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How to improve conversion rates of B2B eCommerce website

Updated 26 December 2022

In this world where competition has reached its maximum heights. Having an option in which you can follow up on orders with your customers without putting on any additional efforts can be helpful in many aspects.

To provide you this extra edge, Webkul has come up with the Opencart Order Follow up a module that will allow the store owner to notify customers.

The customer can be notified about the offers that the website has for the customers who left the order in between or notify the existing customers about the new arrival and many more.

Here are some of the Major Benefits Of Integrating Follow Up Module with your website.

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Reduce Number of Abundant Carts

Many customers add the product they like or are willing to purchase but left the order pending due to the non-availability of the discount or confusing checkout process or no express delivery or shipping charges are extreme.

Opencart follow up

With the Opencart order follow up the module, you can select those orders in the pending or processing state and share them the template for discounts or offer then support for checkout completion.

Improve Conversion rate

One of the major benefits of this module is to fetch sales from the customers by constantly updating them about the orders and providing customers updates on new arrivals similar to customer interest so that they can purchase more.

Opencart follow up improve conversion rates

Marketing Automation by Order Follow up

Marketing plays a key role in any business. Your targeted audience for the product must be well aware of the product you are selling. But as the customer base grows it becomes next to impossible to manually track and share the update to every customer.

Opencart follow up marketing-automation

This is where marketing automation comes into play. With this module, the store owner can update the customers automatically with the time as defined. The customer also has an option to continue getting the emails or unsubscribe the follow-up.

Lead Conversions for B2B Marketplace

Most of the B2B marketplace purchases require long and time-consuming discussion which needs a constant and regular update from the vendor so that no leads get lost.

But if you are running a big business taking follow-ups or regular updates from the customer can be the time-consuming scenario.

Opencart follow up-lead-conversions

This can be easily overcome using our order follow up module as the store owner can send follow up for orders which will work as a reminder to the customers.

Enhance Customer Experience

Every store owner wishes to provide their customers with the best possible shopping experience so that they can make more purchases through the same website again and again.

After-sales support plays a major role in these scenarios. This is the human tendency to know everything and all customers wish to have regular updates of their orders or get to know the new offers, arrivals or festive deals.

With this module, each customer will get the update based on the custom template that the store owner decides for the respective order.

These are the benefits that our OpenCart order follow up module offers, to know more about this and other OpenCart extensions along with OpenCart services, please mail us at [email protected]

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