG" , Country Name="Kyrgyzstan"
    Country Code="LA" , Country Name="Laos"
    Country Code="LV" , Country Name="Latvia"
    Country Code="LB" , Country Name="Lebanon"
    Country Code="LS" , Country Name="Lesotho"
    Country Code="LR" , Country Name="Liberia"
    Country Code="LY" , Country Name="Libya"
    Country Code="LI" , Country Name="Liechtenstein"
    Country Code="LT" , Country Name="Lithuania"
    Country Code="LU" , Country Name="Luxembourg"
    Country Code="MO" , Country Name="Macau SAR China"
    Country Code="MK" , Country Name="Macedonia"
    Country Code="MG" , Country Name="Madagascar"
    Country Code="MW" , Country Name="Malawi"
    Country Code="MY" , Country Name="Malaysia"
    Country Code="MV" , Country Name="Maldives"
    Country Code="ML" , Country Name="Mali"
    Country Code="MT" , Country Name="Malta"
    Country Code="MH" , Country Name="Marshall Islands"
    Country Code="MQ" , Country Name="Martinique"
    Country Code="MR" , Country Name="Mauritania"
    Country Code="MU" , Country Name="Mauritius"
    Country Code="YT" , Country Name="Mayotte"
    Country Code="MX" , Country Name="Mexico"
    Country Code="FM" , Country Name="Micronesia"
    Country Code="MD" , Country Name="Moldova"
    Country Code="MC" , Country Name="Monaco"
    Country Code="MN" , Country Name="Mongolia"
    Country Code="ME" , Country Name="Montenegro"
    Country Code="MS" , Country Name="Montserrat"
    Country Code="MA" , Country Name="Morocco"
    Country Code="MZ" , Country Name="Mozambique"
    Country Code="MM" , Country Name="Myanmar [Burma]"
    Country Code="NA" , Country Name="Namibia"
    Country Code="NR" , Country Name="Nauru"
    Country Code="NP" , Country Name="Nepal"
    Country Code="NL" , Country Name="Netherlands"
    Country Code="AN" , Country Name="Netherlands Antilles"
    Country Code="NC" , Country Name="New Caledonia"
    Country Code="NZ" , Country Name="New Zealand"
    Country Code="NI" , Country Name="Nicaragua"
    Country Code="NE" , Country Name="Niger"
    Country Code="NG" , Country Name="Nigeria"
    Country Code="NU" , Country Name="Niue"
    Country Code="NF" , Country Name="Norfolk Island"
    Country Code="MP" , Country Name="Northern Mariana Islands"
    Country Code="KP" , Country Name="North Korea"
    Country Code="NO" , Country Name="Norway"
    Country Code="OM" , Country Name="Oman"
    Country Code="PK" , Country Name="Pakistan"
    Country Code="PW" , Country Name="Palau"
    Country Code="PS" , Country Name="Palestinian Territories"
    Country Code="PA" , Country Name="Panama"
    Country Code="PG" , Country Name="Papua New Guinea"
    Country Code="PY" , Country Name="Paraguay"
    Country Code="PE" , Country Name="Peru"
    Country Code="PH" , Country Name="Philippines"
    Country Code="PN" , Country Name="Pitcairn Islands"
    Country Code="PL" , Country Name="Poland"
    Country Code="PT" , Country Name="Portugal"
    Country Code="PR" , Country Name="Puerto Rico"
    Country Code="QA" , Country Name="Qatar"
    Country Code="RE" , Country Name="Réunion"
    Country Code="RO" , Country Name="Romania"
    Country Code="RU" , Country Name="Russia"
    Country Code="RW" , Country Name="Rwanda"
    Country Code="BL" , Country Name="Saint Barthélemy"
    Country Code="SH" , Country Name="Saint Helena"
    Country Code="KN" , Country Name="Saint Kitts and Nevis"
    Country Code="LC" , Country Name="Saint Lucia"
    Country Code="MF" , Country Name="Saint Martin"
    Country Code="PM" , Country Name="Saint Pierre and Miquelon"
    Country Code="VC" , Country Name="Saint Vincent and the Grenadines"
    Country Code="WS" , Country Name="Samoa"
    Country Code="SM" , Country Name="San Marino"
    Country Code="ST" , Country Name="São Tomé and Príncipe"
    Country Code="SA" , Country Name="Saudi Arabia"
    Country Code="SN" , Country Name="Senegal"
    Country Code="RS" , Country Name="Serbia"
    Country Code="SC" , Country Name="Seychelles"
    Country Code="SL" , Country Name="Sierra Leone"
    Country Code="SG" , Country Name="Singapore"
    Country Code="SK" , Country Name="Slovakia"
    Country Code="SI" , Country Name="Slovenia"
    Country Code="SB" , Country Name="Solomon Islands"
    Country Code="SO" , Country Name="Somalia"
    Country Code="ZA" , Country Name="South Africa"
    Country Code="GS" , Country Name="South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands"
    Country Code="KR" , Country Name="South Korea"
    Country Code="ES" , Country Name="Spain"
    Country Code="LK" , Country Name="Sri Lanka"
    Country Code="SD" , Country Name="Sudan"
    Country Code="SR" , Country Name="Suriname"
    Country Code="SJ" , Country Name="Svalbard and Jan Mayen"
    Country Code="SZ" , Country Name="Swaziland"
    Country Code="SE" , Country Name="Sweden"
    Country Code="CH" , Country Name="Switzerland"
    Country Code="SY" , Country Name="Syria"
    Country Code="TW" , Country Name="Taiwan"
    Country Code="TJ" , Country Name="Tajikistan"
    Country Code="TZ" , Country Name="Tanzania"
    Country Code="TH" , Country Name="Thailand"
    Country Code="TL" , Country Name="Timor-Leste"
    Country Code="TG" , Country Name="Togo"
    Country Code="TK" , Country Name="Tokelau"
    Country Code="TO" , Country Name="Tonga"
    Country Code="TT" , Country Name="Trinidad and Tobago"
    Country Code="TN" , Country Name="Tunisia"
    Country Code="TR" , Country Name="Turkey"
    Country Code="TM" , Country Name="Turkmenistan"
    Country Code="TC" , Country Name="Turks and Caicos Islands"
    Country Code="TV" , Country Name="Tuvalu"
    Country Code="UG" , Country Name="Uganda"
    Country Code="UA" , Country Name="Ukraine"
    Country Code="AE" , Country Name="United Arab Emirates"
    Country Code="GB" , Country Name="United Kingdom"
    Country Code="US" , Country Name="United States"
    Country Code="UY" , Country Name="Uruguay"
    Country Code="UM" , Country Name="U.S. Minor Outlying Islands"
    Country Code="VI" , Country Name="U.S. Virgin Islands"
    Country Code="UZ" , Country Name="Uzbekistan"
    Country Code="VU" , Country Name="Vanuatu"
    Country Code="VA" , Country Name="Vatican City"
    Country Code="VE" , Country Name="Venezuela"
    Country Code="VN" , Country Name="Vietnam"
    Country Code="WF" , Country Name="Wallis and Futuna"
    Country Code="EH" , Country Name="Western Sahara"
    Country Code="YE" , Country Name="Yemen"
    Country Code="ZM" , Country Name="Zambia"
    Country Code="ZW" , Country Name="Zimbabwe"

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