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    Magento Advanced Quote System

    Magento Advance Quote System helps to enable the customer quotation request in Magento. The admin can allow the customers to quote his products. Also, the buyers can add the product’s quote into the Qcart(Quote cart) and then can download the quote receipt for future reference.

    Note: Except Grouped” Product (when grouped product is added to the cart it is just added as a simple product), this module works with every type of product viz. Simple, Virtual, Downloadable, Configurable, and Bundled products.

    Features Of Magento Advanced Quote System

    • Customers can add Different products in the cart.
    • Customers can send Quotation to admin.
    • Enable/Disable Price in Quotation Area and Quote cart for Front-end.
    • Admin can enable the Advance Quote for their products.
    • The customer can enter custom prices, Quantity for products.
    • The customer can add image/file along with the description for products.
    • Customers can order products in bulk with the custom price.
    • Buyer can view the bulk orders, price and status of a particular product.
    • Can communicate with the admin via conversation system (inbuilt).
    • Works with every type of custom option including file type.
    • Admin can approve or decline customer quote.
    • Convert retail Magento store into a Wholesale store.
    • Admin can enable or disable Advance Quote.
    • Buyer can view the bulk orders and price and much more.
    • Admin can also change the status of customer quote.
    • Admin can also add the quote system on their products.
    • Works with multi-store and multi-website of Magento.
    • Multi-Lingual Support.
    • Supports latest modern Magento RWD layout.

    Installation Of Magento Advanced Quote System

    Installation of the module is super easy, you just need to move the app and skin folders into Magento root folder on the server as shown below in the snapshot.
    Heading name goes here

    After moving the app and the skin folders, you just need to flush the Magento cache, by navigating through System->Cache Management.
    Heading name goes here

    Admin Configuration – Magento Advanced Quote System

    After the successful installation of the module, the admin can see the “Advance Quotes” menu option under the admin panel as per the snapshot below.

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    There are two sub-menus under the advance quotes –

    • Manage Advance Quotes and
    • Configuration.

    Admin Configuration - Magento Advanced Quote System


    Navigate to Advanced Quotes-> Configuration.

    • Here the admin can set his email(responsible for all notifications), name(Name of the store owner), Minimum Quote Quantity(Minimum quote quantity that needs to be purchased), Allowed File Types(File types that can be uploaded).

    Admin Configuration - Magento Advanced Quote System

    • Now the admin will enter the details that will be visible on the quotation receipts. Here the admin will enter the Heading titles for the three headers available and the title for the footer, select the icon for quotation or delete any previously added icon.
    • The admin will enter the State, City, and Zip code and the contact number. After making all the configuration settings tap the save button at the top right-hand side to save all the settings.
    • lastly, the admin can set the option to disable the price of the quote products at the front-end.
    Manage Advanced Quotes

    Under this menu option, the admin will find all the bulk quotes that have been submitted by various customers. The admin can see the quotation receipts submitted by clicking on the respective “Quotation Id“. To view the quoted product, the admin will click on the “Product Id“. To view the complete details of the quote the admin can click on the “View Quotes“.

    Manage Advance Quotes

    After clicking on the “View Quotes“, the admin can view all the quotation requests for the product. Here the admin can delete or change the status of the quotes. The admin can also view the quotation for the product by clicking on the “View” button.

    Manage Advance Quotes

    After clicking the “View” button, the admin can view the quote details as shown below in the snapshot.

    Manage Advance Quotes

    The admin can Enable the quote status for Quote the product via the customer. The customer can give their quote on that particular product that has an enabled quote status.

    Manage Advance Quotes

    Customers will be able to quote the products after logging in to their account. Now,  the customers can quote the product by clicking the “Add To QuoteCart” button.
    Heading name goes here

    After this, a pop-up will appear where the customer will have to enter the quantity for the quoted product, price per item, description if any, and with an image if any as shown below in the snapshot.

    Heading name goes here

    Tapping the “Add To QCart” button will add the quoted product into the QCart as per the below snapshot.
    Heading name goes here

    If you want to add more quotes to the cart you can click on the “Add More Quotes” else if you want to generate the quotation receipt click on the “Generate Quotes” button after which a PDF gets downloaded with the details of your quote.

    Heading name goes here

    The customer can see their quotes under My account > Advance Quotations. Here the customer can download their quotation request details in a pdf format by clicking the Quotation Id, click on the Product Id to go to the quoted product, and click on View Quotes to see their quotation request and edit or delete the request.

    Heading name goes here

    After clicking on the “View” button, the customer can see the below-shown page.
    Heading name goes here

    Here the customer can edit or delete his quotation requests. After clicking on the edit button below edit page will open. After making the changes the customer will click on the update button to update the quotation as shown below in the snapshot.

    Heading name goes here

    Admin and customer can both send each other messages as per the snapshot below.

    Heading name goes here

    The customers can send their message by going to My Account -> Advance Quotations as per the snapshot below.

    Seller send messagefrom his account to the admin

    If the Admin has Set – Disable Price in front-end as “Yes”

    If the admin has set – Disable Price in front-end as “Yes“, then the price of the quoted products will be hidden along with the add-to-cart button and another button – “Ask For Price” Will Appear as shown below in the snapshots.

    Heading name goes here

    After the above option is set to – “Yes” – the front-end appear as shown below in the snapshot.
    Heading name goes here

    Now when the customer clicks on the “Ask For Price” button, a popup will appear where the customer will enter the quantity, description, upload a file if applicable and click the “Add to Qcart” to get a quote for the product as per the snapshot below. Rest the process will be same.

    Heading name goes here

    That’s all for the Magento Advanced Quote System module still have any issue feel free to add a ticket and let us know your views to make the module better at

    Current Product Version - 0.0.1

    Supported Framework Version - 1.7.x, 1.8.x, 1.9.x

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