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Introducing Shop by Shopify

Updated 14 May 2020

Shopify is one of the prominent eCommerce platforms containing everything a merchant could ever wish for. There is no doubt that every time Shopify launches something amazing, lefts their customers at a loss of words.

Shopify powers over 1,000,000 businesses worldwide and keeping in mind their needs, they recently launched Shop.

An Introduction to Shop

Shop is an Andriod & iOS consumer shopping app that focuses on shrinking the gap between the merchants & customers. This app is basically an update of Arrive, a package tracking tool for the Shopify merchants.

Shop is built to take care of the little things to make the customer experience smooth & convenient. And as Shopify says, the best part is that it’s free!

Here is a tl;dr:

Searching for a Shopify
Headless solution ?
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Merchants can enable the Shop feature in their Shopify stores. This will help with accelerating the checkout process. It saves the customer’s information so that the next time they can complete the purchase in a single click.

Moreover, with the Shop app, the customers can track the orders, browse a feed of recommended products, follow the stores and a lot more. The customers are updated with order details and notified for their abandoned carts.

Shop app lists all the Shopify store profiles that the customer has ever engaged with. They can even follow the unknown stores on the app and get their product recommendations as well. It also helps small businesses by showing customers if your business is nearby and if it has pickup functionality.

“What we want to do with Shop is give independent brands a place to call their own,” – Carl Rivera (general manager of Shop)


Now, let’s see how merchants can enable this on their Shopify stores, and after that, dig more into the features it has for you.

How do I enable Shop Pay for my customers?

The Shop is a free app for iOS and Android devices that you can use to make the online shopping experience better. If this feature is enabled in your store, the customers will get an option to install the Shop app on the order status page.

This feature is only available for stores using Shop Pay, formerly known as Shopify Payment, or the ones eligible for using the same. Customers from the following countries will have a link to install Shop from the order status page on mobile devices:

  • United States
  • Canada
  • Australia

Learn if your store is eligible for Shopify payment.

Once the app is installed on the devices, order information automatically syncs from Shopify. Moreover, Shop syncs with the customer’s email to track their orders. Saves your time from checking the inbox for every order detail.

Merchants can easily enable/disable this feature by following the below-given steps. Note that, this doesn’t have an effect on whether your store profile appears in Shop. Disabling the feature will only remove the link to download the app from the order status page.

  1. Visit Shopify Admin Panel
  2. Click on Settings and then go to Checkout
  3. Under the heading To receive shipping updates, check or uncheck Customers can download the Shop app from the order status page. This will enable or disable the option for customers.
  4. Click Save.

How Customers can Install the Shop App?

The customers will find a link to install the app on the order status page. Shop is available on mobile devices with the following operating systems:

  • iOS(version 10.3 or later) for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch
  • Android(version 5.0 or later)

Accelerate the checkout experience

Shop Pay helps to fasten up the check out process while shopping from participating stores. As soon as you enter your email ID at the checkout page, it auto-fills the saved payment & shipping information.

Shop Pay save the following securely encrypted information for future purchases:

  • shipping address
  • billing address
  • credit card details
  • mobile phone number

View their Privacy Policy.

It is a proven fact that a lengthy checkout process leads to abandoned carts. A fact stated by Shopify itself:

We’ve seen conversion rates improve by up to 18% for returning customers after a business enables Shop Pay for their online store.

Automatic Order Sync & Order Tracking

After the installation of the Shop app, the customer needs to sync their Gmail with the app. Shop automatically fetches the tracking number from the emails to identify orders to track.

Customer can add more than one email addresses within the app. If an order is placed using an email ID that is not synced with Shop, the customer can add the tracking number manually.

Moreover, Shop auto-syncs all the orders placed by the customer from Shopify stores.


Store Profiles & Product Recommendations

Shop helps budding businesses by showing their profiles to customers on the basis of near me concept. It also displays the profiles of those with pickup facilities. It is a great approach as not every small-scaling business has the budget of owing a mobile interface for their stores.

Shop automatically displays the profiles of the stores from where they have made past purchases. Customers can follow and view store profiles by searching them separately.

Moreover, the customers receive product recommendations for the stores they have previously engaged with or follow. Product recommendations are based on the store’s trending products. Trending products are generated in Shopify based on the sales data for the stores.

Shop lists all the Shopify store profiles despite the fact that whether they have enabled this feature or not. Customers with Shop app can still track the orders using it.


Push Notifications: Shop sends automatic push notification on events like abandoned checkout, order fulfillment, etc.

A New Dimension to Online Shopping

Shop is definitely a dice rolled in the favor of independent business. It helps provide a high-level shopping experience to the customers and that to be without spending a single penny.

As the customer expectations are rising, you need such tools to keep the gear up. If you haven’t prepared yet, start right now. Know more about Shop here.

Don’t have a Shopify store? Build one with a 90 days free trial period using this link.

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