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    How to start a wine beverage marketplace

    What is the Wine Beverage marketplace?

    The market of wine will be going to increase from 2021 to 2028 by 6.5  percent. This also includes the coverage from the physical market to the online market.

    ” The e-commerce platform which provides online service of wine/alcohol, to the customer can be termed as wine beverage marketplace.”

    Wine beverage marketplace provides hassle-free purchasing of the wine. Also, any number of varieties of wine and other beverages that are available can be purchased too.

    Easy online payment options and doorstep delivery make the wine beverage marketplace attractive.

    Need of wine beverage marketplace

    Purchasing beverages and food online is very common. Then why not wine.

    But to have an online business of wine the business owner have to go through to the proper rules and regulation of any region.

    Due to the boom in online sales and that too in hard beverages, the growth calculated by Statista can be seen below:

    statics of market boom

    So to sail through in the market of online beverage must have to maintain the compliance set by the government.

    To follow the government rules and guidelines:

    Now, in many countries, e-commerce was permit for the online sale of alcohol. online sale of hard beverages is controlled by the government of countries.

    For example, in countries like India rules and regulations for the consumption of alcohol varies from state to state. Gujrat, Bihar, Nagaland, Mizoram, and union territory Lakshwadeep are the dry states of India.

    Along with this states have their own rules and regulations for alcohol consumption for eg:- Uttarpradesh 21, Delhi 21, Haryana 25, and others.

    Check the alcohol law of the country before starting your marketplace in any region. That also includes the ID verification of customers.

    Start your wine beverage marketplace:

    • Select the portal to develop a wine marketplace.
    • The website asks about the age before entering into the website.
    • The customer can go to the catalog/menu to browse the product that is required by them.
    • Items that are purchased should be added to the cart, the customer can finally place the order and track it.
    • The admin receives the payment and transfers it to the vendor.

    Features of wine beverage marketplace.

    The model that can be followed for the wine marketplace

    1. Buy and collect: Here customers have to go to the shop/offline after placing the order. Get the verification of the customer by ID.
    2. For doorstep delivery: The one will get the delivery at the doorsteps. The delivery can be selected by the customer or can be fetched by the marketplace store

    How can we develop a beverage marketplace in an e-commerce framework with our module?

    • B2B marketplace provides end-to-end B2B marketplace development for buyers and sellers.
    • B2C marketplace connects your beverage marketplace with your customers.
    • Integrating the eCommerce store with the hyperlocal solution that improvises the visibility of the beverage marketplace.
    • Applying the online transaction features in your store by advance booking module.

    Below is the front-end view of our marketplace.


    Covid -19 impact on wine beverage marketplace: Increasing Numbers

    When the world is facing the lockdown, the wine market is stepping out and hitting new marks and trends.

    Study shows that over the last decade wine market has grown exponentially and the impact of covid have a robust effect on it.

    Nielsen research shows 100+% growth in the online increase in sales that includes 70% share of wine. report state a 205% increase in the wine sale from 2020.

    Jeorboms conclude 65% addition of new customers.

    By Vivino second quarter of 2020 was the strongest ever April, may, June, July revenue was increased by 157,137 140,114 percent respectively.


    Bright future scope

    Yes, the wine beverage marketplace has a bright future. Everyone wants the products at their doorsteps. Along with this, the prices are lower as compared to the offline market.

    A number of varieties are available in the online store of wine customer can choose whatever that want. Coupons and discount features gave by e-commerce wine stores also attract the crowd.

    This increases the penetration of wine consumers to order wine by the online medium.

    penetartion iof Wine Beverage marketplace


    From the above curve, we can see that decade growth is cover in the first three months of 2020.

    If this is the picture of the pandemic, then we can think that in normal conditions it will be making extraordinary records in the wine marketplace.

    Get in touch:

    This is all about the wine beverage marketplace. If you are interested in wine marketplace development, please share your feedback or queries here – [email protected].

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