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Is Giving Too Much Choices to Customer ,killing your online sales?

Updated 5 November 2015

Is giving too much choices to your customers on online stores killing your sales !! Well..may be yes.
It is observed that giving too many choices to customers often hurts the conversion rate and also leaves the customer in indecisive state. When customers have more than many choices then it becomes a ‘work’ to select best possible option which becomes an additional task .  In today’s competitive world its being said that “the more the merrier ” for most of the cases, but here too many choices for single objective leads to confusion and poor conversion .

Lets look into few solutions for how to get it resolved for your eCommerce store :

1. Sort & Classify

Having too much your online store will never be a problem till it is manageable . Hence you as an store owner is required to put in a good time and efforts in categorization of products on the store. Proper selection of product categories makes it easier for customers to find what they have been searching for.
For example : Most of the customers visit the eCommerce store with the pre-decided mindset of what they want , but your store will make it difficult to find what they wants…then chances are you are likely to loose this sale..!
Demo Shop


The image above is the home page layout of an eCommerce website , which is not showing every product they have on the homepage..yet explaining successfully about what all they have.The categorization is clean ,non confusing yet very explanatory.This home is not overloaded with products . Keeping too much on home page confuses the customers when they visit your store.

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2.Go from Less towards More

The problem can be sorted even if you have a huge number choices of product, provided you go from less towards more, which means giving less option is the beginning and then expanding the choices, which will at least help in extending the possibility of retaining the customer for a longer while than usual as the number of choices will be increasing but in a smart way.
Have a look at this image below ⇓
nitika store
 Hence giving less options in the beginning and limiting the categorization is one way.

3. Analysis

we are not indenting to say that you go and delete half of the choices for a product straightaway but the categorization should be extremely smart. The display of related products should actually hold a good relevance with the particular product customer is already viewing.
In other words ,your online store will always demand analysis of every aspect. Analyzing the trend of sales for Low selling products ,analyzing the relevancy of display of related products will be always required. Hence a proper analysis of relevancy of suggestion and related products is an extremely good way to retain the customer bounce from the online store.

Happy Selling 🙂

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