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    Laravel eCommerce B2B Marketplace USPS Shipping

    Updated 27 April 2022

    Laravel eCommerce B2B Marketplace USPS shipping module helps the admin to integrate the shipping module on the platform. The module automatically calculates the cost of shipment from the seller’s origin address.

    ** This is an add-on of the B2B marketplace, so you need to install the Laravel B2B marketplace Module first for using this add-on.

    Check a brief overview of the plugin –


    Feature List:-

    • Global Acceptance: Widely accepted across the globe (almost 220 countries)
    • USPS service: A wide range of USPS shipping services
    • Freight calculation: Automatically calculate the amount of the shipping
    • Checkout: Enable during the checkout process

    Installation of the Module:- Laravel eCommerce B2B Marketplace USPS Shipping

    Unzip the respective extension zip and then merge “packages” folders into the project root directory.

    Goto config/app.php file and add the following line under ‘providers’

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    Goto composer.json file and add the following line under ‘Psr-4’

    "Webkul\\UspsShipping\\": "packages/Webkul/UspsShipping/src"

    Run these commands below to complete the setup

    composer dump-autoload
    php artisan migrate
    php artisan route:cache
    php artisan vendor:publish

    -> Press 0 and then press enter to publish all assets and configurations.

    Now execute the project on your specified domain.

    Back-end Configuration:- Laravel eCommerce B2B Marketplace USPS Shipping

    After installation of the module, the admin will find an option in the configuration tab to add another shipping method as USPS through the sales tab as shown below:

    USPS back-end configuration

    Title: The admin can set the shipping title

    Status: Admin can enable & disable the shipping module.

    Mode: Mode can be developed one or live one as per the status

    Gateway URL, Account number & Password: Once you have the collaboration with the USPS they will provide you key along with the user id & password

    Container: The container has different options and the admin can select the container type.

    Allowed method: There are different service methods available and the admin can select them.

    Allowed supplier to save USPS details: Admin can allow the supplier to save the USPS details.

    Error Message: Custom messages can be set by the admin if there is an error.

    The admin has the option to activate the shipping modules for the supplier

    Vendor supplier

    Supplier Back-end:-

    Once the admin activate the shipping option, it will be published on the supplier dashboard as shown below:-

    Vendor Back-end configuration

    In the above picture, Account id, and Password will be provided when the supplier registered themselves in the USPS shipping.

    Front-end configuration:

    Once it’s being activated on both the products i.e admin and supplier then it will be published on the front-end section selection of shipping method as shown below:


    That’s all about the Laravel eCommerce B2B Marketplace USPS Shipping.

    If you have any other queries, please reach us through the ticket:

    Thanks for reading.


    Current Product Version - 1

    Supported Framework Version - Bagistov 1.3.0

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