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    How to create an E-Learning Marketplace like Udemy, Coursera & Edx

    In this article, you will get to know about E-learning Marketplace development.

    Creating a knowledge-sharing Marketplace just like Udemy Coursera and Edx, Not a challenge! but giving knowledge like Udemy Coursera and Edx may be a big challenge.

    Online learning Marketplace

    E-learning simply means learning through digital devices using the internet. E-learning website provides short and long-term certified courses. Not all the courses are paid some courses are free to learn but have basic content in them.


    The E-learning marketplace is a platform where 2 or more professional tutors are available with the certified course material and also the learner, the learner can be a student.

    A perfect Elearning marketplace gives you different subject courses on a different level of studies like School courses, Universities courses, and many other professional courses.

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    The first and the most important element of the E-learning marketplace is the marketplace and the suggested marketplace is the Magento 2.


    Udemy :

    Udemy, Inc. It is an open-source learning platform provider. it provides professional courses with certificates.

    online e- learning marketplace
    © Udemy
    • Udemy aimed at learners and learners can be a student and professionals .
    • The best platform for the tutor to create online courses on different topics.
    • Many formats is available to upload a course like videos, audio slide show, Zip files, or live classes.
    • If the learner is having any doubts then they can discuss and clear via online communication.
    © Udemy


    Coursera is an American company founded in 2012, open-source learning platform.

    online e- learning marketplace
    © coursera
    • Different universities and organizations provide online certified courses and degrees through Coursera Inc.
    • 150 universities offered more than 4,000 courses with the help of the Coursera platform.
    • It also did not make a profit and lost $66 million in 2020.
    • The course duration of courses between four to twelve weeks, 1hour to 2hours in a day.
    E-Learning Marketplace
    © coursera


    Edx is also an open source American company launched by May 2012, 9 years ago created by Harvard and MIT.

    online e- learning marketplace
    © Edx
    • This org is led by 2U CEO, Christopher Chip J. Paucek.
    • The founder and CEO of Edx is Anant Agarwal.
    • Edx launched micro master program in 2016.
    • later on 2017 launched an additional micromaster program.
    • weekly courses and having short video to make easy learning and student can practise side by side.
    E-Learning Marketplace
    © Edx

    Steps to create online tutor Marketplace like above Marketplaces.

    Some basic requirements are:

    • Marketplace: A marketplace is a single place where buyers/sellers are available. It is a single platform where buyers will get different types of products/services.
    • Domain: In this the Owner/Admin will select the marketplace Domain, it can be .com .in .net .The domain is just like the address of store.
    • Server: To build a perfect online learning website server should be cloud based not local host.
    • Professional Tutor: Professional tutor gives you the quality in the teaching course and help the learner to get the things in a easy or interactive way during courses.
    • Internet: You should have a good bandwidth to run the online marketplace smooth.

    STEP1: Selecting the platform for your marketplace.

    As earlier in this article, we suggested Magento 2. Learning Management System Marketplace for Magento 2 will convert your default marketplace into an E-learning website.

    This module will add a new product type namely Course Product to your Marketplace. so that professional tutors can add a course in any form like Docs, Pdf, Audio, Video, and publish it.


    • It is mandatory to install the FFmpeg or the Fast Forward MPEG, which is responsible for instant video format conversions, in the Magento 2 Root Directory.


    • It is mandatory to install the FFmpeg or the Fast Forward MPEG, which is responsible for instant video format conversions, in the Magento 2 Root Directory.
    • This is a marketplace add-on, so you need to install Webkul’s Marketplace Multi Vendor Module for Magento 2 first.

    Step 2: Tutor /Learner registration.

    This step will show you how professional tutors and learners do registration.

    In the Learning Management System module, a professional tutor can easily signup the same as a student/learner. the difference is only the signup, there is an option to select Do You Want To Become A Seller / Vendor?

    If you select yes then another option will be visible Shop URL have to type SHOP URL.


    But if you select NO then you will signup as a learner/buyer on the Magento 2.


    Reasons to start online teaching:

    • No boundation : you can publish your content/course as you want, you can use your own way of teaching, noone can pressurize while teaching or interrupt in your teaching style.
    • Sharing new skills: the most inspiring thing is the the ‘way‘ like way of teaching and way of interaction with the learner so that learner will get new skills from the professional tutor.
    • Reward and Recognization :once your course/content in the demandor gives the excelent output you will be rewarded from the educational bodies or many more institute.

    Step 3: Upload a course.

    After the registration as a tutor/seller, need to upload a course by following the guidelines set by the admin of the marketplace. course duration can be set by the seller/admin.

    To add a course tutor need to go seller panel and then select NEW PRODUCT than a new side window open. Before adding any product seller must set an attribute set and product type as a course then click continue for further actions

    Add new product page

    Step 4: Payment Method.

    As a study says that more option of payment and shipping gives the high conversion. in the marketplace, there are several payment methods that sellers can use for getting the payment from the buyer.

    At Webkul, We provide popular payment methods such as PayPal, Stripe, Mangopay, Braintree, etc.

    In Magento 2 marketplace there are add ons are available on the Webkul store for payment getting. different gateways are available admin can select as per the seller’s choice or requirement.



    Thus, that’s all about the E-Learning management marketplace for Magento 2 website. If you have any issues, please feel free to add a ticket  [email protected].and let us know your views at our HelpDesk System. You may also browse other Magento 2 Marketplace addons and our quality Magento 2 extensions.

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